By Night's Light


I don't own Gundam Wing {even though I wish I did} and make no claim to. This story is a tribute to the people who created GW from a devout fan.

I also make no claims on the song used, I'm using it because it's top class song .The lyrics used are copyrighted by the record company, which released it, whomever wrote it and the singer who sung it.

This fanfic/songfic uses the song 'Can't Fight the Moonlight' by LeAnn Rimes



The moon shone down on a lithe, muscular figure lying on the beach.

"No wonder, he's the Prince of the stars to me" thought the blond haired, blue eyed slim young woman with a wry smile, as the meaning of her statement struck her she laughed lightly. She looked up warily as the figure had disappeared. Where once he had been lying down on the moonlit beach with the tide gently lapping around his toes, he had gone.

"Oh! Heero..." she sighed. "I'm not letting you get away from me again," he shouted at the empty beach a she ran from her hiding place behind the wall, to where Heero had been lying a moment before. Where once she relished the feeling of sand against her feet, he was too anxious to tell him how she felt and to confront him about hi feeling for her.

He didn't notice that every footstep she left in the sand was hit by moonlight and turned into a beacon of light.


* * * * * * _____________ * * * * * *


" A trail of light... a vision of her future, perhaps" Heero Yuy murmured silently as he watched her from the shadows. As soon a he had heard the muffled laughter he had waded in to the sea and had effortlessly merged himself in to the shadows of the rocks. He watched and listened closely as Relena Dorlain ran towards the place where he had been lying moment earlier.


* * * * * _____________ * * * * * *


The breeze was gentle, the tide rhythmic, yet her breath was ragged and her heart was pounding as Relena reached Heero's imprint in the sand. She reached down and gently ran her hand along his imprint. His body heat was audible ­ barely ­ but he could still feel it, raising her hand to her heart tears started to glimmer in her eyes and she clenched her hand tightly.


·* * * * * _____________ * * * * * *


As she held her hand to her heart, Heero was struck anew by Relena's beauty.

Yet as he was struck by her beauty and how fragile she looked, he knew that wasn't the reason why he had fallen in love with her. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't ignore these unfamiliar feelings, which he experienced whenever he saw her.He had finally come to terms with hid feelings and had come down to the empty beach to gather his thoughts and figure out how he was going to tell how he felt, when she had startled him.


Relena stood there for several minutes looking out over the sea, her face tilted slightly away from his view point yet always with her hand over her heart.


Throughout those minutes Heero never stopped looking at her but his wondered back to several special memories.

From when he had been shot in the arm by Duo which had stopped him from killing her yet instead of running away she ripped a piece of her dress off and tended his wound, what had astounded him even more was that she then imposed herself between Heero and the muzzle of the gun aimed at him. - That had been the starting point for both their metamorphosis'; his awakening of his humanity and awareness of being a person, her transformation from shallow rich kid to passionate, fiery yet elegant peacemaker of people -. To the time when they danced together at the school dance. That had been one of the best moments of his life and was one of his most cherished memories. It had just felt so perfect and that's when he had started to realise that he was falling in love with her.

And finally to the electrifying gaze that she had during their final conversation before his battle with Zechs, which ultimately led to the destruction of the Space Station Libra. The look that she had during the conversation had shown how she felt it was that merciless loving gaze and sapphire blue eyes that had haunted his dreams and many a restless night.

He was broken out of his reverie by a heartbroken sob as Relena fell to her knees on the sand...


* * * * * * _____________ * * * * * *


Relena stared out across the sea for several minutes, her mind flickered back over memories of herself and Heero together.


Their first meeting, the perfect when he had danced with him under the stars which was only for a few minutes but it had seemed like forever. Their conversation jut before his battle with her brother and when he had collapsed in her arms at the end of the Mariemaia crisis and he had just at there holding him gently in her arms.


" Memories " she muttered " Is that all I'm ever going to have, I'm 21 and still... alone." She spoke with a ragged whisper as the held back tears trickled down her face. "Here I won't have to worry about appearances, " she thought "Here I can weep alone". Completely unaware that she was being watched she gave a heartbroken sob as she collapsed onto the sand.


* * * * * * _____________ * * * * * *


Heero slowly raised himself from where he had hidden among the shadows of the rocks - which were in the shallows at the side of the cove ­ and waded back to the shore as silently as a shadow.

"Relena" he said gently.

Jumping slightly at the sound of her name she turned her head to see who had called her name. Upon seeing whom it was her breath caught in her throat and she composed her face into the diplomatic mask that had become her shield. Slowly she raised herself to her feet and walked slowly to where Heero stood.


Taking in with a gaze she noted the slicked and neatly brushed hair that was regaining its unruly appearance, the white shirt hanging loosely on his shoulders that was completely undone which revealed tanned firm muscles and the firm ridges of his abdominal muscles. Quickly averting her gaze to his feet she saw that that below his knees his trousers were clinging to his legs.

"So he was hiding in the sea," she thought.


As Relena walked towards him, Heero felt a tingle shoot up and down his spine as her gaze met his.

Unceremoniously he dumped his shoes and jacket next to him on the shore as she stopped in front of him...


* Under a lovers sky *

* Gonna be with you *

* And no-one's gonna beat you now *


Seeing that he had up set her, Heero immediately regretted the moment that he had walked away from Relena this morning when she had been trying to talk to him.


* If you think that you won't fall *

* Well just wait until *

* 'Til the sun goes down *


Beneath the sky of stars Heero and Relena both struggled to voice what they were saying with a gaze, yet neither understanding what the other was communicating.

They stood barely a pace apart easily within each others reach but both were too scared to try as they kept their arms always at their sides.


* Underneath the Starlight *

* Starlight *


Relena could feel her heart beating wildly, her face was burning and her hands were clenching and unclenching repeatedly as she tried to control the passion of her love for Heero.

Heero was struggling himself as he continuously tried to voice how he felt or just to say her name. " Heero Yuy, you're spellbound, " he wryly thought as another thought occurred to him "I'm glad Dun isn't here to see this, I'd never hear the end of it". He struggled to keep a smirk off his face.

Relena could no longer stand this silence, she had to do something...

Half lost in his thoughts Heero was taken by surprise...


* There's a magical feeling so right *

* It'll steal your heart tonight *


Relena swiftly clasped Heero's face in her hands and pulled his face to towards her, their lips met. The last thing she saw were Heero's startled eyes before she was lost in the sweetness and warmth of the kiss, as she showed by actions what she had never had a chance to tell him in words.

She could feel that Heero was responding as his arms snaked around her waist pulling her closer to him. He abruptly broke the kiss...


* You can try to resist *

* Try to hide from my kiss *

* But you know *

* But you know that you *

* Can't fight the moonlight *


The moon had disappeared behind a thin wisp of cloud and the darkness grew thicker. They stood there looking at each other when Heero leaned forward and whispered in her ear " Ai shiteru, Relena ".


* Deep in the dark *

* You'll surrender your heart *

* But you know that you *

* Can't fight the moonlight *


The clouds parted and the moon shone down on them.

Relena shivered abruptly and she felt a shock run through her entire body as Heero said those words "and yet it was still not complete" she thought.

Gingerly he stepped away from her, picked up his jacket, draped it over her shoulders and held her close.


* No you can't fight it *


Unbridled tears of happiness started to course down her face as she rested her head against his shoulder, he squeezed her once to let her know that he understood and then just held her.


* It's gonna get to your heart *


Heero gently stroked her head as she stood there in his arms. It was so quiet that he could hear snatches of music carried on the breeze from the party.

From what he could recall it was an excellent song {in his personal opinion}** he had developed his soft side in music as well as personality** sung by a new singing sensation from an L1 colony. This song was soaring up the charts.

He heard the words...


* There's no escaping love *

* Was the gentle breeze *

* That weaves its spell upon your heart *

* No matter what you think *

* It won't be too long *

* Til' you're in my arms *


The beat and rhythm of the song spoke to Heero's heart as he thought about the small case, which was in his pocket.

The music continued...


* Underneath the starlight *

* Starlight *

* We'll be lost in the rhythm so right *

* Feel it steal your heart tonight *


"The song is coming to an end," he thought as the singer launched herself into the chorus again.

"Heero" Relena said with a light melodious chuckle "Would you stop twiddling with my hair"

He started, lost in the music and the moment he had subconsciously started to fiddle with the wisps of hair that were lightly jumping in the breeze. He felt himself blushing slightly as he realised that Relena was looking at him with a barely restrained smirk upon her lips and mischief in her eyes.

He could feel his face reddening even deeper as he realised that she was smirking at his reaction. She burst into laughter, not the quiet dignified laugh that she displayed in front of officials or dignitaries, but her laugh that came from her heart and Heero realised that he far too rarely heard.


* No matter what you do *

* The night is gonna get to you *


Relena eventually stopped laughing and gave him her heart ­ stopping smile, that she reserved especially for him he realised suddenly.


* * * * * * _____________ * * * * * *


She in turn noted {aside from the fact he'd stopped blushing} that his eyes were different. Whereas they were once cold and lifeless {which had often reminded her of the reality of space; the darkness, the cold and the loneliness} which he most of the time used to send death glares at the other pilots; Quatre, Trowa, Wufei, and Duo {especially Duo}. He usually used those glares at them when they had played a joke on him {which usually backfired, as Duo now knew from experience}.

His eyes were softer somehow; they had a warm glow and combined with the soft gentle smile that he now wore he appeared different.

Relena realised that this was the first real sight of Heero with his humanity showing in the warmth in his eyes. "Maybe the eyes are the window to the soul after all "she thought. It was her first glimpse of how Heero probably was as a normal boy, before his training that transformed him into the Perfect Soldier when he was just human.

"Please stay this way, Heero," she said.

"What do you mean..." he said with a puzzled expression upon his face.

"Just promise me, Heero...PLEASE"

"Okay, I promise but why: - "

"Hush" she said gently as placed a finger upon his lips that silenced him.

"Heero..." she stuttered as she held her breath, gathered herself and continued "Heero, why do you keep running away from me? You've admitted that you love me and yet I never get to see you. You always watch me from the shadows and protect me from dangers big and small, whether it is an attempted military coup where they have me hostage or simply a romantic complication when a suitor won't leave me alone. You rescue me from everything and watch over me from afar as my guardian angel but I want more than that. Heero, I love you but it can't go on like this. I need to know that you'll always be here..." she paused " Here by my side".

He broke the embrace and gently held her at arms length. His reaction hurt her yet she understood. The air seemed to thicken and time stood still only for them, as the singer repeated the chorus as an introduction to the end of the song.


After a few minutes...

"Relena I was scared," he said simply

"Scared! Why... - "she stopped speaking as he silenced her with a glance.

"I was scared of the feeling that you woke within me. Before I met you all I had to worry about was maintaining my Gundam and remain inconspicuous until my next mission was sent to me. Then I would complete my mission at all costs, even at the expense of my life. That's what I was trained to do, that's all I knew.

"But then six years ago when you put yourself between Duo's trigger ­ finger and me, even though I'd tried to kill you, I started to experience new and unfamiliar emotions. It scared me, that's why I was always your shadow and never your date or companion. By the time the Mariemaia crisis started I knew that I was in love with you and yet...I had to know if what I felt would last"

" So you always kept running away from me because you were scared that I could understand but to just runaway from me to see if my feelings would last! To test me like that is heartless, its... just like you're the perfect soldier again. How could you?" she said impassively- as the ice ­ cold ­ gaze that she had developed during her years in the battlefields of politics ­ was not turned on him.

He started. He had never seen her use this gaze on him, like this. He got a glimpse of why she had an excellent reputation as a peacemaker. Of course he had seen this gaze used on other politicians as she made her point and when she addressed all the former Gundam pilots {on the rare occasions when they were all present} together as a group, but on him when they were alone together...never.

"Do you know how much it's hurt me to wait this long Heero? To deny myself happiness so you could see if what you felt would last. Did you ever think about how I might feel? Did you?

A long silence developed between them. Relena's eyes hardened and then she spinning on her heels she walked away without looking back.


* No you can't fight it *


He just stood there watching here become an ever-distant figure as he was thinking about the small box in his jacket pocket and his jacket... was draped over Relena's shoulders.


* It's gonna get to your heart *


" Shit" he muttered as he ran after her...


A firm hand grabbed Relena's arm, spun her round and giving her just enough time for her eyes to widen before Heero kissed her with all the pent-up passion of over six years.

He gripped her tightly with an iron grip that she couldn't have broken even if she'd wanted to. She responded. It was only a need for oxygen that made them break the kiss and they exchanged an intimate look{even though she's still quite pissed-off with him} of the king that only those in love could share.

"Relena, put your hand in the right pocket of the jacket and take out the object that's in it"

She gave him a puzzled and questioning look. His face was blank. Her curiosity overwhelmed her anger and she did as she was bade, gently she withdrew the small object from the pocket.

As she saw the object she caught her breath and she had to remind herself to breathe.

Seeing her reaction, he swiped the object quickly from her open palm, taking her hand in his left hand he sank to one knee in the sand and knelt before her.

Everything went still...


"Relena, will you marry me?" he asked as he opened the box to reveal a mixed metal ring of gold and silver which continuously merged and flowed in to each other like two eternal rivers.

She raised a cynical eyebrow and gave him an odd look, yet she was trembling ever so slightly whether from anger or excitement he couldn't tell.


He answered her unspoken question.

"I didn't wait this long just to see if I loved you or not and definitely I didn't mean to test your feelings for me. I had to make changes to myself both mentally and spiritually to make sure that I was ready for this" he indicated the ring "And to be here for you always. Relena, I'm ready to live and I swear by Night's Light that I'll always be by your side".


Silence hung between them...


"If you wanted to ask me to marry you, why did you leave the party?" she asked.

"I came down to the beach to gather my thoughts and I was going to ask you later tonight, when you were by yourself. When I was going to propose to you it had to be just you and me. No visiting dignitaries following you every move or nosy former Gundam pilots peering over my shoulder at whatever I was doing..."

"Duo" she said.

"...calmly watching me and wondering when I was going to ask you..."

"Trowa and Quatre" she commented.

"...and others seeing how I was affected by you, would give me the 'you're too

weak' lectures, only not as often now"

"Wufei" she commented again.

" And finally the biggest pain of all time, a very over-protective brother who gives me frosty death glares whenever I'm even in the same vicinity as you."


Relena had simply smiled throughout, but at the mention of her brother she laughed out loud.

" Yes I can just imagine my brother having to restrained by his wife Noin as we walk back in together". They both laughed.


"I do" she said simply.

His face lit up, he took the ring from the box and slipped it on her finger. He stroked her cheek gently and whispered "I will always love you Relena". She replied "As will I always love you" she replied as he kissed her gently and tenderly.

Suddenly he swept her off her feet{literally} and walked slowly along the beach back towards the party with Relena in his arms.

"So how does Heero Dorlain sound?"


She realised that it was another of his subtle ways of telling her how much he cares for her and yet it was a good question about their safety.

"It sounds perfect, Mr Dorlain" she said as she smiled at her fiancé.


And by Night's Light it did...




Okay so it's a very mushy story with romance and froth galore, but it's my very first story and I should get better{it's not guaranteed}. You know how the saying goes ' practice makes perfect'.In this story I tried to tackle some of the main issues that exist between Relena and Heero. I'm open to suggestions of how my work could be improved and reviews of this story are welcome.

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