Gundam Wing/Sailor Moon Crossover


By: Karen Schwartz

*Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or sailor Moon. I repeat I DO NOT OWN Gundam Wing or Sailor Moon. Gundam Wing belongs to Sunrise and Sotsu Agency and Sailor Moon is copyrighted by Toei Animation and Naokao Takeuchi.

Part 7


Relena thought to her self, "They don't know me. If they should know anything about me at all it is that I would give my life for a friend, do they not understand that."

After catching her breath Relena got up and started walking. She wasn't sure of how long she had been walking, but she did know that she was hungry. Relena looked around for a place to eat. She found a café and went over to it. She went inside, sat down and ate breakfast.

Heero had gone back to her apartment thinking she would be there. He was surprised to find out she wasn't. Amara asked what happened, and he told her everything that happened. Amara also told Heero everything that had happened the night before.

"Well, I know Relena, so my guess is she is at one of her many friend's houses, mainly Nigeria." Michelle said.

Amara added, "I wouldn't be surprised if you found her there, every time she gets angry she runs off, and she usually always goes to Michelle, me, or Nigeria's house, unless the fight is with one of us."

"Just give her sometime to blow off steam," Michelle said.

Heero replied, "Good idea. Then maybe Amara and I can talk to her."


Meanwhile Relena had just showed up at Hilde's house.

"Hey Hil, can we talk?" Relena asked as the door opened.

Hilde responded, "Sure, come on in, what happened?"

"Amara and I had a fight last night." Relena said.

Hilde replied, "Oh my, are you ok?"

"That's not all." Relena responded.

Hilde asked, "What else is there?"

"I had a fight with Heero this morning, and I haven't even spoken to Amara all day." Relena replied.

Hide asked, "Why did you come here? I know you usually go to Nigeria's house when you have a fight with them, you even told me that."

"It's simple, I knew that's what Amara and Michelle would think, and so if Amara called there I wouldn't be there, which means I won't have to talk her. I need to blow off steam before I go back to the apartment and talk to Amara and Heero. I know they won't think to look for me here for at least a while. I hope you don't mind?

Hilde responded, " No, but you still have time to blow off steam and go home to talk to them, it's only 12:06pm."

"I know it's just that I feel so bad." Relena said.

Hilde asked, "Why, what did you do?"

"I said something I didn't mean to both of them." Relena said.

Hilde responded, "What was it?"

" I said they both didn't know me at all and that's not true." Relena replied.

All the sudden there was a news bulletin on the TV.

The news anchor came on the T.V. and said, " We have just received word that a fight has broken out between the gundams and the newly built Mobile dolls from the Barton Foundation. Here is some footage of the battle has it happens. Thank you."

"Oh, no. I have to go, thanks a lot for listening." Relena said standing up.

Hilde replied, "Ok, but listen to me, go home and talk to Amara and Heero."

"You know me." Relena said as she was running out of Hilde's room.

Hilde waited to hear the door close before she said to her self, "Yes, I do know you, that's why I know for a fact that you are running to your apartment right now in hopes that Heero is there and not fighting in this battle."

After running for a while Relena sat down to rest and catch her breath. While sitting down she looked up at the sky.

Relena thought to herself, "What a lovely day."

Finally she noticed little things that looked like explosions.

Relena said to herself, "Heero I hope your are not in that battle, although knowing you, you probably are. I do hope you are careful. I would hate for something awful to happen to you, especially before I got to apologize. I want to say I'm sorry to you and Amara. I would hate for me not to tell you I was wrong and I'm sorry. Please come back to me safely."

After saying this Relena got up and started running toward her apartment again.