In the Garden of the Beast: Chapter 5


Relena was vaguely aware of being conscious during the whole time of the darkness. But she couldn't remember faling asleep or any of such. She recalled the whole ordeal as being more of a gradual fade into obscurity instead of an all of the sudden blackout. But the odd thing was she couldn't feel anything, much less taste, smell, or touch anything. She only had the indistinct sensation of a light wind turning around and round her body.

But soon, the darkness was no more as it illuminated into a familiar scene. It was one of a garden surrounding a cottage. It was a quaint little cottage, with a roof that ahd been thatched many times over, and many a great roses bushes engulfing the walls, taking it over with its mass of vines. Other shrubbery lined the trodden walkway of deep dirt and soil, that lined many various parts of the land that the cottage and garden occupied.

A steady line of smoke was coming from the chimney that Relena remembered so well. Light could be seen through the little windows, while laughter and deep mumbles of language could be heard.

At last, she was home.

Lucrezia Peacecraft, formerly known as Lucrezia Noin save for the last eleven months of her life, was humming softly as she rocked her beloved little baby boy to sleep by the fire. Relie, as she and her husband had named him, was a tiny infant with a curly mass of dark brown curls that accentuated his now slumbering pristine blue eyes. His heart shaped face, her husband had told her, was exactly that of his sister.

Lucrezia had never really known her sister-in-law, excepot for a few glances and short greetings during market days. The girl had always been somewhat reclusive, and never really took great effort to fit in and become involved with the other members of the town.

She lifted her head to look at her husband as he descended down the stairs, and gave him a smile. "I've finally got him asleep." She whispered triumphantly at him as he stopped next to her chair.

"Here," he held out his hands to her. "I'll take him upstairs." She agreed with an exhaustive lack of resistance, and handed the precious bundle of baby and blankets over to the long, blonde haired man.

She leanded back into the ricking chair, and savored the few quiet moments she could before something or other inevitably interrupted them.

Which turned out to by quite a few short moments indeed, for she was roused from her delibrium from a light tap on the door, which reminded her vaguely of Milliardo's soft knock. Heaving a slight sigh of disappointment, she strolled over the round wooden door that served its purpose as an opening to the quaint little cabin.

She wasn't really expecting to find a young woman with a distictly well-known look about her to be on the other side of the aforementioned entrance and exit.

The other women looked just as confused as Lucrezia felt. Her eyes narrowed, and she considered the moment. She opened her mouth as to say something, but promtply shut it as if she suddenly decided against it. She did this repeatedly for a quite a few minutes, putting a smile on Lucrezia's face.

"Lu, what are you doing at the door? Is someone-" Milliardo took in a shaky breath as he came up behind his wife, and saw just who it was that came for tea.

The young women gave an abashed, goofy smile. "Bonsoir Milli. I came home."