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This is a really depressing angsty story with loads of graphic violence, so if you've had a bad day or if you've just eaten I wouldn't suggest it. I can also tell you that pregnant women & children under the age of 13 (or those who are just not mature enough or far to impressionable to not take this seriously) should not read this in case of nightmares and other consequences. (if you listen to Eminem's song "I never Knew I...." you'll understand)






The Year is A.C. 211. The Eve Wars ended fifteen years ago & Mariemaia's Coup de tat was sucessfully stopped fourteen years ago. Peace has reigned supreme ever since. Most of the Gundam Pilots have settled down & raised their own famillies, but all have kept up their training and none of them not even the pacifist Vice-Foreign Minister have let their guards down for fear of the fragile peace that they have built, being shattered. All those who were involved with the Eve wars will never forget how hard they fought for peace or how much they sacrificed to get there.

Zechs & Noin had come back to earth five years after they left to promote the Mars Terra-forming project. They have a son called Alexander (Alex for short) and a daughter called Shinadia (Shina for short).They settled down on earth. Zechs officiallly changed his name to Zechs Merquise and went back to work with the Preventers and only Relena called him Milliardo anymore. Alexander is now thirteen years old and Shinadia is ten.

Duo & Hilde got married and still ran their Salvage yard. They have one son, Heero and four daughters, Jennifer, Carla, Hayley & Marie. Heero is now ten, Jennifer is eight, Carla is six, Hayley is four and Marie is two.

Quatre had married Dorothy Catalonia. They have 9 children. 4 boys, Trowa, Duo, Heero & Wufei, & 5 girls, Marina, Serena, Brianna, Adrienne & Giselle. Quatre looked after his familys natural resource satellites. Trowa is now ten, Marina is nine, Duo is eight, Serena is seven, Heero is six, Brianna is five, Wufei is four, Adrienne is three and Giselle is two.

Wufei & Sally Po got married and they have a son called Kale and a daughter called Meiran. They both still work for the Preventers (even though Wufei wishes she would just stay at home with the kids). Kale is now twelve and Meiran is ten.

Trowa still works at the circus with Catherine, who is still like his sister. He married Midii and they have a son, Quatre and a daughter, Mariah. Quatre is now ten and Mariah is eight.

Lady Une still works for the Preventers and looks after Mariemaia. Mariemaia is twenty one.

Heero married Relena 5 years after the war and they have a daughter called Katerina. (Katie for short)Katie is now Ten.Heero works with the Preventers and Relena is still the Vice-Foreign Minister.This is where we are at the moment. With Relena & Heero and their good news.

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