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Part Two


"You're what???" If it was possible, Duo looked even more shocked and confused then he had been before. "I'm sure you heard what I said, I certainly said it loud enough for you but just in case, I'm your bodyguard, Duo Maxwell." Sword replied. "And I should call you??" Duo asked. "You can call me Sword, it is what I've been named for this mission." Sword replied, curtly. "What is your mission Sword?" Duo asked. Sword went to the side of the fence. She picked up a leather trechcoat and put it on. She made her pony tail into a bun and put her gun into a holster that was cocealed by the coat. She picked up a large duffel-bag and a small laptop computor. She opened it and typed in something very quickly. Duo couldn't see what she typed because the laptop was turned away from him, before answering Duo. "I will answer all of your questions, but you and your family had better come with me." "Why should we trust you? you might try to kill us yourself." Duo asked. "I just saved your life. If I wanted you dead I would have let that soldier kill you. It would save me time and effort." Sword said. "Oh really. So what if you were gonna get in trouble with your superiors for not killing me." Duo asked. He was giving her a hard time, and Sword just didn't have time for this. "If I had wanted to kill you, you'd already be dead. Hurry up, we don't have time for this." Sword was getting agitated. Duo was exactly like her best friend, and she knew that if she didn't shut him up now, then he wouldn't ever shut up. "Time for what?" Duo asked. Hilde had come to see what was taking Duo so long.She saw Sword. "What's going on Duo?" Hilde asked, looking nervously at Sword, thinking exactly what Duo had been thinking when he first saw her. How much she looked like Relena.

"I'm trying to find that out babe. Make sure the kids don't come in here, O.K.?" Hilde just nodded, seeing the bloody body of the assasin. She walked away from the large fences and got in the car, which was parked twenty yards away. "If I chose to trust you, at least, tell us where you're taking us!" Duo asked Sword. "We're going to to the KUSHRENADA space base on MO-III. Are you coming or not?" Sword replied. "Allright, I'm with you."






Sally was packing bags for Wufei, Herself and the children, while Wufei spoke to Lady Une on one of the videphones in their appartment. "Lady Une, are you sure that this is necessary?" Wufei answered. He and Sally had been ordered to disappear for awhile. After Wufei had been attacked by a strange man who wore a crimson shirt, black trousers and a black armband with a symbol, a red lightning bolt. The man had not lived long. Before he could kill Wufei, a young woman, who had looked like Sally, had shot the would-be asassin through the head, so they couldn't question him. "It is very necessary, Agent Chang. After Duo Maxwell disappeared we found a body in the salvage yard. He was wearing the same uniform as the man who tried to kill you. My guess is that the man we found tried to kill Duo but Duo finished him off, then took his family and is hiding out somewhere. There is only one thing that is bothering me about this..." Lady Une said. "What's that?" Wufei asked. "The autopsy reports show that the asassins thumb and forefinger on his left hand had been shot off. He also had a bullet through his hand, his kneecaps were shattered by bullets and he had been shot in the balls. The killing blow was a shot through the forehead." Lady Une replied. "That doesn't sound like Maxwell's handiwork." Wufei said. "That's what I thought. It sounds more like Heero's work to shoot off the thumb and forefinger and shoot out the kneecaps. But even if Heero had killed the asassin, he wouldn't have sounded so shocked to here that Duo was missing." Lady Une said. "i'm also contacting the other pilots so that they move their famillies to safety, And you are the first one in any immeidiate danger. I suggest that you leave Immeidiatly." Lady Une said. "Thank you, Colonel Une. I'm leaving any minute." Wufei said. "Then I'm ending this transmission so that you can get on with it." Lady Une said. "Goodbye Colonel Une." "Goodbye Agent Chang and good luck." Lady Une hung up the videphone then, and Wufei hung up the videphone.

"We're ready to go." Sally said. Kale and Meiran stood on either side of her and their bags were in the hall. Wufei picked up four bags and Sally picked up two bags. Kale and Meiran followed them downstairs and outside to the car. Wufei put the bags down, opened the car and put the bags in the boot, then took the other two bags from Sally and put them in the boot as well. "Come on kids, get in the car. We're going on a trip." Sally said and herded them into the car. Wufei closed the boot and walked around to the drivers side of the car. Just when he was about to open the door, a man, dressed in the same uniform as the other asassins, jumped out from behind the bushes and threw Wufei to the ground. Wufei was unprepared for this so he was subdued very quickly. "Daddy, daddy." the children were screaming from the car. The man had stradled Wufei so that his arms were pinned to the ground. Sally jumped out of the car and ran to help her husband but another man jumped out and grabbed her. "SALLY!!!" Wufei yelled out, as he saw Sally struggling with the other man."Wufei!" Sally cried out as the man pinned her arms behind her back. Meiran screamed and Kale held on to her for dear life. "Let her go, you dishonourable piece of shit." Wufei yelled as he struggled to free himself. The asassin pulled a gun from a holster. "Prepare to die, Wufei Chang." the asassin said. "NOOO!! WUFEI!!!" Sally screamed. The asassin aimed his gun at Wufei's forehead.

Wufei saw a black boot, kick the gun from the asassin's hand. Then he saw the girl who had saved his life before, hit the man, who was holding Sally, in the back of the head. The boot that had kicked the gun from the asassin's hand, kicked the asassin in the head, knocking him unconcious. The boot belonged to a man who looked like him. He offered his hand, to help him up. "You really should come with us for your own safety." The young girl said. "I think we should listen to them, Wufei." Sally said. "We will explain everything to you, once you are safe." the young girl said. Wufei always trusted his instincts, and right now they were telling him to trust the young girl and man who had saved his and his wife's life. "Where are you taking us?" Wufei asked. "We're taking you to the KUSHRENADA space base on MO-III." the young man said.


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