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Behind the Facade

By Angel of Death


The year is After Colony 183. The moderately-new organization, the Earth Sphere Alliance, has gradually taken over the colonies under the pretense of bringing peace and order to humanity. One of the last strongholds that stands between the Alliance and their total domination of all of humanity is the pacifist nation know as the Sanc Kingdom, home to the Peacecraft family, who promote total pacifism. And anything that stands in the way of the Alliance and its goal must be eliminated . . .


"Milliardo!? Milliardo!? Brother, where are you!?" a small, frightened voice echoed through the deserted halls of the Peacecraft mansion, home to the Peacecraft family. Soft, nearly silent steps sounded to the carpet as a little girl with blond hair and blue eyes, little more than three-years-old, walked cautiously down the hallway in search of her older brother. Suddenly, she stopped in her tracks, her ear pointed up in an attempt to hear better. A moment later, she heard a footstep fall and a man wearing a khaki-green uniform stepped out of the darkness. When his eyes found the girl, his face lit up evilly.

"So, there you are, Princess Relena. How nice to meet you." he said, walking toward her. He reached out and was about to touch the terrified princess when a shot rang out. The man fell to the ground to reveal a boy of about seven behind him, holding a smoking pistol and wearing a look of intense loathing, which was directed at the man on the ground. A look of relief crossed Relena's face and she rushed forward to hug the boy.

"There you are, Milliardo! I was worried I wouldn't find you!" she said, her speech much clearer and more sophisticated than that of a normal three-year-old. Milliardo's face cleared and he smiled briefly at his little sister.

"Come on, 'Lena, we have to find Mom and Dad." he said, taking Relena's hand and leading her down another hallway. They walked in silence for a few moments until they ran, literally, into a group of Alliance soldiers. Milliardo immediately raised his gun, pushing Relena into another hallway.

"Run, 'Lena!" he yelled and fired at one of the soldiers.


"'Lena, just run! I'll find you later!" Milliardo shouted, cutting off his sister's objections and firing another shot. Relena swallowed the lump in her throat, nodded, and ran down the dark hallway as Milliardo had instructed her. She tripped over her dress a minute later and fell to her knees. All of her fear, sadness, and doubts came rushing back to her as she tried to get up, weighing her down. Finally, she gave up and curled up on the floor, letting the tears flow freely down her dirty face to fall on her torn dress. Behind her, a black hole opened up and a tall woman stumbled out of it, clutching the tall staff she was carrying tightly. When she had steadied herself, she brought a gloved hand up and wiped her forehead, the weariness in her dark red eyes evident. She smoothed down her dark, rumpled miniskirt, straightened sailor's collar around her neck and the dark bow on her chest, then reached up and tightened the bun on the back of her head, also smoothing her long, black hair which, strangely, had a dark green shine to it. Finally, she looked up to the large, garnet ball at the top of her staff to see that it was undamaged, then her gaze turned to the sobbing girl at her feet. Quite suddenly, the girl stopped crying and looked up, meeting the gaze of the strange woman behind her. An image flashed across the woman's eyes, of a tall, blond woman in a uniform like her own, wearing a crown on her head which had a diamond in the center. The woman gasped.

"The Prophecy . . ." she whispered, and her focus returned to Relena. By this time, Relena had realized that this curious person wasn't about to kill her, so she stood up and locked gazes with the woman again, her innocent blue eyes wide and very afraid.


"Who are you?" she asked, her trembling voice barely audible, even in the silence that surrounded the two. The woman knelt down so that she was level with Relena and reached out her hand.

"My name is Trista Meiou, otherwise known as Sailor Pluto." she said. Relena looked at the hand being offered her for a moment before putting her own, smaller one out to shake it.

"I'm Relena Peacecraft, Princess of the Sanc Kingdom." she said in the formal tone she'd been taught to use when introducing herself. Trista smiled at the child's formality, not overlooking how cautious and careful Relena was being. She's not yet begun her training and she's already wary of her unstable surroundings. Yes, she's definitely the One. she thought, wondering how she was going to get the child back to her own universe.

"What are you doing here? And why are you dressed funny?" Relena asked, interrupting her thoughts. She nearly chuckled at how the child could be so perceptive, yet so innocent and naive at the same time.

"How I'm dressed doesn't matter. Neither does why I'm here, yet. But why you're here does." she said. Relena gave her a quizzical look, scrunching up her tiny nose in confusion.

"Wha?" Trista did laugh, this time. She put a hand on Relena's shoulder, her face serious again.

"If you stay here, it's likely that either the soldiers will find you and kill you, or you'll be killed when the house burns down, as it's certain to." she said, watching to see Relena's reaction to this declaration. All she saw was acceptance of the fact that what she said was true.

"I can get you out of here, if you want me to, and take you to another place where you can stay until it's safe for you again." Relena thought about this proposition for a moment before eyeing Trista dubiously.

"Where is this place? And what about my brother? Can he come?" she asked, a hint of hope in her voice. Trista shook her head.

"I can't tell you where the place is. As for your other questions, no. Your brother can't come. I can, however," Trista added hastily, seeing Relena's eyes darken. "guarantee that he will be safe. And if you come with me, you might be able to help him in the future, when he really needs you." Relena let this information sink in, still scared out of her wits. Finally, she nodded firmly, taking Trista's hand.

"Good. Now, close your eyes tightly. And don't let go of my hand." Trista lifted her staff, the garnet ball glowing. The black hole opened again, and Trista jumped into it, taking Relena with her. Relena clutched Trista's hand with both hands when she realized that her feet were no longer on the ground, but she kept her eyes shut tight, just as she had been told to. Trista looked down at the trembling child and smiled. A few moments later, a tunnel opened in front of them, and Trista guided them into it. They came out in a place that wasn't any different from Relena's world. They were slowly floating down to the ground, when Relena suddenly let go of Trista's hand and clutched her head.

"What!? Relena!?" Trista cried as they began to fall, a flash of fear blowing across her eyes. Trista landed first, and she reached out her arms to catch Relena. The child fell into her arms, unhurt, but she was still clutching her head and was trembling much more than she had before. Suddenly, she stopped, and her eyes snapped open.

"Relena?" Trista inquired warily, not knowing what had just happened. Relena's gaze met Trista's but there was something very different about it.

"Who are you? Where am I?" she asked quietly, looking very lost. Trista's eyes widened and she set Relena down, still staring at her in disbelief. She put a hand over her open mouth when it hit her. I forgot! Anyone who travels from one universe to another without a Shield will lose their memory! Trista looked again into Relena's eyes. Well, maybe it's better this way. She'll remember, eventually. This makes it easier on the Doctor and me. Trista reached out and put a hand on Relena's shoulder, smiling dryly as she realized that this incident wasn't exactly a good omen. As she looked at the child standing in front of her, she sighed inwardly.

Welcome to my world, Relena . . .

To Be Continued . . .