Gundam Wing/Sailor Moon Crossover

By: CatWomen88

*Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or sailor Moon. I repeat I DO NOT OWN Gundam Wing or Sailor Moon. Gundam Wing belongs to Sunrise and Sotsu Agency and Sailor Moon is copyrighted by Toei Animation and Naokao Takeuchi.



Part 11

Then Relena also remembered, "The Barton foundation would also like to get me. Since I am a symbol for peace, with me on their side, they could gain control of the world, because without me people would give up their hope for peace and start fighting. I'm guessing they teamed up so that they both could control the world. But the question is do they know that they both want me. Oh, yeah there is another problem, I can't control the power of the crystal, well I can it's just that, Mistress Nine is going to want me to use all it's power, if I do that then I will die, I need the scouts planet power to help stop that from happening, with their power I can match the power of the crystal because the crystal has more power then I do. It's just like Sailor Moon's crystal, she needs the power of us scouts too, in order to have enough power."

"Oh, no don't tell me that you have zoned out again Relena." Catherine said.

Dorothy responded, "Yup she has."

"Relena pay attention, this is important!" Noin yelled.

Relena said, "I think I know."

"What? You think you know what?" Rei asked.

Relena answered, "I think I know why they teamed up."

"Alright then tell us what you think." Trista replied.

So Relena told her everything that she had been thinking. They all agreed, but they also said that there could be another reason. Relena agreed with that as well. All the sudden Relena's pager went off, so she got up to use the phone.

"Hello, did someone page me?" Relena said.

The voice on the phone responded, "Oh, yeah I did, it's me."

"Huh. Who?" Relena replied

The voice on the phone said, "Don't tell me you forgot me already. How could you forget me, we have been friends since the 6th grade."

"Sorry, I didn't recognize your voice, do you have a cold?" Relena responded.

The voice replied, "That's better, yes I do have a cold."

"So how have ya been? Good I hope." Relena responded.

The voice said, "I've been good, how about you?"

"I've been just fine." Relena responded.

The voice replied, "Hey look I gotta go, I hate to cut our conversation short but I just paged you to let you know that I'm leaving today to go visit my grandparents and to let you know that I will be back on Tuesday."

"Ok, bye, have fun?" Relena responded.

The voice replied, "Don't worry I will, talk to you later."

"Alright. Call me when you get back. Talk to you later Nigeria." Relena responded.

Relena hung up the phone a went back to the table. She was surprised to find that everyone had left. That's when she remembered that she never told them she was leaving to make a phone call.

"Oops. I guess they left without me. They probably thought I left. Oh, well. I guess I'll walk home." Relena said to her self.

Relena started walking home when all the sudden it began to snow. After all Relena was on Christmas break. So she pulled her jacket tighter and started walking. When Relena passed by an electronics store she saw the T.V in the window and the news was on. So she stopped at the window and listened to hear the weather report.

All the sudden the News anchor said, "We have just received word that the Barton Foundation's mobile suits and the gundams are battling. I hope the gundams win this battle, and I hope they destroy the Barton foundation. The location of this battle is at the Rosenberg Base. I will give everyone an update as soon as we receive more news. Thank you."

After hearing this Relena waved her hand to get a taxi. She knew where the Rosenberg Base was. She was about 20 minutes away, so she got in the taxi and told the driver to take her to Rosenberg Base.

"What, you want to go there?" The driver asked.

Relena responded, "Yes, now please go."

"Alright." The driver said and then he took off.

The driver finally arrived at the Rosenberg Base, so Relena got out and paid him. Then she started walking and looking for the battle.

Relena said to her self, "This is weird, this is where the news anchor said the battle was, but I don't see a battle."

"That was way too easy." Someone said behind Relena.

Relena knew that voice; it was Dekim, Mariemaia's grandfather. Mariemaia was Treize's daughter she once was on the side of her grandfather, but then she changed sides and joined the gundams and her father.

Relena turned around and asked, "What do you mean this was too easy?"

" I needed a way to get you here, so I came up with the battle. I sent the information to the news station in hopes that you would hear it. I knew that once you did, you would come running." Dekim replied.

Relena responded, "What if the Gundams had heard it, then they would be here."

"That was the beautiful part. They never heard the broadcast. I waited until you were alone to send it to the News station. Oh your next question will probably be how did I know you were alone, simple I had someone follow you." Dekim said.

Relena replied, "My friends will come."

"Sure they will, but when they do, it will be too late to save you." Dekim said.

Relena asked, "What do you mean?"

"Oh, let me explain. You see we do need you. Once everyone finds out that you have joined us, and then they will turn towards us and join us too. Then once they find out that you have been eliminated, they will turn towards war because they will have no one to count on to hold up the peace, which means people would start to fight again and then I can rule the world." Dekim replied.

Relena responded, "I will never join you."

"Of course you won't, but they won't know that." Dekim said.

Relena asked, "What about the heart snatchers, huh?"

"How did you, oh well never mind. They will rule with us. We will help them trap Sailor Universe and then we will help them brainwash her in to fighting for them. Now take Ms. Peacecraft here to her room." Dekim replied.

Once Relena was in her room she was planning to use her communicator to call her friends, but then she remembered that she forgot it as well as her cell phone, all she had at this moment was her pager.

"Now, what do I do?" Relena asked her self.

Relena decided to lay down for a while. So she laid down on the bed and fell asleep.

"Where is Relena?" Anna asked.

Amara answered, "Probably walking home."

"It was sort of mean to leave her at the café don't you think?" Lita said.

Amara responded, "She deserved it, for getting up and leaving without telling us."

"I'm worried about her. She should have been home by now. We left at the café at 2pm and now it's 3:35pm." Quatre said.

To Be Continued