Gundam Wing/Sailor Moon Crossover

By: Karen Schwartz

*Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or sailor Moon. I repeat I DO NOT OWN Gundam Wing or Sailor Moon. Gundam Wing belongs to Sunrise and Sotsu Agency and Sailor Moon is copyrighted by Toei Animation and Naokao Takeuchi.

Part 1

One day Amara and Michelle were waiting at a café for their friend Relena. Amara, Michelle, and Relena had been best friends ever since they were born. Amara was older then Relena and Michelle by one year, and Michelle was older then Relena by 1 month. All three of them shared the same secret. They were sailor scouts. Michelle was Sailor Neptune, Amara was Sailor Uranus, and Relena was Sailor Universe. Relena had another secret; she was Princess Relena Peacecraft of the Sank Kingdom. The Peacecraftís were known for trying to spread total pacifism.

" Here she comes with the others." Michelle said.

Amara replied, "Itís about time."

"She isnít late, she is right on time." Michelle responded.

The others they were talking about were their friends. They too were also sailor scouts. Serena was Sailor Moon, Rini was Sailor Mini Moon, Ami was Sailor Mercury, Rei was Sailor Mars, Lita was Sailor Jupiter, Mina was Sailor Venus, Anna was Sailor Star, Trista was Sailor Pluto, Hotaru was Sailor Saturn and Darien was Tuxedo Mask (he wasnít a sailor scout but he helped them out). They were making their way to the table accompanied by Serena, Rini and Minaís talking cats, also their guardians, Luna, Diana, and Artmis. When they got to the table they sat down and began to talk.

Unaware that Relena and her friends were at the same café Heero Yuy and his friends sat down at the table behind them. Heero and his friends were Gundam pilots. Heero piloted the Wing 0, Trowa Barton piloted the Heavy arms, Quatre Rebba Winner piloted the Sandrock, Duo Maxwell piloted the Deathsythe, Wufei Chang piloted the Shenlong and Milliardo Peacecraft (Relenaís Brother and also know as Zech Marquise) piloted the Epyon. Three people that werenít Gundam Pilots, but could pilot mobile suits accompanied them. They were Treize Khushrenada, Lucrenzia Noin (Milliardoís girlfriend), and Lady Une. Trowaís girlfriend Midii, Quatreís girlfriend Dorothy, Duoís girlfriend Hilde, and Wufeiís girlfriend Sally Po were also there. They were talking about their enemies the Barton Foundation. ( Trowa has no relation to the Barton foundation)

"These people are threatening the peace that were all have fought so hard for." Noin said.

Amara and her friends were also talking about the enemies.

Relena said, " We have all fought so hard for peace, and now we finally got it and these people are trying to take it away. Itís not right."

" Earth and space are finally coexisting and these people are trying to break that." Michelle responded.

Anna told them, " Thatís just what we need another battle, I mean we already have the heart snatchers to worry about, now these people. When will it stop?"

"I donít think anyone can answer that." Darien said.

Mean while Duo was getting a little board so he started scanning the café when he noticed Amara.

" Hey look thereís Amara, and where ever Amara is Relena must be." Duo said looking at Heero.

Heero gave Duo a sort of angry look and responded, " And what exactly do you mean by that?"

Duo answered, " Nothing, just that usually when you find one, you usually find the other."

"Oh, I thought you were implying something." Heero said.

Duo responded, " Implying something, what could I be implying."

"Oh nothing much just that Heero has feelings for Relena but wonít admit it." Hilde said.

"Well I donít have feelings for her ok." Heero responded knowing he was lying not only to himself but also to everyone else.

Heero had feelings for Relena, he loved her, and he knew she loved him, but he kept on denying it to himself in hopes that one day it will come true and he wonít love her anymore, but soon it got to the point to where he couldnít deny it to himself anymore. He could deny it to everyone else just not himself. He would have loved to ask Relena out and be her boyfriend, the only problem was he was afraid. He was afraid that he might lose her or hurt her. He couldnít bear the thought of her getting hurt by him, but he couldnít take it anymore he had to be with her and he was planning on telling her. So he thought now was as good a time as any.

Unaware of who was sitting behind them Relena got up, and right as she got up Heero got up and they ran right into each other.

Relena looking very surprised started to say, " Heero, what are ¼ "

Thatís when Heero grabbed her close and kissed her.

As they pulled away from the long kiss Heero asked Relena, " Will you be my girlfriend?"

Totally shocked Relena was speechless.

Anna said, " Way to get your man!"

" Arenít you going to answer him?" Milliardo asked.

Relena for some reason wasnít feeling so well, she had been feeling like that for a while, but just shrugged it off as too much stress, but this just totally added to her stress. She wanted to say yes, but she felt like she couldnít say a word.

" Well Relena what do you say?" Heero asked sounding eager for an answer.

All the sudden Relena fainted and Heero caught her.

Anna said, " I guess it was a little too much for her to handle."

" Heero whatís wrong, I know that look?" Amara asked sounding really worried.

Heero responded, " We need a doctor and fast, Relena is really burning up."

" Oh, No!" Michelle said.

" Iíll get the car!" Amara exclaimed.

Amara got the car and took Relena to the hospital with Heero, and Anna. There they waited to find out what was wrong.