You Gave Me Up


Prologue: I Lost You Once



I've been like this for a few months, awake twenty-four-seven, and its all because of Relena. It happened a few months ago, Relena had given birth to Si and Odin, my children, and then a week later, a few days until she would be allowed out of the hospital. The next day when I came to get her, she was gone, with out the engagement ring I had given her, in which I had found it on the floor, but she had left Si, and Odin. So here I am, raising a newborn baby, that's my daughter who the mother abandoned our daughter.  I have to take the responsibility of a mother for my children, but I wouldn't give them up, their apart of Relena and I.




"Daddy!!!" shouted Si.

"what is it Si?" asked a annoyed Heero.

"When are we leaving?" asked Odin sweetly.

"Well, we'll be leaving as soon as the Minster gets here." Heero replied. He had gotten annoyed when he found out that Duo had found out where he lived. Then found out that he had sent Relena out to get him, in which he was pissed since he had yet to forgive Miss Darlin for leaving him to take care of the twins.

"Si! Odin! Are you ready?" Heero called from the yard

"Yea!" Si and Odin replied in a unison while running down the stairs 

"Get in and lets go." Heero said and as soon as the stuff was in they left that colony for a new home in L3.


Well sorry for the shortness, but I've never written a fic before and if it sounds corny, tell me please. If you don't like it I won't continue but, that's that.