Well, here is yet another songfic. This one is to the A*TEENS new hit single, "Bouncing Off The Ceilin' (Upside Down). This one is not really my usual emotional, a little sad fic. Instead, I opted for a lighter, funnier one. Also, I just got the single to this song but, unfortunately, it didn't come with the lyrics so I'm only about 90% sure that I got them all right. If anyone has the lyrics and is sure they are 100% correct, could you send them to me? For some wild reason I HATE not knowing the words to a song. And thanx to everyone out there who has reviewed my stories, you're the best!

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Bouncin' Off The Ceiling (Upside Down)

By Angel of Death


Vice-Foreign Minister Relena Peacecraft stood at the podium in the middle of the auditorium on the L1 Colony. Her sandy-blonde tresses were tied back with her normal navy-blue ribbon that matched her colonial outfit perfectly. Her aquamarine eyes were as they usually were, soft and kind yet firm. She was in the middle of making a speech about the Mars Terraformation product currently underway. She stopped to take a breath and a drink of water when something, or someone, caught her eye. He was about two inches taller than her with tousled brown hair and piercing Prussian-blue eyes. Relena's eyes widened and she coughed before trying to go back to her speech, all the time thinking, Why now!? I've already gone through these emotions, why do I have to go through them again!? And why is he here anyway!?

"My grades are down

From A's to D's

I'm way behind

In history

I've lost myself

In fantasies

Of you and me together


I don't know why-y-y

But dreamin's all I do

I won't get by-y-y

On mere imagination . . ."

Heero Yuy stood in the shadows of the back of the auditorium where Relena was giving a speech. As her gazed through his chocolate locks at her, he noticed her look his way. He quickly backed further into the darkness but not quick enough for her to miss him. He felt the sides of his mouth twitch when he noticed how flustered she appeared to be, for a moment. Why would she be suddenly flustered like that? The Relena I know is never nervous. he thought as he continued to watch her. Heero was so caught up in watching Relena that he hardly noticed the speech was over until someone bumped into him on their way out of the auditorium. He shook his head to clear his thoughts and, hunching his tan coat up to hide himself, disappeared into the crowd, all the while thinking, Why does she do this to me, every time I see her no less!?

"Upside down

Bouncin' off the ceilin'

Inside out

Stranger to this feelin'

Got no clue

What I should do

I'll go crazy if I can't get next to you (to you) . . ."

Relena sat in her classroom listening to the lecturer talking about something or other. It was two weeks after she had glimpsed Heero during her speech and in that time her grades had dropped from straight A's to straight D's. Although no one thought less of her for it, her elder brother Milliardo Peacecraft a.k.a. Zechs Marquise wasn't happy. He was constantly telling her that she needed to get her grades back up or she might lose her job but everyone around her could see what was happening to her, as it had happened to all of them at one time or other. Relena's adoptive grandfather, Marquise Wayridge, told her to take all the time she needed to get back on her feet.

"You don't have to keep your grades up right now, I know how you feel." he said with a wink.

This made Relena blush, proper lady she was. She walked into her home, the Peacecraft Mansion, one afternoon and was about to go up to her room to ponder her "emotional problem", as she had come to call it, when Zechs stopped her.

"You have a meeting with the Kings and Queens of the nearby kingdoms tomorrow to discuss joining nations." he said and was about to leave when his earlier gesture was used on him.

Relena put a hand on his shoulder. "I don't think I could manage a meeting right now, Milliardo. Please tell them that I'm dreadfully sorry and ask them if we can reschedule the meeting."

Zechs looked at her openmouthed. "You've never asked to cancel a meeting in your whole career." he stated unbelievingly.

Just then, Zechs', Lucrezia Noin walked in and dragged Zechs away. She pushed him into the kitchen and before leaving smiled understandingly at Relena.

"I know." she said quietly and walked away.

Relena sighed in relief and continued on her way up to her room.

"My teacher asks to concentrate

So what-His name was Peter the Great

Kings and Queens will have to wait

'Cause I don't have forever.

I wish that I-y-y

Could walk right up to you

Each time I try-y-y

The same old hesitation . . ."

Heero sat in front of his battered laptop, hacking into some database or other when his apartment phone rang. He was instantly on his guard. He couldn't remember giving his phone number to anyone. He walked over and cautiously picked up the phone.

"Hey, buddy! Howya been?" greeted a cheerful voice from the other end of the line.

Heero relaxed. It was only his best friend, Duo Maxwell.

"Hello, Duo." he said in his usual monotone.

"I just wanted to let you know that, well, maybe Noin should give you the details."

Heero's eyebrow shot up quizzically.

"Hello, Heero. How are you?" came Noin's voice.

"I'm just fine." Heero answered tonelessly.

"I'm here at Duo's place with him and Hilde."

Heero almost smiled as he pictured Duo and Hilde at their salvaging yard, arguing like a pair of seagulls. They really do suit each other. he thought.

"Anyway, we're planning Relena's 19th birthday party. This year we're only going to have family and close friends, and we were wondering if you'd like to come."

Heero fell silent for a moment, then brought the phone back up to his ear and was about to say "no" when Noin, sensing his answer, added quietly,

"Relena would really appreciate it if you came."

Heero was silent for another minute before saying he would come. He could almost hear Noin's relief when he said "yes".

"Thank you, Heero. The party is two weeks from today. See you then!" Noin said brightly and hung up. Heero hung up as well, thinking, I forgot to ask them how they found me.

"Upside down

Bouncing off the ceilin'

Inside out

Stranger to this feelin'

Got no clue

What I should do

I'll go crazy if I can't get next to you (to you) . . ."


Relena stood in her room, eyeing herself in her mirror. She wore a blue dress that was the exact color of her eyes. The dress sparkled and swished gracefully when she moved. It didn't have sleeves, but it did have straps that were just below her shoulder(kinda like the straps on Sandy's black shirt at the end of Grease). The skirt ended just above her knee. On her feet she wore slippers that matched her dress perfectly and had about one-inch heels. Her long, golden tresses were tied back with a bow that was the same color as her dress and shoes. She drew herself up regally and was pleased with what she saw. She looked happy and joyful, even if that wasn't exactly how she really felt. Inside, she felt confused, jittery, and slightly sad. She knew that Heero wouldn't show up for her birthday this year, and yet she still expected to walk down the stairs and see him waiting for her. Relena sighed. Oh well, better go downstairs now. she thought, walking out of her room with a smile pasted on her face. Maybe someday, somewhere, my wish will be granted . . .



You will love me, too

One day

Will be the day

When all my dreams come true . . ."

Heero stood at the bottom of the stairs at the Peacecraft Mansion awaiting the arrival of the "birthday girl". Duo stood next to him, in a tuxedo to match his own. He was squirming uncomfortably, obviously not used to wearing formal clothes, especially tuxedos. The only thing keeping him from dashing out the door was his girlfriend, the aforementioned Hilde Schbeiker.

"Stop wiggling, Duo!" she hissed at him, tightening her hold on his arm.

Behind them stood all of Relena's closest friends, Quatre Reberba Winner and his date, Dorothy Catalonia, Trowa Barton and his date, Catherine Bloom, Wufei Chang and his date (unbelievingly), Sally Po. Wufei was grumbling and Heero could occasionally catch snatches of what he was saying, such as, "Injustice" and "Dishonor" and "Stupid onna, dragging me here like this". Heero had to admit that it was nice to be back in the company of his friends and comrades-in-arms. Also in the room were Zechs and Noin, along with Marquise Wayridge and Lady Une. Heero's wandering thoughts were jerked to a stop as the woman of the moment stepped down the stairs. Everyone in the room, including him, were stunned. Relena stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked at everyone, her eyes widening when she saw Heero. Then the silence was broken as all the girls rushed up to Relena, smothering her with friendly hugs. Hilde was the first to get to her.

"How are you, Relena? Sorry I haven't been able to visit more often." she said.

Relena's false smile grew into a real ear-to-ear grin. She hugged all of her friends and then was promptly bombarded by the boys.

"Hey, 'Jousan! Howya doin'?" Duo said, picking her up and spinning her around in a brotherly fashion.

"I'm wonderful, Duo." Relena replied, laughing.

Because he was normally so stoic and silent, it was a slight surprise when Trowa walked over and hugged her.

"How's your schoolwork going?" he asked.

"Not so good, lately." Relena replied, hugging him back. She got hugs from all of them, even managing to get Wufei to give her a hug. She pulled away from him and turned around to see Heero standing in a corner with his arms crossed.

"You guys go tell Milliardo to turn on the music and dance, I'll be back in a minute." she said and made her way over to Heero. He looked up and met her eyes for the first time in years.

"Hello, Heero." she said, smiling.

"Upside down

Bouncing off the ceilin'

Inside out

Stranger to this feelin'

I'm onto

What I should do

I'll go crazy in I can't get next to you (to you) . . ."

For once in his life, Heero couldn't find anything to say. So he just stood there. Relena's smile grew.

"I know you're a quiet person, Heero, but I've never known you to be unable to speak." she said teasingly.

Heero was silent for a moment before standing up straight and asking, "Would you like to dance?"

If at all possible, Relena's grin grew even wider.

"Of course."

"Upside down

Bouncing off the ceilin'

Inside out

Stranger to this feelin'

I'm onto

What I should do

I'll go crazy if I can't get next to . . ."


Relena stood at the door bidding her friends goodbye. As it happened, Heero was the last in line to leave. He and Relena stood in the doorway, neither really knowing what to say. The silence was broken when Noin rushed up to them with a message for Heero.

"Heero, Lady Une asked me to ask you if you would mind coming up tomorrow and staying here for awhile so you can help the Preventers with some stuff."

Relena was hard pressed not to jump up and down in joy. Heero nodded, said "goodbye" to them, and walked down the road after the others.

"And I'll go crazy if I can't get next to . . ."

Relena turned to Noin, who was wearing a mischievous grin on her face. She winked at Relena and walked back into the house. Relena smiled and turned to watch Heero's back grow smaller and smaller as he walked away. But this time was different from all the other times he'd left, because she knew he'd be coming back the next day.

"Heero . . ." she whispered, still watching him.

"And I'll go crazy if I can't get next to you . . ."




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