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Heero and Relena sat in the the doctors office still not quite believing what the doctor had said. " Are you sure doctor? I mean are you absolutly positive that I'm... that I am..." Relena was almost speechless. " I am absolutly positive, Mrs Yuy. Congratulations. You will be parents in April." Heero was a bit shellshocked, chiefly because after Katie had been born they had tried for another child for 9 years but had had no luck, until now, that is. "Now, remember Mrs Yuy you have to be here in two weeks for your twenty week scan. I'm sure if you ask my secretary outside, she'll make you an appointment." Doctor Markson said. "Thank you Doctor." Relena said, smiling, fit to burst as she and Heero walked outside and made an appointment with the secretary, and then walked outside where Pagan sat in the car ready to drive them home.

From the building across the street, a pair of huge aquamarine eyes watched Heero and Relena get into their car and drive away. A face (recognisable as Doctor J's) appeared on the videphone screen." Pilot Sword, Can you hear me?" Doctor J asked the young pilot. " I hear you loud and clear, Doctor J." the voice responded. The voice, was female, but cold like ice. She sounded like an emotionless Relena. "Hey, What's your status?" another voice piped up.This voice sounded like Duo's. The face which came into view, was also Duo's, right down to the yard long braid and the ministers collar. The young girl smiled, but only for a second, then her face was as expressionles as her voice was emotionles. "Heero and Relena just left the doctors office." The woman, known as Sword, said to the videphone. "Your mission is to follow the Gundam Pilots and make sure they are safe . If I'm right the Pilot that will need your help first is Duo Maxwell. Is your mission clear Sword?" "Crystal, Doctor J." Sword answered in the same emotionless voice.

The Gundam pilots and their families would meet at the Sanq Kingdom this year for christmas. Which is where Duo Maxwell and his family were headed.The Maxwell family were waiting for Duo to lock up the fences so that they could drive to the shuttle port. "Duo Maxwell?" a voice asked form behind the braided pilot. "Who's asking?" Duo asked, ever wary as he turned around to face the tall man who had spoken to him. Duo took in the mans' features. He had straight black hair and brown eyes. He wore a crimson red shirt and black trousers. He wore a black armband which had a red lightning bolt as a symbol. "Prepare to die, Gundam pilot." The man said, pulling out a gun. Duo closed his in anticipation of the fatal shot that would end his life.

Duo heard the shot's but he didn't feel the pain. He opened his eyes and saw that the man had dropped his gun, then looked at the pilots hand. The blood flowed from the bullet wounds in the mans hand. He was now missing a thumb and forefinger and there was a bullet hole straight through the middle of the man's hand (which had made him drop the gun) "You!" the man spat out as the sniper came into view. "You're Gundam pilot Sword. I've heard of your exploits, but you are a fool if you think that you can defeat the Red Lightning on your own. Even a pilot of your skill would be killed in seconds by the over whelming power of the Red Lightnings vast army of mobile suits."

The young woman came out of the shadows that shrouded her. "Oh my God." Duo was almost speechless. The long honey blonde hair was tied in a pony-tail, She wore a pair of jeans, yellow hiking boots and a dark green vest top, but there was no mistaking the face for Duo. " Relena." Duo looked at the young girl. " Hey wait a minute," Duo thought "she looks like Relena but Relena's with Heero and she was still a pacifist the last time I checked so what's she doing here with a gun, shooting off two of this guys fingers and saving my life?" Duo was extremely confused. Sword smiled , it was more of a smirk actually. "Wait a sec... that smirk... I've seen that smirk a thousand times... that's Heero's smirk, the one he uses to mock his enemies. Who is this girl?" Duo asked himself. " Just surrender and I won't kill you. If you resist then you will be forced to cooperate." The girl's voice filled Duo's ears, so like Relena's, yet so emotionless and cold. "And if I refuse to cooperate with you?" the man said. "Then I shoot your kneecaps off and make sure that you can't ever produce any offspring. I hope that was clear enough for you to understand." Sword replied. Her answer was nonchalent and unbothered, as if what she said was " I'm going to the cinema with my friends on saturday." It was chilling to hear a young girl utter such a threat without even thinking about it.

The man made a sudden move to grab his fallen gun. Sword shot his kneecaps. He fell on the ground, only a few inches from his gun. Sword walked towards the fallen man and his gun, her gun poised, should the man try to make a move towards his gun again. " I wouldn't do that again if I were you. I don't make empty threats. I've already shot out your kneecaps, you really think that I wouldn't go further?" Sword said. She smirked again then her face went back to being expressionless. "You may have captured me, and saved Duo Maxwell, but there will be more assasins, more men. You can't save all of them, and you will never be able to defeat Red Lightning by yourself."

Sword shot the man again. " What did I say about resisting arrest?" Sword smirked. "Just give me your name, designation and number of troops. If you don't give me the information then you will be exterminated." Duo watched the man lying on the floor, bleeding profusely from his bullet wounds. "All I will tell you is that you cannot beat Red Lightning on your own." the man said. "Who said I was planning on fighting on my own?" Sword said, The smirk returning, She shot him through the head, his brains spattered all over the pavement.

Duo, who had said nothing through this exchange, asked "Who are you?" "I'm your bodyguard." Sword replied curtly.


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