From the Shadows


Two glowing blue eyes watched from the darkness. The girl, the only thing on the wolves' mind. He wanted her; He had to have her, to hold her in his arms, to feel the warmth of her breath on his neck and to look into those aqua marine eyes as they sat under the stars together.

That was all he wanted. He didn't want power, strength or a slender wolf body. Though he could sneak around easier this way he was hiding, and he didn't want that.

Relena laughed, her eyes sparkling with happiness as her and her brother sat outside under the dark sky.

"Relena.." Zechs replied warily. " Someone's watching us."

"I know Zechs, I'm sure its nothing.... let's just try to enjoy ourselves..." Relena said looking up at the sky.

"Alright he said wrapping his arms around her in a gesture of brotherly love.

The wolf snorted and stepped back. Nothing?! How could he be nothing?!!? The end of his tail twitched, of course, how could she have known of his curse? He had never told her, he never wanted to...until now... But couldn't, not now; Her brother was there and he despises him.

Relena sighed. "I wonder what Heero's up to right now...."


Zechs pulled away. "Probably on another mission...." He replied crudely. "I don't know what you see in him..... He's heartless, cold, cruel, and he always leaves you."

The wolf growled. How can he say things like that?! He loves Relena more than his own life!!! He only left her all those times so she wouldn't get hurt!!! Zechs had no right to talk so cruelly!!! He wanted so bad to lunge at Zechs right now and rip his head off. He crouched down, but before he could spring Relena slapped Zechs across the face.

"I can't believe you!!!! I love Heero and nothing you say will change my feelings for him!!!!" Then crying she ran back into the palace and slammed the door.

The wolf smiled (Well the best that a wolf could....) that was the Relena he loved, the Relena that wouldn't give up; He flicked his tail and walked casually back into the woods.


*********************NEXT DAY************************************


Heero sat at the table, his laptop open in front of him. He was typing, totally involved in what he was doing, ignoring everything around him until.......



Heero cringed; the Shinigami has come to play...

"Hey, wolf boy." Duo said setting a bag in front of him. "Here's the stuff you wanted; I still don't see how you can eat it..." He said shuddering. " Its really gross!!! And besides, aren't you supposed to only eat at night? Like a no light can touch you thing??" Duo asked sitting down at the table.

Heero looked at him with an eyebrow raised. "Those are Vampires Duo.... I'm a Werewolf...." He said smiling, showing his sharp teeth. "And Werewolves like to eat raw meat." He replied as he pulled the package Duo had brought. It was a steak, all bloody and everything. It was perfect for Heero's newfound tastes.

Duo watched him a disgusted look on his face and he occasionally covered his eyes. "Oi, Heero! Didn't you eat at all last night??"

"No." Heero replied bluntly as he licked the blood from his fingers and hands. "I was watching Relena instead."

"Again?!?! Aw man!! You'd die without me around!!"

"I know, but you're the only one who knows...." Heero replied standing up and walking into the kitchen and washing up, then he walks back out with a wet cloth in hand and starts cleaning up after his meal. "....Duo...." He asked throwing his cloth into the kitchen sink from where he was kneeling.

"Yeah?" Duo asked looking at him his eyes widened in shock, Heero was crying!

" I don't want to be a Werewolf Duo..." He replied shaking as he tried to hold back tears. " Relena won't love me.... my friends will leave me...and...everyone's afraid of me...."

Duo was completely in shock, the perfect soldier, the only one out of the five of the Gundam pilots who never smiled, never showed any emotion was crying! And right in front of him! He had no idea what to do! " Well there any way to break the curse?" He asked. It was just a question right off the top of his head; he didn't even know what the question was. His subconscious must have asked it for him.

Heero made a noise of realization and thought back.






Heero looked around. Where was the enemy?? Where was the person he had been searching for all this time??? Heero held his gun steadily in case he had come out of nowhere and attacked him.

Then Heero heard a noise, he cautiously walked towards the sound, he was a soldier, he couldn't be afraid. He aimed his gun. Then a figure ran in front of him. But it wasn't a human that ran past him in the dark, it was a wolf.

Heero jumped back as the wolf lunged at him and bit him on the arm. He could hear the wolfs thoughts as he sunk his teeth into Heero's arm.

'You're a monster! You kill people and think its so fun! You hide your emotions from the ones who love you most! So, because you can't love, you will suffer until you can have love shown to you!'


Heero made no noise but he clenched his teeth together tightly. What was going on?? He felt like his body was burning! Heero's eyes widened as the wolf let go of him. Heero slowly pulled up his gun and fired.

The wolf gave a yelp and fell onto its side. It breathed harshly blood coming out the side of its muzzle.


Heero looked at his arm. It was bleeding really badly. He felt sick. He stood up and kicked the wolf. It was dead. Heero gave a smile and stepped over him. He had to find Duo. He was the only friend he trusted in a situation like this. Since he had saved him from Lady Une a while back he was the only one he could trust. Heero stumbled mindlessly down the street, where was Duo?? Wasn't he and the others here with him?? Where were they??

Duo came up and put his hands on Heero's shoulders. "Heero?? Hey! Heero?? You okay??" He asked shaking him. But Heero heard nothing and he passed out and fell against his comrade.


******************************END FLASHBACK**************


"I have to have someone love me..." Heero responded coming back to reality. "I have to have someone show me they care..."

Duo moved back. "You don't have to be in bed together do you??"

Heero gave a small laugh. "No Duo..." Then he stood up and wiped his eyes. "I'm a soldier...I can't cry..."

Duo looked at him. " Of course not." He said smiling and standing up also. "Well Heero, I gotta get goin' Hilde's expecting me to help her at the shop....She's gonna be kinda mad that I left like that..." He replied smiling sheepishly putting a hand behind his head.

"You mean you didn't tell her where you were??"


Heero laughed. "Good luck when you get home!"

"Yeah! You're real nice Heero!" Duo replied walking out the door.

Heero gave a sigh and sat on his couch, leaning back. How could he tell Relena?? What would she think? He was hoping the she loved him as much as he loved her and that this wouldn't matter to her at all, I mean geez, what's wrong with having a werewolf for a boyfriend? Absolutely nothing! Werewolves are people too....well half.....

Heero smiled and stood up. He was going to go see her tonight...wait! He can't go see her at night! He had to go now! If he went at night she'd be looking at a wolf! Heero thought for a minute... ' well if she doesn't love me for who I am....then I'll have to deal with it...' He replied as he walked out the door to go see Relena. He looked at his watch, it was five thirty at night it would be dark by the time he got there.



Relena sat at the vanity in her room brushing out her honey-blonde hair. She couldn't help but have the feeling that she was being watched; the same feeling that she had the other night. Could it be Heero? No...he didn't love her, he couldn't love, he was like her brother said, cold, cruel, and he always left her. But if she was so angry at him why couldn't she stop thinking about him??


CRASH!!!! Aiiiiiiiiieeeeeee!!!!

Relena jumped out of her seat and dropped her brush. What was that??? She looked around what she saw made her scream. A wolf had crashed through her window. The one from the balcony that was at least two stories high! How'd it get up here??? Why was it up here??

Heero slowly got to his four feet, he was cut on the side, but seeing Relena was well worth it. He let out a Yelp as he tried to stand but fell back down.

Relena stood up and walked over kneeling down beside him. "what are you doing here boy?" She asked soothingly, as she gently pet him.

For a second the wolf side of Heero took over and he quickly got to his feet and lunged at Relena, but she jumped back out of the way. After a few seconds Heero got a hold of himself and sat down, looking at her calmly. He wasn't going to let the wolf kill the woman he loved.

Relena looked back at him. 'Those eyes!! Could it be???....' Slowly she moved towards him. "Heero?" 'What am I thinking? This isn't Heero! It's just a wolf that crashed through my window. But still....'

Heero gave a wolfish smile and walked over to her.

"It is you!!!!" Relena exclaimed happily wrapping her arms around his neck, she knew from the moment she saw those Prussian blue eyes, the eyes she fell in love with from the beginning it was him.

Heero let out a yelp but let her hug him, now if only she would kiss him, he could hold her back in his arms and he could tell her everything he's been wanting to.

Relena let out a sigh of joy and kissed his muzzle, slowly right before Relena's eyes Heero turned back to Normal. He was human again! The curse was broken! The only problem was...he didn't have any clothes on...

Relena laughed at him and he blushed. "Oh Heero! Why didn't you tell me?"

Heero looked at her sheepishly. " I was too scared..."

Relena handed him some of Zechs' clothes, then proceeded in wrapping his side with bandages. "Just hold on..."

"Easy for you to say.." Heero replied as he winced a bit.

Once she was finished Heero put on Zechs' clothes and pulled Relena to him sweeping her up in a savage kiss. "I love you..."

Relena kissed him back and smiled. "I love you too Heero."

"How would you like me to take you to the stars?" He replied walking over to the bed and laying her down on it, then laying on top of her.

"Take me there and beyond wolf boy."



END ^_^


Footnote from Death Goddess: Well I hope you liked it, I know it was a little corny at parts but I'm not totally great at writing stories with other people's characters since I write my own and make up my own characters and such. But seriously I think I did pretty good considering I've only seen three episodes of the show (I love it anyway and my boyfriends burning them all for me! Yay!) And I sort of had to go by reading other fanfics and looking on the Internet to find out what everyone's like in the show. So don't be too rough on me ok? All right! Gotta go! I have more of "Just Because" to write! See ya!!