Alright, I'm gonna try to do another series(the title, "Behind the Facade", doesn't really fit the story yet, but it will, and you'll see why soon enough). This one is a Gundam Wing x Sailor Moon crossover, but it's DEFINITELY not a predictable one. I'm not gonna tell you what my ideas are, but I DO need to say that this story will completely ignore the Sailor Moon series. Nearly, at least. For those familiar with SM, Serena will still be Princess Serenity and soon-to-be Neo-Queen Serenity, Queen of Crystal Tokyo and the Solar System, Mina will still be Princess Venus, etc. But, at some point in the story, someone will say that the Scouts' adventures are actually a TV show in another universe(know which universe that is? I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count), but that it was edited out so that it didn't include the most important person of all. I won't tell you who that person is, of course. This idea has been playing in my head for over a month and I'm still not sure how it's gonna work out, even though I have the whole story put together in my head, so please go easy on me. And PLEASE review! I've done only one other series that didn't include songs, and the lack of reviews was a bit disheartening. Even if you HATE the story, please review! Thanx! ^_^


Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing, nor Sailor Moon(it hasn't shown up yet but it will, like I said). GW belongs to the creator(Hajime Yadate), Sunrise, Bandai, etc. and Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi(the creator), Mixx, Smile, etc. Not me, although I really wish it did. *sigh* Life's not fair . . .


Behind the Facade

By Angel of Death



The pink fingers of dawn were peeking over the horizon, anticipating the moment when they would get to reach forward and pull back the blanket of night. A mansion stood at the edge of the forest, on a hill which overlooked the beach below. The back door to the mansion opened slowly, and a lone figure in a white robe and with a cup of steaming coffee stepped out. Her sandy-blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and her aquamarine eyes were full to the brim with happiness as she picked up a lawn chair, which has stood beside the door, and made her way down to the beach. The woman sighed as her bare feet were caressed by the cool sand, and she opened the chair at a spot not far from the incoming tide. She pulled her robe tighter about her and sat down in the chair, taking a sip of her coffee. She leaned back in contentment, making the chair groan slightly. Her eyes traveled up to the sky and remained there, watching as the tip of the sun rose over the horizon, making the sky explode in a swirl of reds, pinks, oranges, blues, and golds. She closed her eyes and let the gentle rays of the morning sun warm her cheeks as she bathed in the happiness of being alive. A sudden weight on her shoulder startled her, and her head whipped around to see who was there. She relaxed when she realized who it was, and her head returned to its previous position.

"I surprised you. You're getting rusty, Relena." a deep voice from behind the woman commented. Relena smiled.

"And you aren't? You were reading on the couch in the study yesterday and when I brought you lunch, you snapped out your gun and pointed at me just like you used to. The look of surprise on your face was priceless, I'm glad I managed to get a picture of it from the security cameras." she said in a teasing voice, chuckling as she took the hand on her shoulder in her own. An indignant sound came from the man behind her, which only made her laugh harder. The man tried not to laugh, to maintain a "huffy" attitude, but he was soon laughing along with Relena. Relena looked up into his eyes and was met with a gentle kiss. They broke away after a moment and both people fell silent, watching the waves rush forward, then retreat back into their home in the depths of the ocean. Relena smiled, once again, and leaned back, allowing the wheels of time to slowly reverse, and a minute later she was looking, through her mind's eye, out from the eyes of a three-year-old princess who's life was about to change forever . . .

To Be Continued (maybe) . . .