Delicate balance by The Equalizer

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Chapter 4 - A Day to Remember




Today was the day that everything fell into place. The first habitable environmental domes were set and the technology that would fulfil its duty to make this planet habitable operating. So far, her project was right on schedule after 5 years of planning. Yet she still couldn't stop herself from feeling the emptiness inside her. It was the biggest achievement that she had so far and she had no one to share it with. Although, she knew that Noin and her brother - Milliardo were close by overseeing the security. She was still alone as her brother couldn't see her or even talk to her without making his presence known. Being the most infamous person newly added to history textbooks and written in the same lines as Hitler and a certain middle-east terrorist did not help matters either. However, thanks to the efforts of Lady Une, his pictures were not found on any of the war archives or textbooks.

Everyone in Preventer knew who he was and they had still managed to keep his existence from the people of ESUN.

Just Barely.

Her political enemies had already gotten wind of who could have possibly been the pilot of the mysterious blue and white mobile suit that suddenly appeared during Mariemeia's coup.

Politics is about power and power came from the people. The more popular a person is, the more enemies they make. Being the most popular person in the ESUN government had made her open game to just about every power hungry politician there was. Just one small slip and they would make mincemeat out of her.

With the passing of each day, she could feel her courage and strength to carry on dropping. There were not many people around her that she could trust and she was finding herself trapped between a rock and a hard place. Letters, e-mail and any other forms of communication were secretly tapped into. Conspiracy were all around and all of them rearing their ugly head at her. She had made formal complaints to the President of the ESUN, only to be rebuffed and told that she had been working too hard.

Even the President of the ESUN was afraid of her growing influence. The reason why she was even part of the ESUN government was because she was thought to be useful. A tool that they could use to get support from the people.

At first, she was used as a way to remove tension and attention from the financial status of the ESUN. When Treize Khushrenada had lead the war to fight against the White Fang, he had effectively left the ESUN all but bankrupt in his rush to manufacture as many mobile suits as he could to join in the battle. Which was the reason why she had spent the first few years in office rushing like crazy to get the entire ESUN to be patient while they were still recovering from the wounds left by war.

Eventually, leading her to going to colony L3-X18999.

Heero had left after that and since then she haven't had any news of him.

He had covered his tracks very well and all searches for him had given only her information of Heero Yuy - the man whose name had been used as his code name. It seemed that information that had somehow been "misplaced" had been found again. No doubt, it was Heero's way of repaying the man.

She had also tried asking the other gundam pilots, but to no avail. Not even, Duo knew where he went.

She even went to the extent of faking a kidnapping, only to end up with Wufei almost hauling the rest of the other gundam pilots to jail.

After that, she just buried herself with her work. Only, to find herself missing him even more. She had even at times, contemplated jumping off the window of her 55th storey office, just to see if he would come whisking her away to safety or at the very least end her misery.

It eventually took the love and encouragement of her friends, before she decided to continue on with her life. They had sworn to hunt Heero down for her and make sure he gets what he "deserves". So far, she was still waiting for them to fulfill their promise.




"...and now, I bring to you Foreign Minister Relena." Suddenly, she was brought out of her musings as she heard her name being announced by the President of the ESUN. She walked up to the podium, gave her thanks to the President and began her speech.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, today will mark a new era for humanity. The next logical step for humanity since the colonies were created..."




Later, at the reception She tried to cut down her obligatory introductions to everyone on the project by taking the initiative to introduce herself first, so that she could leave early. She had yet to ask her brother or Noin if they had any news at all.

Relena was about to leave when she saw someone new in the reception. Gave last minute instructions and made him late, I suppose. Might as well get it over with.

"I am Relena Darlian and you are.." was the farthest she could get when she saw him turn around and recognized the man she had almost left off without meeting.

At first, he was shocked. But he quickly composed himself and finished off their introductions.

"Lowe, Dr Adin Lowe."