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The young girl and the man led them to a shuttle port, dragging the two would-be asassins in toe. When the shuttle took off, Wufei looked out of the window of the shuttle towards the earth. "The earth looks so beautiful from up here. I can only pray for the safety of my family. Please gods, Keep my family safe." Wufei thought.




"What is it Heero? A girl or a boy." Quatre asked. Quatre, Dorothy, Trowa, Midii and Catherine were sitting with Lady Une around a videphone screen, where Heero and Katie sat with the new baby. "It's a boy." Heero said, beaming with pride."How's Relena?" Dorothy asked. "She had a rough time of it. The doctor said there was no way she could handle having anymore children. She's lucky to be alive. She's resting at the moment." Heero replied. "Tell her, we hope she'll be better soon." Midii said. "Tell Relena I'm sorry she can't have anymore children, but he is a handsome baby." Catherine said. "Thanks." Heero said. "Congratulations Heero and tell Relena that as well. What are you going to call him?" Lady Une asked. "We're going to name him Duo." Heero said. "Well, I thought you'd call him Duo. Congratulations again." Quatre said. "We all mean it from the bottom of our hearts." Trowa said. Everyone said their congratulations, and then Heero put down the Videphone and the others started to talk. The children were all running around while Mariemaia sat and watched them. Mariemaia didn't have a care in the world. She loved Lady Une like a mother. Since she hadn't known either of her parents, hearing about the type of man that her father was, was something she treasured and she was training to be a preventer, to fight for peace, like her father had and like Lady Une was still doing.

"Wufei and his family disappeared one month ago." Quatre said. "That's right. They never arrived at the safe house that had been set up for them." Lady Une replied. "Just like Duo disappeared four months ago." Midii said. "That's right." Lady Une. "And there's been no contact from either family?" Trowa asked. "No, there hasn't and to be honest i'm beginning to worry. There's no trace of either of them. The Preventers have even searched the Colonies for signs of them." Lady Une said. "That's very odd." Dorothy said. "They can't have disappeared into thin air?" "My fear is that the rest of you will be targeted next." Lady Une said. "That is my fear too. Dorothy and I have been attacked twice by those men in the red shirts and black trousers." Quatre said. "So have Midii and I." Trowa said. "This has to stop, NOW." Midii said. "There is nothing we can do until these men show themselves again." Lady Une said. "And next time they do, they could hurt the children, or Dorothy, Midii and Catherine." Quatre said. "And we can't risk our famillies." Trowa said. "You don't have to, if you listen to what we have to say." A familliar voice said from behind them.

Quatre whipped out his gun, the body of the cold, emotionless voice stepped out from the shadows. It was Sword. She wore a Preventers' uniform, with two differences. One was that there were two badges on the uniform that would never be there on a normal agents' uniform. One badge had a symbolic purple mobile suit with a word embroidered in royal blue, across it. The word was PILOT CAPTAIN. The other badge was red with a white lion and a black eagle. Embroidered in the bottom of the badge were these words. For Bravery In Defence of the Sanq Kingdom. The other unusual thing was that she had eight medals pinned to her uniform. Something that someone of her youth shouldn't be able to have acheived. Each was for a different honour. Sword said "There's no need for that. I'm unarmed and I've come here to offer my help." Sword stood with her legs spaced apart and her hands clasped behind her back. "I know what you're thinking and I will answer all of your questions, when we get to our destination." "And that destination is?" Trowa asked. "The KUSHRENADA space base on MO-III and before you ask, you can call me Sword. If you are coming then you have to come now." "May we ask two questions?" Quatre asked. "Go ahead." Sword replied, no emotion showed in her voice. "The KUSHRENADA space base was destroyed in 196. Zechs Merquise destroyed it along with MO-III. How can you be stationed there?" Trowa asked. "My superiors rebuilt it without the knowledge of anyone else." Sword answered. Her voice and face were emotionless. "She was obviously trained to have no emotions. But why does she look so much like Relena." Quatre thought. "Are the other Pilots and their families at the space base?" Quatre asked. "They are." Sword replied. "My superior will answer all your questions once you are all safe at the space base." Sword said before they could ask anymore questions. Quatre and Trowa looked at each other and nodded. "We'll come with you." Quatre said.





Heero was pacing backwards and forwards in the room. Noin is sitting on the sofa with Alex sitting one side of her and Shina sitting the other side. Noin had a worried frown on her face. Relena was sitting in an armchair. She is holding baby Duo.Her face is clouded with worry. Katie is sitting next to her mamma's feet and her big aquamarine eyes are fogged with tears. They were worried about Zechs, who had not returned fom his Preventer mission, on colony L4, the week before. They had heard that Quatre and Trowa had disappeared with their famillies and so had Lady Une and Mariemaia. Zechs had been sent to confirm the reports and had vanished.

The door opened suddenly. Heero whipped out his gun, knowing that anyone else would've knocked. A young man walked in. "I'm not armed, so there's no need for a gun." He spoke in Duo's voice. He looked like Duo too. Right down to the yard long chestnut coloured braid, cobalt blue, puppy dog eyes, cheeky grin and ministers collar that Duo had worn all through the Eve wars. "Duo??" Heero questioned. "No, but my superior's will answer all your questions once you and your family are safe Mr Yuy." Duo's look-a-like said. "And how do I know you can be trusted?" Heero questioned. "I recall being told by one of my superiors telling me, that one thing you believed in was `reacting on your emotions.' Is'nt that true?" The young man asked. "Yes it is." Heero replied. "Then what do your emotions tell you?" the young man said. "They're telling me to ask if you know what happened to Zechs." Hero answered. "Zechs and all your other friends are safe with my superiors." The boy said. "Then lead the way. Where are we going anyway?" Heero asked. "We're going to the KUSHRENADA space base on MO-III." "I thought that that MO-III was destroyed by Zechs?" Noin said. The young boy gave the cheeky grin that Duo was famous for. "Don't believe everything you see." he said.




The young man led Heero, Relena (holding baby Duo), Katie, Noin, Alex and Shina onto a space shuttle. There were two seats where the pilot and co-pilot would sit and eight seats for passengers. While Noin made sure that Alex and Shina were sitting properly, Heero made sure that Katie was safetly strapped in and Relena sat down next to her and placed the baby in a Shuttle seat (specifically designed to keep the baby safe on Shuttle journeys). The young man looked at the pilots seat. It was tall and unless you walked up to it you couldn't tell if anyone was sitting in it or not. He smiled. "I've known you too long, Captain." He thought. "So, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit, Captain?" The young man said. That cheeky grin plastered on his face. Heero's head shot round. Sword stood up from the pilots seat. Still wearing her Preventers' uniform, Sword had a commanding presance. She walked towards the young man, with confidence and authority. "You know why I'm here H." Sword said. H showed respect by saluting. "At ease, Shinigami." Sword said. "That's wierd. She hasn't called me that in

seven years." He thought. He sat in the pilot's seat.He noticed that one of his comrades were sat in the co-pilots' seat. He stood up. Noin gasped. The other man was Zechs' look-a-like, including the long, platinum-blond hair and the ice-blue eyes. "Captain, I really think I should be piloting this shuttle. Last time H piloted a shuttle, it came back with a damaged engine and then he spent three months fixing it." Lexx smiled at H and H grinned back at him and retorted. "Lexx, that wasn't my fault. In fact if I wasn't so good at manouvering a shuttle, then I'd be dead and so would you because, if I recall correctly, you were in the shuttle with me." H said, laughing.Lexx shot H a glare. "I'm afraid he's right about that, Lexx. The Shinigami is piloting this shuttle. O.K.?" Katie said, "O.K. captain, I get it." Lexx said grudgingly. He shot H another glare. "You look just like me." Relena said to Sword. "I can assure you, I'm not you. When we get to the KUSHRENADA space base, my superiors will explain everything to you and the other's." Sword said.





"We've arrived at the base Captain." Lexx said. "Allright, thanks Lexx." Sword replied. She was still typing on her laptop. Her fingers moved like lightning across the keyboard. "Captain, there's a transmission coming in from over the videphone for you." H said. "Thanks H." Sword said, closing her laptop. She drifted across to the videphone. "This is Captain Sword, please go ahead." "Sword, what is your position." Doctor J's face appeared over the screen. "We are just approaching MO-III, Doctor J. H is coming in for landing now. Please open shuttle bay 15 for us." "Understood, Sword. The bay is being opened for you now." "Roger that." Sword said. "Your little brother's missed you." "I know. I've missed him too." Sword said, a smile flashing briefly across her face.

When they landed, a little boy, who could've been Heero as a child, and Doctor J were there to meet them. The little boy ran into Sword's arms. "Katie, Katie, I missed you. Ogenki desu ka? Hisashiburi? Me and Marie made a cool data-virus. You gotta come see it. Doozo Katie, Doozo." The little boy's joy doubled when he saw H. "Heero, you promised me that you'd show me how to upload a data-virus, you promised. Come on, show me, show me, show me. Please, Please, Please, Please, Please." H looked at Sword. "It's O.K. Shinigami. Your allowed." "Arigato Katie." the little boy said. "Dajiobu desu, Kiotsukete Duo, Mata atode" Sword said. H started walking down the corridor. "Are you comin' squirt?" H called the little boy. "Yeah!!" the little boy exclaimed and ran down the corridor to catch up. You could here the little boy telling H what he'd done since they'd been gone. "I saw three shooting stars since you and Katie went on your last missions." "Really, that's great squirt. Come on, tell me what other cool things you did while I was running around on earth." "O.K. I painted Professor G's fingernails with Meiran's hot pink nail varnish." "That was a prank I have definatly got to write in my world class book and............" H's voice faded as they got further down the corridor.

Sword stood next to Doctor J. Heero, Relena and Noin had looks of shock at what they had just witnessed. "The kid called H, Heero and Sword, Katie.I'm sure I heard that right. Sword called the little boy Duo and he looks exactly like me when I was a child, and Sword and Duo spoke to each other in fluent Japanease." Heero was thinking. He looked at Doctor J, who he had thought was dead. "I will explain everything, You don't need to worry about that Heero. Just follow me." Doctor J led them through a few corridors. He stopped at a door and opened it. The children of the other pilots were there. "I suggest that the children stay here for a while." Doctor J said. Heero told Katie to go in and Noin told Alex and Shina to go in aswell. The children went in obeidiantly. Doctor J closed the door and carried on walking.

Doctor J led them down a few more passages until they were outside a door marked BREIFING. They went inside. All the adults were there. They had a happy reunion for a few minutes. Then Wufei said "Are you going to tell us what's going on or not Doctor J." Doctor J sighed. "I believe that I owe you all an explanation."

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NOTE: Here's a few translations so that you don't get totally confused.

Ogenki desu ka - How are you?

Hisashiburi - Long time no see

Doozo - Please

Arigato - Thanks

Dajiobu desu - No problem

Kiotsukete - Take care

Mata atode -See you later

Shinigami - God of Death