You Gave Me Up

Chapter One: On Our Way


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Note: The weird sayings, 'howdely, hi's, bye's, or byte me' or any instance where 's or ily/ely/s are tacked onto a phrase is not an error. And, just so you know, my fic will get really weird, and right now, Heero has light blond hair (like Quatre's) and Emerald green eyes.


"Daddy?" Si asked with a hint of ponder.

"What is it?" asked a still slightly annoyed Aiden,

"Well, why do you dislike the minister?" Odin asked innocently,

"Well, why do I dislike the minister... We are just on bad terms right now, me and her used to be 'friends' though, I guess you could put it that way" Aiden said gagging when he said friends Si nodded and Odin asked 

"Can I meet her before we leave?"

"Fine, I'll let you meet her..." Aiden sighs and they left the car.

Once they stepped out of the car news reporters and their microphones crowded them with 'is it true that you're...' and 'are you going to spread Lowe industries...?' or even 'are you only here because people think...' all throughout their walk to the entrance.

"Daddy? Are you really that popular with the world?" Si asked,

"Well, If those people knew exactly who I was, and what I did then we would be more powerful in ruler ship than anyone ever has ever been including the Peacecrafts." Aiden remarked.

As they walked up to the entrance they run into two bickering sisters. "BYTE ME!" one said


"DON'T MAKE ME GET ANGELO!!" Toni yelled

"DON'T MAKE ME GET YUHI!!" The other yelled as Odin and Si ran up to the twins and said in an unison "HI!! WE'RE TWINS TOO!!!"

"HOWDELY!!" They also said in a unison waving their one arm in front of their face in a counter clockwise half-circle motion "THAT'S SPIFFELY!!" The once bickering twins said in a union.

Aiden walked over and said "Not today kids, we are here to see Relena that's it"

"Aww..." said two disappointed youngins "bye 'howdely' twins" they said as they walked towards the door and entered.

  Senator1 says "Ah! Mr. Lowe, I'm glad you could make it."

Relena is arguing with twin senator's and turns her head to greet him. "Hello Mr. Lowe, I would like you to meet the two new senators."

The twins turn their head and say their greetings. Si and Odin run up to the twin senators and say "HI!! WE'RE TWINS TOO!!"

Aiden says, "Stop talking to all the twins, we're only here to see Rele-"

The twin senators cut him off and ask the little ones "you met our sisters?"

They reply by saying "Yep, we met the 'howdely twins' out in the hall yelling at each other"

Just as they said that the howdely twins run in and say "Hi's"

Yuhi then introduced his howdely sisters "ok, these are our sisters. Toni, and Mika." "Yea, and we're the new senators, he's Yuhi, and I'm Angelo Aogiri." 

"Spiffily isn't it?" says Mika and Toni

"ok kids, let's go." Aiden said sternly

"Aww..." Odin and Si complained in unison as Aiden pulled them out of the room and the senator twins with their sisters who followed.

"So, who are these two?" Angelo asked,

"Well, their my kids, Angelo...or are you Yuhi, anyways, This is Si, and that's Odin." Aiden replied

"HOWDELY!" say the twin youngsters

"DON'T USE THAT WORD! THAT'S OUR WORD AND YOU KNOW IT OUR WORD!!" Toni and Mika say at once while everyone stares at them " What!!" the twins ask at once.

"So, where are you heading for so quickly?" Yuhi asked

"Well, my kids and I are going to move to L3C1824" Aiden Replied

"Hey we're going there too!!" Replied Toni,

Mika then added "It'll be kool to live on the same colony as representative Lowe!"


Then Angelo asked, "so what flight are you taking?"

The 'lil twins responded before Aiden could stop 'em "flight 74100"

Aiden shouted at the twins for saying that "You're Not Supposed To Tell Them

That!" Just then Toni and Mika say, "That's our flight too! Hey, we can cab pull"

Then Aiden says "no, we have our own limo, and we're not tak-"

But the twins but in and say, "you can ride with us!" when that's said Aiden sighs and reluctantly agrees.



In the limo:

"Daddy?" Si asks

"What is it Si" Aiden asks then her twin finishes the question

"Why are we moving to the colonies?"

Aiden replied with saying, "I have some business to do there."

Mika asks "so what division of the colony are you moving to?"

Si answered the question "Division 2-section 1." Before anymore could be said they arrived at the spaceport.




Worker 1"Tickets please!" The five hand the man their tickets and he lets them proceed to the scanner. As they walk through Odin has a bad feeling. Then Aiden says "Mika, Toni, take the kids to the shuttle and leave, I'll meet you there."

They nod and do as they say and enter the scanner. Once they're out of earshot Aiden steps through and the buzzers go off. Worker2 ordered Aiden "please take all of the metals out of your possession."

Aiden replies "fine, but it won't be pretty." Aiden reaches into his pocket and pulls out his car keys

Worker2 says, "is that all?"

Aiden shakes his head 'no' and pulls off his chain with two rings and says "personal item," then pulls out a wrench and says "for my vehicle." Then he reaches in his pocket and pulls out a pocketknife and says "nothing unordinary."

Then he reaches in his belt area and pulls out a dagger, a gun, and what look like a hand saber. From seeing the weapons the officer pulls out his own gun and points it at his neck. Then calls security and tells them to take him into custody for questioning for the weapons.



Observation room:

Observer1 "Why did you have the weapon?"

Aiden replied with an 'It's my mission.' The observer then asked, "what's your mission? To blow up the plane?"

Aiden simply replied "that's classified information." Observer1 then sees that it's no use so he leaves for observer2 to try.

Observer2 "let's start with a simple question, Who are you? Can I see some identification?"

Aiden then pulls out a duffel bag that consists of guns, ammo, and licenses.

"Ok, your pick" Aiden says "but if you were to ask me, I would have search the my laptop for every id I have, like, this one." Aiden reaches in and pulls out two of his preventor cards Aiden then says "Some call me 'Shadow', others call me 'The Perfect Solider'." After hearing the war-hero's nickname, he was almost speechless "You're the Great Heero Yuy!?!" Aiden nodded like it was nothing and the awe stricken observer got down to his knees and started chanting 'All Mighty Heero.'

In which that started to annoy Aiden so he said "get off your knees and stop chanting, you're embarrassing yourself!" He did as he said and got up, still in awe, he released Aiden and led him into the shuttle. "I hope you're comfortable your highness."  To that Aiden smirked at the thought seeing that he was supposed to be one but the incident it disappeared and he just nodded his head yes.




Ok, This was a lot longer than the last so bare with me and re-check the character list and prologue because it was changed if you couldn't tell by the writing so anyway, that's chapter one!