Relena shivered as the stepped out of the tall doctor's office. She quickly rapped her long coat over her slight bulk. The signs of her 6 month pregnancy had just begun to show; much to Heero's disliking she supposed. He hadn't been exactly caring when she first told him. It mostly happened, she told him, and he grunted, then went back to whatever. But that's Heero for you.

        Yeah, but it's good only in moderation, was her usual thought. Though, really, Heero doesn't have the word "moderation" in his vocabulary.

        As time slowly progressed, Heero warmed little to the idea of a wailing child keeping him up at all hours, disrupting work, basically making his life a living hell, when it was finally getting good. After a while, Relena got the hint he wasn't overly thrilled with children.

        Oh boy, wonder how he's gonna react to the news today. Relena sighed. She had always loved children, but thought there was no time for it.

        Well, sperm happens, Was Noin's uplifting comment. Didn't help much though.

        But Relena had gotten to the point where she didn't care anymore. She wanted the baby. Well, after today's appointement, babies.

        "Oh bugger," Relena mumbled as she stepped into the car, Pargan already speeding off down the street, as soon as she closed the door.


        Well, it had been two months, and Heero was blissfully ignorant of the twins. Oh, yes, two is all the more fun in Relena's view, and in Heero's: two is two too many. Why was he still left in the dark when practically everyone else knew, basically, Relena was the slightest bit scared of the consequences. Sure, she had chased him around, pretty much asking to be killed by her now husband, and she's more scared of this; great reasoning eh?

        Relena slowly paced the garden, admiring the plants, humming sweetly to herself, hand placed protectively across her swollen belly.

        "Oh," Relena gasped as she felt another kick of the twins obviously getting a head start on wrestling, and trying to kill each other. Heero eyed her for a moment from his spot on the bench in the palace's garden. His laptop was placed on his knees, the screen flickered, and made a chiming sound, which called his attention back to the monitor.

        Relena frowned. Well babies, seems your Daddy's real concerned.

        But that thought was cut short, a pain ripped through her body, casuing her to gasp violently at the sudden intake of breath, and fall, crouched to the ground.

        Heero's head shot up. "Relena?"

        "Heero..." she breathed. "I think, I just had a contraction."

        "Say again?"

        "A contraction Heero. This happens when I go into labor. Oh crap, my water just broke."

        "Um, er, what am I supposed to do."

        "Get me to the hospital!" She yelled as another contraction hit.


At the hospital...

        "HEERO! I'm going to kill you, you bloody bastard. You had to do this to me! You just couldn't have kept your dick in your pants!" She screamed again in a stronger contraction.

        A few moments later, Heero ran into the waiting room, grasping his hand in pain.

        Most of the Gundam pilots, and other friends looked away, trying to let Heero have some dignity, but Duo just laughed. Well, at least until Hilde smacked him.


        "Heero, I'm gonna kill him...gasp, pant, I'm going to castrate him..." Relena panted as Noin soothed her, and wiped her forehead with a damp towel.

        "Hello Mrs. Peacecraft- Yuy. Well, it looks like you've dialated fully, so we can begin labor." The now entering for the first time, doctor smiled.

        "Begin?" BEGIN!? I've been in labor for the last 2 hours, and I haven't even seen you once since I've gotten here! Don't tell me I can begin now!!! I've already begun! " Relena screamed.


        "Excuse me? Did you even listen to a word I said?!"

        "Push," the doctor repeated.

        "Can you believe this Lucrezia? He hasn't even listened to me."

        "Relena? Just push." Noin told her.


        "GET IT OUT OF ME!"


         "Congratulations Mr. Yuy, you are the father of a pair of healthy twins" The doctor smiled at Heero, and left to another part of the delivery ward.

        "Twins?" Heero twitched. He turned around. "Did any of you know about this?"

        "Well, ya see Heero, well, er, uh..." Duo stuttered, grasping for the right word. "Let me put it this way, yes."

        "Figures." And he walked off.


        Heero pressed his hands against the glass. Then, he further pushed his nose, chin, basically his whole face against the glass. There they were, the newborns, Blanca and Miliardo Peacecraft-Yuy. The shared a bin, one wrapped in a blue blaket, the other in a pink one. Their names were written cleanly on cards with other facts taped on the front of the bin facing the window, which Heero had practically become one with. The nurse noticed him, as she was making her rounds, and motioned to the joint-crib of his children. He nodded, and she waved him to the door.

        Inside, the nurse smiled, and handed him Blanca first. She woke up from her light slumber, and yawned. Her small, red face peered into his and laughed. She clutched his thumb with her small hand, and she fell back asleep. Miliardo gurgled from the bin, and revered his father with a weary eye, one that said, "Hey, you're my dad huh? I really think Mom's better. But I guess you'll do." And that was all conveyed in a glare much like his fathers, before falling asleep.

        Heero looked at the new borns, he wasn't quite sure what to do, but he had a feeling it wouldn't be easy. But no ever said it would be. Especially the first few years. School, then college. That is, if he survives the 2 A.M. wake-up calls for the next few months.

        Heero smiled. "Mission accepted."