Gundam Wing/Sailor Moon Crossover

By: Karen Schwartz

*Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or sailor Moon. I repeat I DO NOT OWN Gundam Wing or Sailor Moon. Gundam Wing belongs to Sunrise and Sotsu Agency and Sailor Moon is copyrighted by Toei Animation and Naokao Takeuchi.

Part 2

After about an hour and a half the doctor came out to talk with them.

" How is she?" Amara asked.

The doctor responded, " She is just fine, although she has been sick for a while, but she will make a full recovery in a few days, all she needs is plenty of rest and to drink plenty of fluids. This is a simple case of the flu."

" Thatís it." Heero said.

The doctor answered, " Yep. As a matter of fact you can take her home right now, but you will have to carry her out of here because I gave her a sedative that will keep her asleep for at least 8 hours."

" Alright. Thanks a lot doctor." Anna told the doctor.

The doctor said, " No problem, I have signed all the forms. So you can go pick her up in room 218. Itís just right there."

Heero, Anna, and Amara walked into the room. Heero picked up the sleeping Relena and carried her to the car. When they got back to Amara, Michelle, and Relenaís apartment, Heero took Relena to her room and laid her down on the bed, while Amara and Anna explained the situation to everyone else.

Heero thought to him self, "Just worry about getting better for now, you can answer my question when you get better."

At about 8:45am Relena woke up. She had no idea what had happened so she got out of bed to find someone who did. She went into the living room and there on the couch laid Heero. Thatís when she remembered part of yesterday. She remembered him kissing her and asking her to be his girlfriend. She also remembered that she never answered him because all the sudden everything went black.

" What are you doing out of bed?" Quatre asked.

Relena a little startled turned around and responded, " What happened yesterday? All the sudden everything went black."

Quatre told Relena everything that happened.

Relena said, " Oh, poor Heero."

" What! Poor Heero, you mean poor you." Quatre responded sounding a little shocked.

Relena answered, "What I mean is he never got his answer from me."

" Oh yea, I forgot about that, you are right, poor Heero." Quatre said giggling.

Relena asked Quatre, " Quatre can you do me a favor?"

"Sure, what is it?" Quatre replied.

Relena responded, "When Heero wakes up please send him to my room."

"Ok." Quatre said.

Relena asked, " Oh, yeah just one more thing?"

"What?" Quatre replied.

Relena responded, "Please donít tell Heero, I want to surprise him."

"Oh, I get it. Ok, sure. I wonít tell Heero." Quatre said.

Relena responded, "Thanks a bunch Quatre. I owe you one."

"No problem and you can repay me by going back to bed, remember you need your rest." Quatre replied.

"Alright, Iím going, thanks again." Relena said walking off, back to her room.

At 9am Heero woke up.

Seeing this Quatre asked, " Hey, Heero. Why donít you go check on Relena?"

"Huh. ok." Heero responded.

So Heero went to Relenaís room and opened the door slowly so he wouldnít wake her. To his surprise she was already up.

"Come on in. Sit down" Relena said.

So Heero came in and pulled up a chair by the bed and sat down.

Heero responded, " So youíre up. How are you feÖ"

" Shhh, donít say anything. Let me talk. Before I fainted you asked me a quesÖ" Relena interrupted Heero, only in turn to be interrupted by him.

Heero interrupted Relena saying , " No, donít. You need to rest. Donít worry about the queÖ"

"Yes." Relena said interrupting Heero.

Heero asked, "What?"

"Yes is the answer to your question." Relena said.

Heero responded, " Oh Relena."

Then they hugged. Heero leaned down to kiss Relena, but she stopped him.