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In the Garden of the Beast: Chapter 7


The silly grin quickly faded from Relena's youthful face, and a heavy frown marred her fair features. An imminent feeling of dread and unease settled into the pit of her stomach, coupled with a tightness in her chest that was a sure portent.

"Something isn't right." She whispered the thought aloud, as her brow furrowed in confusion. Then, acting upon her instinct, she broke into a sprint, not consciously sure where she was going but her feet to know the way.

The gardens. The conclusive thought echoed in her mind as the wind spun around her as she ran at a furious pace past the marble walls, the stunning shrubbery, and the few servants wandering about.

Heading through the wrought iron gates, she didn't stop until she saw the furred figure collapsed on the ground, heaving great breaths in rasping gasps. Sprinting forward for the last time, she kneeled swiftly beside Heero, and rolled him from his side to his back.

"Oh no." She sobbed unexpectedly as the tear welled up under her fine, dark lashes.

"Relena?" His soft voice alerted her to his open eyes, clouded with an ill haze.

"Shh, Don't talk." She smiled as best she could while smoothing back the damp hairs from his forehead. "It's alright I'm back now, everything will be okay." But the tears betrayed her words as the slipped solemnly down her cheeks, and splashed lightly onto Heero's face.

"I-" he choked slightly, and brought his hand up to cup the side of her face; which she leaned into gratefully, closing her eyes and grasping the outside of his hand and wrist with both her hands. "I just wanted to tell you something."

She made another soothing noise and caressed his hand.

"Relena," he paused for a moment. "I love you."

Relena's eyes flew open, and a small, content smile lightened her features through the tears. "I love you too Heero. Really, I do. I think I have since we first met."

Heero gave a half-smile. "Well, that's good to know." And closed his eyes, as his breath became shallow, before slowing to a stop altogether. Never stopping to think of the sobbing young woman he left behind.


Heero. Mon petite chéri, time to wake up. A soothing, feminine voice Heero only remembered in his dreams awoke him slowly into the white light. A beautiful woman with the deepest prussian blue eyes, and fair blonde hair hovered over him. Her pouting, cherry red lips were curved into a bright smile, a faint red blush coloring her incredibly pale cheeks.

"Mère?" Heero sat up, maintaining a confused look on his face to match the confused tone of his voice.

"Oui, Heero." She smiled, as he rushed into her arms, crying silently in his mother's arms. Soft noises of a soothing nature were heard as she lightly stroked his hair with a motherly smile adorning her lips.

"Mère. Oh, I have missed you so." He breathed in her scent, the one of jasmine he would always remember and associate with his mother.

"As I have of you mon petite chéri. But you can not stay here." The tone became firm as she brought her son up to look him in the eyes. "Someone every important is waiting for you. She will break the curse Heero."

"But mère, I do not wish to go back! It is lonely there, and I am a beast." A pleaded gently.

"Mon chéri Heero, the curse will be lifted, I assure you. But only if you return. If you do not, you will be leaving a dreadfully broken heart and that is not something you wish to do." She fondly caressed his cheek. "She loves you Heero."

Heero pouted for a few moments, then sighed in resignation. "I wish I could stay with you mère."

"I know chéri, I know. We will be, all in good time." She enveloped him into another warm hug, and he slowly began his decline from grace.


Heero had a very strange feeling as he awoke one of fulfillment and content. He became slightly confused as he opened his eyes, and found the mass of golden, silken hair, sprawled in his face, as the young woman it belonged to sobbed on his chest, repeating things he really couldn't decipher through the pitiful sounding squeaks, sniffs, and moans.

Heero had decided after a few minutes of this, that Relena was a truly piteous person when she was crying. So, gently taking her by the shoulders, he brought them both up to a sitting position.

Heero couldn't help but laugh even a little at the bewildered and confused look that graced her red, tear streaked face. He gently brushed the strands of gold back from her face, and ran a hand down the side of her face.

"Who are you?" Relena asked a bit incredulously.

Heero sputtered. Who was he? What sort of question was that? How could she not recognize a shaggy, short beast that she had been sobbing on- it was then that Heero realized his lack of the aforementioned shaggy hair. A quick look to his hand showed there to be indeed hands, and not claws, with the wondrous lack of fur. In his state of bewilderment, he brought a hand up to his face to find what he had suspected to be a smooth cheek, with only a slight case of rough stubble. Well, you know, he hadn't exactly had the need to shave for the past years, which were well before he had started growing beards.

Realization dawned on him. "It's broken." He whispered slowly, then looked up to catch Relena's gaze. "It's broken." He repeated, louder this time, and stood up ebulliently, quickly hauling Relena to her feet as well. "It's broken Relena, it's broken!"

He spun around, arms flung out to his sides, while repeating the same phrase over and over, till it was a loud yell.

After a while, he stopped, and turned to look at Relena, who giggled at the sight of him; a grinning fool, with his chest heaving for breath, and disheveled hair. "What's broken?" She grinned goofily, and cocked her head to the side.

"The curse," he said as he walked to her. "Mère was right." He smiled once again as he said it.

"Mère? What do you mean your mother?" Relena looked baffled at the subject. He had told her his mother was dead long ago.

He shook his head. "Nevermind, it doesn't matter." He took her hand, and looked into her eyes, his former smile now replaced by a serious face. "I was telling the truth you know. I really do love you."

Relena smiled, and captured his other hand. "Well, I would suppose so, since we're getting married."

Heero sputtered. "Married? When did this happen?" Relena laughed.