Gundam Wing/Sailor Moon Crossover

By: Karen Schwartz

*Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or sailor Moon. I repeat I DO NOT OWN Gundam Wing or Sailor Moon. Gundam Wing belongs to Sunrise and Sotsu Agency and Sailor Moon is copyrighted by Toei Animation and Naokao Takeuchi.

Part 5

"Thank goodness." Sailor Universe said.

Kaolinite responded, "What, what do you mean?"

"Simple, this pure heart doesn't have special powers." Sailor Universe replied.

Kaolinite said, "That's just great. I failed again. Hey, monster get that sailor brat and don't forget, don't harm her. Professor Tomoe wants her alive."

Sailor Universe put the pure heart back into her friend's body. Kaolinite vanished and the monster headed toward Sailor Universe. Sailor Universe did another flip over the monster and ran outside. The monster followed her.

"All right, if it's a fight you want, then it's a fight your gonna get." Sailor Universe said.

The monster tried to attack Sailor Universe, but Sailor Universe kept dodging the attacks.

"Hey, Sailor Universe need some help." Sailor Moon said.

Sailor Universe turned around to see the other scouts standing by a bush. While Sailor Universe was looking at the scouts, the monster did an attack and it hit Sailor Universe. The attack sent her flying right into a tree.

"Oh, no Sailor Universe." Sailor Venus said.

Seeing this Sailor Uranus did her world shaking attack and it weakened the monster.

"Now Sailor Moon!" Sailor Uranus said.

Sailor Moon replied, "Right."

Sailor Moon used her scepter and vanquished the monster. Then they all ran over to Sailor Universe who had retransformed back into Relena. Relena was unconscious. So the other scouts retransformed back into their normal selves. Amara picked up Relena and they headed home. When they got back to the apartment Amara put Relena in her bed and left. She went into the living room where Heero and the others were (The gundam pilots and the sailor scouts knew who each other were. They knew each other's secret identities). An hour later Relena woke up and sat up.

"Ouch." Relena said as she sat up.

Her ribs and head hurt. Relena wasn't sure of what exactly happened, everything was a little fuzzy. After about five minutes of just sitting in bed, she remembered what happened. Realizing she was in a lot of trouble she got up and went to the living room so she could face the music.

"Hey everyone, did we destroy the monster?" Relena said walking into the living room.

Lita said, "Yes, Sailor Moon vanquished it."

"Oh, that's good. Way to go Serena." Relena replied.

Serena responded, "Thanks."

Amara then said, "Come on in, sit, explain."

"Ok, ok. Before you get all angry let me tell you why I snuck out." Relena Responded.

Heero said, "Well, let's hear it."

"This had better be good." Milliardo answered.

Relena replied, "Ok, well, I asked Heero to get me some food, because I was hungry. A few minutes after he left, the phone rang. I knew Heero wouldn't be able to get it, so I got up to get it."

"I remember that, I heard it ring and I couldn't get it because I had a lot of pots in my hands. It only rang once and didn't ring again. I thought the person just hang up." Heero interrupted

Relena continued, "So I answered the phone. It was Ruby. We were talking; when all the sudden I heard a loud bang in the back round, apparently someone had slammed open the door. Ruby asked who it was and what they wanted. It was a heart snatcher."

"The one you were fighting when we showed up." Rei interrupted.

Relena continued, "Yes. So I snuck by the kitchen, when Heero bent down to clean something up. From there I snuck out and ran to Ruby's house."

" Is that it?" Ami said.

Relena continued, " Well, when I got to Ruby's house Kaolinite was there. She tried to get the pure heart, but I didn't let her. I looked at it. It wasn't one of the ones we were looking for. So I put it back. Kaolinite ordered the monster after me. So I did a flip over it and ran outside. We fought and that's when you showed. Well you know the rest. That's it."

"Let me get this straight. You got out of bed, against the doctors order, and snuck out, all in order to save your friend." Trista said.

Relena replied, "Yup, pretty much, and I would do it all again in order to save my friend."

" Why didn't you just call us on the communicator and let us handle it. By the looks of it your ribs are bothering you." Michelle said

Relena had been holding her ribs because they hurt.

Relena replied, "I didn't think about that, I mean this was my friend."

"Well you do have a good explanation, now come on I'm taking you to the hospital, to get those ribs checked out." Noin said.

Amara responded, "We'll talk later."