About Version 4.0


Name: blue
Version #: 4.0
Full Requirements: 800x600 or higher | ie 5.0 + | frames

Please do not view this site at below 800x600 or on Netscape. It looks awful! I love Netscape too, but IE does have the technological advantage, even if that advantage is acquired through a monopoly...grrr...


to browse Version 4.0:

In this version, to reach the different sections of the site, just hover over the individual words/symbols of the title: "heero and relena » star crossed love v4.0" and look at the status bar at the bottom of the web browser. It should tell you which section each link would take you to.

Because this shade of blue does not go with any other colours or shades aside from white, I had to make the links and the text the same colour. I apologize for the inconvenience. It's probably going to take a while to get use to it, but I think you guys can figure it out. ^_^ Just hover over certain text if you're not sure if it's a link or not. If the text is a link, it should disappear and the cursor will turn into a crosshair cursor. Simple enough ne?

Hope that answers most of your questions. Oh, and I had to rearranged the fanfic pages for faster loading and less memory space. The new version can load faster for those of you with dial up service like me. ;_;


more about Version 4.0

I realized after building this version that the more webpages I build, the simpler I wanted it to be. First of all, it's easier to load for people of all connections. Second of all, it's pleasing to the eye. And third of all, I just love frames!!!

Note for those of you who hate frames: When frames first came out, some thought it good, some thought it bad and some just thought worse. And I do know that some webmasters considers frames an evil evil invention. But me? I just love them! It's so much easier to organize the site and decreased the chance of broken links. Frames do take a longer while to load when compared to conventional one page webpages, but that doesn't make it bad or evil!!! It's one of the great developments of web coding and designs. :P After CSS of course. I'm so obsessed about CSS. *drools* But that's another story.

As for those of you who wondered why I'm so quick to change from Version 3.0 To Version 4.0...well, let's just say that I don't really like Version 3.0. It's just not very good looking? That's the only thing I can say about it. It's all grey and it just look stupid. I was rushing at that time, didn't really have any bright ideas and I really wanted a change for this site. So that was a product of impatience and lack of creativity. This one - probably the result of a backlash affect from the previous version - is just so cheerful and bright, especially with all that white that it makes me kind of want to look away. But it's nice and it's suitable for the summer and beyond, until I decide to tinker with it more...god forbid.

And for those of you who have visited Star Crossed Love from the very beginning, you will notice that I've stayed further and further away from graphics. The first version was filled with pictures and even had a real background, although a little bit cheesy. The second version was slightly better, but it was still too cluttered. You know what I thought of the third version, and this version is currently devoid of most graphics. Why?

I don't have a good graphics program. I really wanted Adobe Photoshop, and my computer's perfect for graphics work too, but sadly, I don't have any money. And with the programs I have currently...let's just say ugly is not a strong enough word to describe the pictures they produce.

And I think graphic cluttered pages are awful. Not only do they take a long time to load for people with slow connection and slow modem, they are also very unappealing to the eye, to me anyway. Further, I really don't want this site to end up looking like an over stuffed hamburger. Simple is key.

So, from now on, expect some very graphic-devoid pages with a simple layout. I'll try to make it look as nice as possible though. I know we all want to see Heero and Relena together, but just not with my graphics programs. I wouldn't touch them with a ten feet pole. :)

That's my rant for now. Enjoy this version. I do love feedbacks. *hint hint* First time explaining the layout, feel like I'm on a talking marathon. Note to self...calm down...calm down...breath...