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Heero was sitting on the couch while watching T.V. Relena sat down at the far end of the couch. Heero looked at Relena and immediately noticed her red lips, slowly moving.

"What's on your mouth?"

Relena looked at him. "Strawberry candy."

"Do you still have more?"

"Sorry, it was the last one." Relena smiled sweetly at him and turned her attention back on the T.V.

Heero sighed. Strawberry was his favorite flavor and he wanted it badly. He has been craving for it since yesterday. Again, he looked at Relena intensely specially on her red lips. A smile quickly formed on his mouth. He may be craving for strawberries but he would crave her lips any second. He moved closer to Relena and pulled her towards him. Relena was shocked at Heero's reaction. Before she could ask, Heero sealed his lips to hers and savoured the strawberry flavored lips of his girlfriend. Relena gasped which gave Heero and access to enter her mouth. His tounge looked for the candy inside her mouth and tried to get it. Relena tried to pull away but his grip was too strong. At last, Heero successfully had the candy and broke the kiss with a big smile on his face.

"So, are you happy that you finally had it."

Heero continued chewing until the candy was gone. "Yes I did."

Relena raised her eyebrows. "I didn't know that you still want it even if it's already on my mouth."

"It's not the candy, it's you that I want baby."

"Oh yeah?" Relena crossed her arms on her chest and retreated farther.

Heero crept slowly towards her. "You're more sweeter than the candy."

Relena quickly stood up and ran towards the kitchen. Heero quickly ran after her and carried her back to the living room. He laid her down the couch and kissed her passionately once again. Little did they notice that Zechs and Duo came in.

"Yuy! Get your hands off my sister!" Zechs was fuming while Duo was laughing hard.

Heero quickly stood up and helped Relena.

"He's just trying to get the candy." Relena said to her red-faced brother.

"Candy?" Zechs and Duo was now confused.

The couple just laughed as they excited the room. Heero led her away, hoping to have another passionate kiss from her without any distraction.


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