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Part 12


Amara replied, "I thought about that too. I paged her 30 minutes ago. It's just like her to leave her cell phone and communicator home."

"You mean she doesn't have those things?" Serena asked.

Michelle responded, "Yup, they are right here on the table, see."

"So she has a habit of those leaving things at home?" Hotaru asked.

Michelle answered, "Yes, well not all the time, but sometimes. It usually happens when she is in a rush, like this morning."

"I wonder where she could be. I hope she is at least inside somewhere and not out in this snow." Hilde said.

The next day Relena still hadn't returned and now everyone was worrying.

"Where could she be, this is ridiculous, she definitely should have been home by now." Amara said sounding real angry.

Michelle replied, "Something is wrong, I can feel it."

"I hope she is ok." Rini responded.

Just then Rei came in.

"I think Relena has been kidnapped." Rei said.

Milliardo asked, "What makes you say that?"

"I asked the fire about her, last night, because I was real worried and it kept showing me an image of her locked in a room." Rei answered.

Mariemaia replied, "Grandpa."

"Huh, what do you mean sweetie?" Trieze asked.

Mariemaia responded, "Grandpa always said that he needed her. He said we needed her in order to take over, that with her we could rule the world."

"Then he must have her, but where." Noin said.

Mariemaia replied, "He probably has her at, I think its called Rosen something."

"Rosenberg Base?" Heero asked.

Mariemaia answered, "Yeah, that's it. That's his headquarters."

"Then Rosenberg Base here we come." Heero said.

Serena replied, "We're coming too."

"No you should stay here." Quatre said.

Lita responded, "No, we are coming, you will need the sailor scouts since the Heart snatchers will most likely be there."

"Alright come on." Trowa replied.

Once they showed up at the Rosenberg base it was decided, that since Dorothy and Catherine weren't sailor scouts or gundam pilots, they would go in and get Relena.

The plan was that the gundam pilots and the sailor scouts would attack, which would distract everyone, then during all the confusion Catherine and Dorothy would sneak and find Relena. So the scouts transformed and the others got in their gundams and mobile suits, and proceeded to attack the base. The heart snatchers sent monsters out to handle the scouts, while the Barton Foundation sent mobile dolls out to handle the gundams and mobile suits. Seeing that no one was looking Dorothy and Catherine slipped inside unnoticed. Once inside they proceeded to go to the camera room. Once they found it they slipped inside. Dorothy sat at the desk and proceeded to look at all the monitors, while Catherine looked for a way to turn the cameras off. Once Dorothy spotted Relena, Catherine turned off the cameras and they left.They found Relena's room and saw that they couldn't get in. So they did the only thing they could think of and that was to shot the door. So Dorothy got her gun out and proceeded to shot the door. After about 5 shots Catherine kicked the door in and they grabbed Relena and ran. While they were running Catherine handed Relena her broach. Once they got outside Relena saw the fight and decided to help. So she headed toward the fight.

"Oh no, Sir Dekim, Relena has escaped." One of the Soldiers said.

Dekim replied, "Shoot. Don't worry about that now, just take care of the gundams."

"So where is Sailor Universe, did she desert you?" Kaolinite asked.

Sailor Mercury said, "No she didn't, she'll be here."

"Good, all we need is her and then, Dekim will have who he wants and Mistress Nine will have who she wants." Kaolinite responded.

Sailor Pluto said, "You will never get her."

"What makes you say that?" Kaolinite asked.

Sailor Venus replied, "Just wait until she shows up, then you'll see."

"She won't have to wait for long." Relena said.

Kaolinite turned around and asked, "Huh, what do you mean, and how did you get out?"

"This is what I mean. Universe Crystal Power!" Relena said transforming into Sailor Universe.

Kaolinite responded shocked, "Your, your, Sailor Universe."

"Yup, that's me." Sailor Universe replied.

Sailor Star yelled, "Star dust Blast!"

Sailor Star's attack hit Kaolinite from behind and paralyzed her. Then Sailor Moon used her scepter and vanquished her. That's when Mistress Nine showed up.

Mistress Nine said throwing Professor Tomoe into Sailor Moon, "Well this will be easier then I thought, oh yeah here I don't need him any more."

"Lets get her." Sailor Mars responded.

Sailor Uranus yelled, "Uranus World Shaking!"

"Neptune Deep Submerge!" Sailor Neptune screamed.

Sailor Pluto yelled, "Pluto deadly scream!"

All three of their attacks combined into one ultimate attack. The attack was headed straight for Mistress Nine. Right as it was about to hit Mistress Nine, Sailor Universe got in the way and got hit instead.


To Be Continued

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