When I first have the inspiration (or conviction, since I am so goddamn lazy) to start a HeeroxRelena shrine, I have been nagged by the huge burden of coming up with the evidence to support my favourite coupling. Their bios are easy enough..the facts are all there, but the evidence part is not so easy. Alas! One day, I had a moment of clarity. So, I thought I'll share it with you guys. Don't you feel lucky?

Evidence? What evidence? Almost every single HeeroxRelena site has some sort of evidence...be it long and in depth or short and blunt, they have it. To be honest, I am kind of sick of the evidences. It's been use so many times that I can barely recognize it anymore. Been there. Done that. I am sure that you're tired of it too.

Another reason that I won't post evidences here is because many of the evidences(concrete or otherwise) are shot down or burned by yaoi supporters(I don't have anything against you guys. ^_^) or somewhat trampled over by them. I am sick of that kind of action. Besides, all the evidences are the same, only worded differently. Different people interpret things different. What I see and feel is not what you see and feel. I do not want and will not have my words twisted around and thrown back at me.

So I say this. I will not convince /persuade you to join in my addiction for HeeroxRelena by shoving down over three pages of opinions down your throat. Instead, I will let you decide, you, the fan.

If you think they belong together, that's great! Write Heero/Relena fics, draw fanarts, write essays and do whatever you can to spread this wonderful pairing around. (high on something when writing this) And also check out the fanfic and gallery page. Not to boast about anything, but I do have quite a few (not to mention good) fics and pictures of those two...^_~ ...Hooray for you, me and the Heero and Relena pairing. Heero and Relena rules!

If you think they suck as a couple and that Heero should be with Duo/Trowa/Quatre/Wufei/Zechs/ Treize/Dorothy/Hilde/Sally/Lady Une(o.O!)/Sylvia/OC, (you get my picture no?) then so be it. I won't try to convince you of otherwise because I think that we are all entitled to our own opinion. Good for you also because you are true to your own believes. I strongly approve of that. Just don't flame me. Click on the back button instead. I will not be offended. But...if you are strongly against this pairing and have something to say about it to me, I welcome your input. Everyone gets a say on this site. Post a message on my board or email me or IM me. I have MSN. I warn you before hand...if you flame me...I will flame you back, and not in the way that you would hope...

I will mention it again. This is merely a shrine based on my opinion and my preferences. If you don't like it, you always have the option of click on the back button(they're there for these cases) or close the window. But, I do hope that you liked my page...worked very hard on this...**grumbles**

If you're one of those fans who can't decide whether to go with HeeroxDuo or HeeroxRelena...I know it's hard to decide, I meet quite a few of those fans...then why not stick with both? You can have all the best both of the pairings can offer. Whether it be fanart/fanfics/doujinshis (I do not know how to spell that). I envy you because you can accept both! Unlike yours truly, who gets really POed when she reads alternate pairing fics...hee hee...**hypocrite**... And you get to enjoy more of the great works of amazing GW fans!

Well, that's all my ranting for now. Check back to this page occasionally, you never know. I might add some enlightening rants from time to time. When I get high...ha ha ha...that's all for now folks! Feel free to browse around some more. Don't forget to post a message. Any opinion is a worthy opinion.


~Added Feb 27, 2001

I just want to say before hand that this is a shrine to Heero and Relena. I did not put up this page to approve nor to disapprove anything. I did not put up this page to say that Heero and Relena belong together 100% either, because I know that there's no truth in that statement, as much as I want it to be. The show, even the creator had said that he did not intend for any boy/girl or any romantic relationship on GW. I think that Heero and Relena can be together, but I know that I am not in the majority. This is just a little something that I want to put up on behalf of my beliefs and for those people who share my views.


~Added May 11, 2001

I've recently received quite a few entries in my Guestbook stating that being star crossed lovers is bad luck and that it means that they were never meant to be. The stars are against them. I just want to say, THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT! They are like Romeo and Juliet. I purposely chose this name just because of that. Tragic love stories always pulls the heart strings the most. Personally, I don't really think that they'll make it as a couple. Come to think of it, I don't CARE if they're a couple or not, I just like them AS a couple. *shrugs* Heero could end up with anyone in the show for all I care. (yes, even Treize or Lady Une. Hey, that's an interesting mix...hm. Interesting.) Quite contradictory huh? Well, that's me. I don't even like either of them that much...I don't even like the pairing that much. I just like the thought and the idea...:) Just thought I'll clear a few things up. PS If you're a Heero/Duo supporter, I hope you're having a field day...they make an interesting couple too...I wrote a fic on them being a couple. That was also an interesting experience.


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