An Empty Heart-Ch.4

By: Emily aka Linh

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AN: I know I haven't been writing this one for months now, but I was really busy and if you notice, I just got another chapter out of "If Only I Knew." It's a twist that you should really read, but it's kind of short. I just thought I should work on this one for now since there's less chapter here, then on the other one. Oh yeah, I want to thank people who e-mail me and telling me to keep writing. As most of you might know, I'm a first time writer. I like writing because it'll improve my reading and writing skills and also because it's fun too. If you have time, please check out my website for more of my stories that are coming soon. Okay, enough about that, on with the story.

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing doesn't belong to me.


Days became weeks, weeks became months and there was still no news of Heero. Relena was ominous and she ate less and less each day. Hilde and the others was concern something might occur if they left her alone, so they invited her to go on a vacation with them. Reluctantly, Relena agree.

"Relena, you want to go for a swim?" Hilde as once they were settling.

"No, I'm kind of exhausted. Maybe later." Relena reply as she walked into her room.

"I wish she would just cheer up." Hilde said to Duo, who was standing next to her, sadly.

"Just leave her alone Hil, she'll never rest until he's back you know."

"Yeah, but I wish she wasn't torturing herself like this. She didn't eat anything last night or this morning. She's getting weaker and all because your baka friend has to take a revenge on something that happened so long ago."

"No, I was too busy eating and it's not his fault he had to go She didn't eat? When?"

'Why the hell am I sticking up for that baka for and how was I should to know Relena didn't eat?' Duo thought to himself.

"Baka, you should be paying attention more to her or else if anything happen Heero would kill you."

"Yeah, but there was food Hil. I was hungry you know."

"(Sigh) Never Mind." Hilde give up and walked over to the door to help carry in more suitcases. "Man, who are these anyways?" They were so heavy she felt like her arms would break.

"Oh, they're mine." Answer Sally. "Relena asked me to do a research on Logwood's family location so I brought some of my equipments. She wants to know where Heero is."


"Hey women! Stop talking and help me carry this in," yelled Wufei from outside the door.

"So, did you find anything yet?" Hilde continues to talked to Sally and completely disregard Wufei, which got him angrier.

"Don't ignore women," he yelled.

"Come on Wufei, that's no way to talk to them. They would never"

"Quiet Maxwell, don't tell me how to talk to anyone especially women."

"Well, for crying out loud, I'm surprise Sally hasn't shot you yet.

"WHAT?" Wufei was seeing red. Duo knows better that to ever tell Wufei anything that would make him seems weak and getting kill by Sally out of all the women in the world was something he doesn't like at all.

So he did the only thing he could think of, Duo ran for his life and Wufei ran after chasing him. He tried to block Duo's escape by cutting him off, but he didn't see Quatre come he in that he knocked him over. Trowa was walking in behind and didn't see the two fall that he tripped over the bodies and fell down too. Seconds later, 3 bodies was laid on the floor with Wufei under, Quatre in the middle, and Trowa on top with suitcases lying around them. Duo was laughing his head off and Wufei was yelling at him to shut up. Trowa tried to get up, but Wufei kept on pulling him down, using his legs to pull him out from under of Quatre, but that just make Trowa fall down again.

Minutes later, everyone was on their feet again.

"Guys, we still have to carry these in." Quatre said.

"I make something to eat." Hilde volunteered. She walked into the kitchen and pulled Sally in with her.

Once in the kitchen, Hilde asked Sally to do her a favor. Sally gladly agrees.

"Hilde, this is going to be really hard, but if it helps Relena then I'll give it a try. Don't tell Duo though."

"HeheheheI won't tell that baka of mine."

"Okay, but I need the cabin to myself for a couple of hours."

"I know what to do. Just don't take too long, okay?"


~~~~~~In the middle of nowhere~~~~~~~

The wind was howling like a hungry wolf, but one-man mind wasn't on it. He was busy scanning the mountain for any sign of life. Seeing none, he continues to walk on.

Heero has been searched from one mountain to the next. Still he couldn't find anyone.

'Maybe I should just give up.' He thought to himself in frustration. 'No!' He couldn't give up. He could never. He curses himself for being so weak.

He then continues to walk ahead. Heero kept on getting images of his parent's death flashes through his mind. The way they died and how those callous people laugh at them. He will make them pay.

The sturdy wind was blowing at his face, blinding his vision. He felt feeble outside, but he knew he couldn't give up now. Not when he's so close to his wish, his only wish. Shaking his head, he continues on walking. He can feel exhaustion taking over, but Heero was strong and that wasn't going to stop him at all.

Then an image of Relena smiling at laugh flashed through his mind before he collapses in the arms of the wind.


"Is it done?"

"Yes! Now we just need to wake for the right moment."

"Good! You've done well."

To be continue.

An: Sorry that short, but I want to put this up before tonight. I'm leaving you hanging, huh? Well, see you on the next chapter.