An Empty Heart



What do you mean by that?


I located them near the mountains. It seems they been living there for some time.


Why do you need to find then anyways?


Revenge was his only reply.


I thought Logwood was killed, so why do you still need to revenge for?


They killed my family.


I thought he did.


You dont understand.


Well, then tell me and maybe I will.


Theyre hiding.


From who? You?


He nodded. If they didnt do anything bad, then whats up with the hiding?


How do you know they are hiding? Maybe theyre on vacation or something. Or maybe they dont want to live near some place where people like you stalk them. Duo was now angry. Relena has never seen these two fights like this before.


I have my reasons. You go worry about yourself and dont put your nose in someone elses business. It can get you kill someday.


Well, then Im surprise your not dead yet. There must be a god up there then



With a glare, Heero stormed out of the room.


Mans whats his problem?


You know how he gets sometimes. Just let him cool off.


Hey, I have a question.




How can you tell whether he cooled of or not? I mean he looks the same both ways.


I dont know. I never thought about it.


How do you tell?




Heero? came a voice outside the door.


What? he yelled turning around. He was working on the computer, when someone interrupted him. He doesnt like to be interrupted, not when hes working on something important always.


Relena was standing at the doorway holding a tray of food. She was a little stunned at his out burst.


Sorry, I didnt mean to yell like that.


Sorry, I interrupted. Im come back later. She feels a little sad at his out burst.


Maybe I shouldnt have interrupted him.


She walked out and closes the door behind her. Leaving him alone again.


How come I always seem to feel alone even when Im with the person I love the most? Turning back to his computer, he starts typing again.


Maybe I dont have the heartNO, I dodo I? Relena is in my heart, so how come it feels so empty.


To be continue