An Empty Heart

Heero's past cause him to leave Relena with a promise to come back when he's done. With Heero gone Relena find herself miss him more and more daily. Then an accident happened, that cause Relena to lose her memories or at least that's what the doctor said, so why can she remember everyone else, but Heero?


Prologue-by: Emily




I dont understand, Heero. It was late at night. A young woman was standing on a bridge over looking the crystal water. Next to her was a young man, her age. He has a cold look on his face that will send chills down your spine if you look at it. His Prussian blue eyes staring at her with an intense look. Why do you have to go again?


I have to find them, he answers still with the same old look on his handsome face. They killed my whole family. I have to get revenge.


You told me that General Logwood died during the war. Relena had a question looked on her face.


He did, but his family is still alive and living well.


Youre going toto kill his family?


Yes! That made her look at him with fear in her eye.


He softens a little. I know you dont agree with me, but I had to tell you. I wish you understand.


Youre going to kill his family? she repeated a little softer this time. They didnt do anything to you. He did and now hes dead. Its no used killing them. She knew there was no way she could convince him to not got through with this, but he never change his mind about anything that he makes up.


They were part of it. They knew, but didnt do anything to stop him.


Well, maybe they couldnt.


Heero laugh evilly at her last statement. They were with him that day. I looked up from my hiding place with my mom and I saw them. They were laughing at my father while he was lying at Logwoods feet begging him not to kill my sister, but did he listen? No! He shot her ten times. He was an animal.


Relena couldnt help, but feel sorry for him. He didnt know what to do, so she hugs him, trying to comfort him. He hugged her back and kiss her softly on the cheek.


Hand in hand they walked by to his apartment.


 to be continue...