An Empty Heart- Ch.1


Relena woke up early the next morning and found Heero missing. The smell of bacons and eggs went through the door. She got up and dress. Walking out of the room, she found Heero stand over a stove cooking breakfast.


Hey, he greets.


Hey yourself.




A little. I didnt know you cooked?


Well, theres a lot of things you dont know about me, he said with a smile.


Well, why dont I found out.


Coming up from behind she kiss his neck, then work her way up to his mouth. He kisses back with the same passionate she has. Their feels toward each other has grown since the day they met. It was five years since that day she found him by the beach.


I love you, Heero, she whispered in his ear.


I love you more.


Who said?


I did. A voice from behind reply.




The one and only. Oh you door was open so I let myself in. I can see this is a bad time.


Gee, you think?


Sorry, man, but I got news about Logwoods familythey disappear 3 years ago and no one knows where they went.


I know where they are.


To be continue