Delicate balance by The Equalizer

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This fanfic was supposed to be titled 'the one and only' but instead of the more serious story setting I had in mind, it had become a humor fanfic with a dead end instead when I finally wrote it. So I have to write another fanfic instead and maybe continue writing it when ideas come to me again. Please R&R to encourage me to write more.

This story occurs during Endless Waltz immediately after Relena catches Heero when he faints from exhaustion and the injuries he sustained when he crashed from Wing Zero. It continues from there and will have a few twists and changes. Be warned to expect OOC.



Chapter 1 - Aftermath

It was just before the darkness overtook me, I could hear her words spoken to me once more - "Heero...finally it's over."

For the first time, I feel free. Free from the burden that has been forced to me ever since Operation Meteor began.

It was the closest contact that we had ever since we've known each other. This feeling of freedom and something much more, more than I could ever use words to explain. Most important of all, is that I finally had the chance to deal with the strange feelings that have bothered me ever since I met her - Relena. Not that I had any much of a choice and Relena had taken the initiative to catch me when sheer exhaustion and injury sustained from my crash from Wing Zero had overtook me. It was much more than what I had hoped for when I had actually expected to fall right onto the hard dusty floor. Her familiar scent, her gentle touch had reached out to me, burning their impression forever into my very being.

However, it was a different scent that welcomed me when I first awoke.


"Oh, you shouldn't try to get up yet. Not after you had just rested for a less than a week. Although you have made an amazing recovery, you shouldn't strain yourself just yet." The doctor who had came to check up on Heero said.

Heero (anxiously) - "Where...where is she?"

Doctor (smiling) - "Oh, you mean Vice Foreign Minister, Miss Relena Darlian? She had left for a conference held at the ESUN Grand Conference Hall to give a speech just about a few minutes ago, but she said that she will be coming back once she finishes. Don't worry."

The doctor continued on. "Who would have seen the day that the famous Vice Foreign Minister to grace our humble hospital so frequently these past few days. She must really care about you. Whenever I came to check up on you, she would be always staying by your bedside and sometimes stayed till the night. She was always smiling blissfully when she came here and looked a bit disappointed when she had to leave. She had explicitly requested us to inform her when you wake up, I suppose I should do so right now."

Heero suddenly slips out of the hospital bed and says out loud to the doctor. "No! Don't!I don't wish to disturb her from her duties."
He hesitated for a moment and continued, " However, I wish to be discharged immediately."

The doctor nodded and replied slyly, " I understand. Even though, I will still recommend that you rest longer. Anxious to see the Vice Foreign Minister again huh?"

Heero had began to notice the murmurs of noise that had started a few moments ago during their conversation and knew that no doubt there were reporters outside trying to get a 'scoop' on him and may jeopardize Relena's career by writing scandalous speculations of his relationship with her. He had made a promise to protect her and decided to include this to his promise as well. He had already given up on killing and it wasn't an option that he would take right now.

Heero suddenly returned to the conversation and hesitantly replied the doctor - "It''s not what you think."

No. They would definitely not be getting their 'scoop' from the doctor either.

"Where are my clothes?"

Just when the doctor was about to comment about Heero's denial, the death glare he received from Heero stopped him.

The doctor however quickly recovered and pointed to the cupboard to his right. Heero said inwardly to himself as he proceeded to the cupboard - "Hn... I must be losing my touch, it usually makes them go whimpering in fright and turn their legs to jelly."

When Heero opened it, he noticed that besides his clothes, there were other things inside.

The doctor swallowed and explained as Heero took out the familiar white doctor's coat and the clinical mask that he thought that Heero might have needed it and added that he is an avid supporter of the Vice Foreign Minister.

Heero (after changing to his clothes in the bathroom near to his right)- ", but they weren't necessary and wouldn't fool those reporters for a minute. It would also get you into trouble for misuse of hospital property. Although, you can help me by taking care of my discharge while I take care of this problem myself."

The doctor was just about to ask him what he meant by that last part. When his unasked question had been answered.

Heero had jumped upwards, touching the ceiling railing. He latched onto it with one hand, removed the access panel with his free hand, pulled himself up, replaced the access panel to mask his escape route and made his way out via the ventilation shaft without making a noise.

"Whoa!!!" was the only reply the doctor could come up with before he added quietly, "The guy freaks me out but he does make a cute couple with the Vice Foreign Minister. I hope that they will be happy together."

Just then the reporters thought that they had heard someone sneeze but didn't bother to find its source. Not willing to share the 'scoop of the century'. They had focused their full attention to the room in front of them.