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Decidedly Odd

Something decidedly odd was happening, Heero had realized. Quite odd indeed. Perhaps it was the fact that Clara had entered high school, or those annoying, hormonal teenage boys kept calling. Or possibly those skirts that Clara kept wearing and that make-up, or the way she did her hair. Whatever the case, it was decidingly odd, and decidingly unnerving for a father such as Heero Yuy. Relena said it was quite normal for such things to happen at this age, but Heero wasn't really one to know things like that, seeing as when he was the same age, he piloted gargantuan mechas that destroyed tyrannous dictatorships disguished as democracies for the greater good of the people. Yeah, kids have it too good these days. A few rounds of piloting and warfare tactics would do the whining adolescents some good.

But, even with all that considered, one thing bothered Heero the most; the aforementioned hormonal teenage males that always seemed to be calling his daughter, or giving her gifts. (Just how many stuffed bears does one girl need? Heero was quite thankful one was quite enough for Clara's mother.) But the real reason of such, was Heero Yuy knew exactly the thoughts running through those little brats' heads. And he didn't like it; not one bit. And Heero Yuy, the Perfect Soldier, was going to do something about it.

Over the years, one could say that Yuy had lost his edge. But then, if you said that, you wouldn't be able to breathe comfortably, (without a respirator that is) and still be able to form coherent thoughts, and speech. So, you suppose one could say, that edge that Mr. Yuy had lost, wasn't very important in the long run anyway.

And Mr. Yuy was planning full well to put these skills to use today. For his wife had decided to inform him one of Clara's faithful followers was coming to dinner today. The poor kid never had a chance.


It was about 5:30 PM Yuy would say from the position of the sun in the sky. But then again, all he had to do was look at his Swatch wristwatch to find it was actually 5:34 in the PM. You know, generalities, include those pluses and minuses. But Yuy didn't really care what the time was right now. He was just concerned with the decidingly annoying young male flirting with his daughter in the back yard, while dinner was being prepared.

The young man also seemed incredibly familiar- in a very bad way. But Yuy just couldn't place it. The boy had dark brown hair, with a bit of a cheastnut gleam to it in the right light, and eyes that seemed an odd mix of violet and blue. But the annoying part was the perpetually happy, chuberic face that seemed to keep his daughter so enraptured that it made Mr. Yuy sick. Very, very sick. The boy wasn't what you would call scrawny, but it could be said he could stand for a meal. But he was also quite tall, and was at the age where he needed new clothes every month to compensate for the acquired growth.

Yuy filed such information away for later use. You can never have too much information on a potential enemy. But Yuy had the advantage today, the boy was on his turf, and had to follow his rules. Which would come in quite handy if the opportunity presented itself. Quite advantageous indeed.


Oh, Yuy knew he had been acting somewhat out of character for a while. But it was all part of the set-up you see. Had to make sure no one suspected and it had succeeded. Well, almost. His wife always seemed to catch the times when he was acting a bit strange. But he had taken this into account. Everything had been taken into account. Yuy was ready.

So, when dinner was said to be ready, Yuy volunteered to tell the young adults who were chattering away in one of the lsuh gradens that always seemed to be around such a house as the one he inhabited. One of the side qualities of a politician wife that had royal heritage Yuy supposed.

Yuy cringed at the sound of his daughter's laughter. Not because it was a nasty sound, but it gave hint to the fact that his daughter was laughing at something the boy said, and Heero had learned that laughter generally denoted flirting in a situation such as this. The boy was already getting on his nerves, and dinner had barely started.

They were both sitting on the grass when Yuy sauntered, yes sauntered, into the garden. Clara was sitting cross-legged, with her back to her father. Yuy wondering about that sitting position, considering his daughter was wearing a short summer dress. And he really thought she should go put on a sweater. Those thin straps didn't cover much, and the whole point of clothes is to cover right? That's what he thought. What a silly man.

Anyway, the boy was lying on his side, albeit, Yuy thought, in an alluring position to his daughter. Or so the little punk thought. The boy was wearing a lightweight sweater, and modest khaki pants with brown loafers. His hair was an unruly mop of hair, that seemed to have an ordered way of being unorderly, and hanging into the boy's eyes. Yes, that hair seemed especially familiar; familiar in an eerie way that Yuy did not like. Not one bit.

He strolled up to right behind his daughter, using the cat-like stealth that was common to Yuy's gait and air of confidence that he posessed. He usually freaked out all the other little squirts that came knocking at the door. But Yuy knew this one would take a lot more to scare. Yes, something decidingly more...unique in tactic.

Clara looked up at her father, her shoulder-length, styled light borwn hair, falling over her shoulder. "Hi Tou-chan." Yuy long ago had cringed when Clara added that suffix, but after years of it, you learn to live with it. And Yuy knew that he was wrapped around her little finger, but only after his wife had so pointedly made such aware to him when Clara was the age of three.

"Hello Sei-chan. Dinner's ready." Yuy glared somewhat at the boy, and gave a slight smile to his daughter, then returned to give the boy one last glare, before tucking his hands into his pockets, and strolling back into the house. All the while whistling the tune of some 1980's A.D. song about turning Japanese, or something of the like.

"That's odd." Clara said suspiciously, watching her father go back into the house.

"What is?" The young man, David, asked, while standing up, and brushing himself off.

"My father doesn't whistle." She frowned.


It was steak. It wasn't that Yuy didn't like steak... Well, actually, that's exactly what it was. He just would rather have some good ol' yaki soba, with tofu, some kalimari, and some assorted vegetables all mushed together into a bowl, and some nice, dependable chopsticks. He really rathered to not use forks if he had to. They were just odd. And those sporks even more so.

Yuy sighed in defeat at the slab of cow in front of him, as he sat next to his wife at the table. The three adolescents were originally seated across from them, but Milliardo had decided to move farther away from his giggling twin sister and her boy toy. It seemed to make the young boy uncomfortable. Hell, it made Yuy uncomfortable.

"Heero," Relena leaned in to whisper in her husband's ear. "At least try to be nice to the young man. Clara's quite fond of him." She smiled at him, and gave an affectionate pat under the table. Now, Yuy usually would do anything his wife asked of him, but this time he couldn't. Not when, you know, male dominance, and all that crap was at stake. Yuy decided to put phase one of his plan into action, get to know the enemy.

He cleared his throat. "So, David. What do your parents do?" That was always a safe question Yuy had observed. If it did turn out that somehow hell did freeze over, and Clara and David did get married sometime in the future, you have to make sure the mixing of genetics was respectable. Didn't want to end up with anything...odd. Yuy suspected this was many a reason for his companion, Duo Maxwell's, many...shall we say, personality problems.

The boy looked up from his plate, and gave a lazy smile, that made his chuberic face accentuate his cheekbones. "My parent's run a salvage yard, and mechanic shop. My dad's the real mechanic though. My mother's more of the business person."

Yuy gave a sound of approval. Mechanics were always a good thing. "So, do you know much about mechanics?"

"Nope." He gave another lazy smile.


"Actually, you know my father and mother." That caught Yuy's attention. He looked at the youth's beaming smile, and then glanced at his wife questionally. All she gave in return was a knowing smirk that made Yuy's stomach sink in foreboding.

"Do I now? Who are your parents?" Yuy lifted the glass of wine to his mouth, and took a good chug, keeping it in his mouth, to savor the yeasty intoxication.

"Duo Maxwell and Hilde Schbeiker-Maxwell." Heero instantly started choking on the wine.

"Excuse me," he stood up after regaining his composure, and head towards the alcohol cabinet. The wine just wouldn't be enough. Better make it scotch, or perhaps some rum. Maybe they had some sake left....


Yuy, and though he didn't like to admit it, was out of options. He came uopn this realization as he lay on the expansive bed he shared with his wife, staring up at the tiled ceiling, head pillowed against his arms, which were pillowed against the pillow. He sighed in frustration, his stubborn pride wounded after tonight's defeat against the force that is dating, and his teenage daughter.

He just didn't understand. One day he's pushing her on the swing, hearing her laughing with him. Now, she's laughing with some teenage boy, and barely gives any time of day to the man that gave her half of his chromosomes. He just didn't know what was going on. Actually he did, but he didn't understand it. He really didn't want to either. He wanted his Sei-chan back again. And he definitely didn't want those teenage boys. He could eventually get used to the clothes, the make-up, and the chattering girls that seem to be on the phone with his daughter at all hours, but not the teenage boys. Denfinitely not the teenage boys. Hmm, maybe he should send Clara off to an all girls private school in Japan. Or perhaps he could pull some strings, and get her put into a Buddhist nunnery. He rather liked that last scenario.

"Thinking again Yuy?" His wife slid into bed next to him, and spooned herself into his side, creating a pocket of warmth. He took one hand out from behind his head, and stroked her hair, but didn't take his eyes from the ceiling.

"I suppose so." He began rubbing her arm gently, creating goosebumps upon her skin.

She sighed, in an amused sort of way. "It happens Heero. Hell, it happened to us. You just didn't have my father to deal with."

"No, just your older brother. How do you always know what I'm thinking about anyway," he turned his head to look at her.

She gave a beautific smile. "Oh, just talented I guess. And my brother was on Mars until three years after we started dating."

He gave an affirming sound, and laid his cheek against the crown of her head. They lay like that for some time, in the dim light of one lamp, and the open balcony doors yielding to a gentle breeze that rustled the curtains.

"Heero." Relena broke the silence with her soft voice.

"Hmm." He replied drowsily.

"You're still the most important man in her life. Even if it doesn't seem like it, you are. You're the one she'll come to when the world's being cruel, when she needs help, and when the teenage boy's break her heart. You're her father. And that's the one person that's most than important to a girl."

Yuy smiled, in a satisfacted, relieved sort of way. "Thank you."



Sappy, yes I know.