An Empty Heart ­ ch.3

"So he left?"
"I can't believe he would go through with it." Duo said in surprised. It was a nice afternoon and everything was in peace, but one-woman heart is still fighting some emotions.
That morning Duo got a surprise call from Relena. It seems she been crying. He then invited her to get some ice cream. It'll calm her down and he gets to eat. Plus he wants to know what's wrong and why isn't Heero there to comfort her. They were living together for the past 7 months.
"Well, you know him." Relena said. Her voice was placed with sarcasms in her voice. Biting the last of her ice cream she threw the stick away. "He just got up this morning, said a good-bye and then he left." Her voice sounded a little sad.
"That's it?" Duo knew his friends never like to show his feelings, but this is the woman he loves for crying out loud. He could at least say something more.
"Well, he did say he'll promise to be back and that I shouldn't worry."
'Now that's the Heero I know. Man, he changes so much over the years.'
"Well, Heero always keep his promise." Duo said reassuring her.
'He better not die or else'
"But I still worry for him." Relena said cutting into his thoughts.
"I don't think he has a death wish now that he's with you."
"I wish he would just forget about this whole revenge thing."
"Yeah, butI guess a part of him still can't let go of his parent's death. He never shows it before because he was running from it and now it has caught up with him. After all those years, it must really torture the poor guy."
"He said he wasn't going to kill any more."
"Maybe he won't."
"Well, all I got to say is that you should cheer up. He'll come back and when he do, he won't go again."
"Do you really think so?"
"Yeah." In her heart she knows he'll be back, but a part of her feel sorry for those people that's going to die under Heero's gun, even if they do deserve it, but they don't deserve death. The person that does is already dead. Then a though hit her. 'What if he doesn't come back? What if he's afraid I'll be mad at him or he thinks I don't deserve to be with him?' Before they were together, Heero would come to visit her at night and they would have the most magical time, but he would also leave in the morning, She goes used to it. Then one day he just stop seeing her altogether. Months later she saw him talking to Duo at a party. They were both invited. It was a set-up to get them together, but lucky for that person, Heero never found out or if he did and didn't say anything because he was secretly thanking that person. (I wonder who? ^_~) She confronted him, and he told her why he left. He was afraid that he would destroy her. She told him that it wouldn't, but if he isn't with her, it will. His only reply was a kiss. Duo and the others were watching the whole thing, amazed at how Heero would just show his emotion in front of everyone.
 Sighing, she said a good-bye to Duo and left.
'Heero just come back to her. If you don't come back soon, she'll break down, I just know she will.'