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By: Elisabet

So this is My Future


After Colony 199, it has been 3 years since the war with the Barton Foundation. Peace has been brought back thanks to Vice Foreign Minister Dorlain. Although there had been many assassination attempts, the Preventers prevented them all. Two years ago resigned, and gave the position of Vice Foreign Minister to her older brother Milliardo. And now the story begins.

It's a beautiful spring day. The sun is out and the flowers are blooming. A song is heard in a garden of a beautiful mansion. We see a girl, no not a girl but a young women. She looks about 19years old; she has long honey blonde hair, and sparkling aqua blue eyes that shines like the stars in heaven. Sitting by a rose bush she sings a melodious song to herself.

*The first time ever I saw your face

I thought the sun rose in your eyes

And the moon and the stars were the

Gifts you gave

To the night and the empty skies,

My love*

"Relena!" The music stops. The honey blonde haired girl known as Relena looked to see a girl with short dark blue hair and eyes. "What is it Hilde," said Relena with eyes of curiosity. Hilde stopped to breath, and then she finally replied. "It's Milliardo, he said he wants to tell us something. C'mon!" with that Relena jumped up and ran with Hilde to the Mansion.

In the study you see Catherine Bloom, Dorothy Catalonia, Sally Po, and Milliardo Peacecraft was waiting for Hilde and Relena to get there. Finally they had arrived.

"The reason why I called you here is to tell you all that your vacation will start today. Noin and I will be going to mars tomorrow morning. So the house is all your." With that said Milliardo left the room.

So this is My Future

Chapter: 1

Milliardo and Noin had just left that morning, and the girls were stuck at home.

*Later on at night*

"So what should we do with our vacation?" asked Sally, who was in her army pj's. "I don't know we could go around Europe." Exclaimed Relena. Suddenly the lights flickered catching everyone's attention, and then the power went out. "That's just great, and the servants have the say off!" said Hilde in the darkness. "How about we split up and TRY to find the power switch." Said Catherine, and they all went separate directions.

"Man, there wasn't even a thunderstorm. I really don't like this," said Hilde to herself. She had a very bad feeling, she didn't know what, but she knew it was there. Out of nowhere there was a bright light. Hilde looked to see what it was. Her reply was a shock to her. Right in front of her she was her mother and father looking at her, smiling. Tears were coming from her eyes, she couldn't believe after all this time she has seen them again. Hilde was too distracted to notice what was about to happen. All of a sudden her world became pitch black.

"Huh" Sally thought she heard something. Something was wrong she could feel it. Yet another bright light had appeared, and Sally saw her family staring at her. Her mother, father, and her little sister Cecilia. The last thing Sally knew was that it just turned black again.

"Daddy?" Dorothy couldn't believe it, her father was there just a few steps away. Her legs gave in, they couldn't hold her anymore. Hot tears came that blurred her vision, she felt a tap on her shoulder and she suddenly collapsed unconscious.

Relena was running threw the halls she heard some cries they sounded like Catherine's. There was a light ahead where she saw someone on the floor. She couldn't quite see who if was, but the curly red hair gave it away. "Cathy!" running faster and closer to her Relena could tell that Catherine was unconscious. All of a sudden everything went black in Relena's world.

"I can't believe that the flight was canceled." Said Milliardo while trying to open the door to the mansion. "Shh quiet Zechs, look the lights are off. I think the girls are a sleep." Said Noin when Milliardo opened the door. Switching on the lights they saw that there was a huge mess that the girls had left in the living room. Shaking her head and smiling a bit, Noin went straight to the stairs. "I'm going to check on the girls. Okay Zechs?" "Fine" said Milliardo lying on the couch while Noin went up stair.

"ZECHS!!!!!" a scream was heard and Milliardo ran up the stars as fast as he could. He saw Noin running up to him fear in her eyes. "Noin, what is it." Noin didn't answer him; she just pulled his arm and took him down the hall. Instantly they saw blood on the carpet at the end of the hall.

"Noin, go and contact the Gundam pilots NOW!" Milliardo said to Noin, she dashed to the phone to do as she was told.

Milliardo looked back to the blood spot his face as serious as ever. 'Don't worry girls, we'll find you. I just hope your alright.'

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