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Happiness for a Moment




Heero Yuy was sitting on his couch watching the news since he had a day off and didn't know what to do with it. He was a worker at a construction site. He had been bouncing from one job to the next trying to survive and become a real citizen. After the war he had nowhere or one to go to. He was unwanted. No body would take in a solider much less one that piloted a Gundam! Plus he was way too independent. So at 16 he faced the world, not as a tool used for massacres, but as a young man trying to find a life he can call his own. Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet. Seeing Relena Peacecraft again had an effect on poor Heero. He had been avoiding her ever since the Barton Foundation incident. He not only avoided her but her picture, name, and any thing that was connected to her. Which wasn't an easy task because she was the galaxy's favorite person, but Heero was very talented.

He watched her as she gave her speech through the television.

'She's changed.'

Indeed she has. She was a bit taller, more confident, her hair was cut again, and she looked more mature. All her baby fat was gone, probably due to all the meetings, public speaking and paper work that kept her from eating properly. Her body had developed but as Heero looked closer her face looked tired.

Heero continued to watch as she walked off stage and the reporter that was filming this started to talk. He was about to turn it off when the man announced Relena's flight towards the L1 colony cluster and which colony she would be visiting.

'She's coming here?' he asked himself as he pressed the off button. He got up and went to his extremely small kitchen and killed a spider on his way to the stove to take his dinner off it.

'How long has it been- 9 years. So she should be25'

He shared out half of what was in the pot and put the rest in the refrigerator for tomorrow's breakfast.

'Should I see her?-no. I promised myself that I would stay out of her life.'

He conflicted with himself through his meal. He already admitted to himself 6 years ago that he loved her but he felt that he didn't have the amount of courage that she possessed to tell her how he felt. Also he didn't want to be a burden to her and he knew that Zechs was still alive and in hiding and wouldn't be thrilled to find out that he and Relena were getting married. Plus he wasn't completely sure Relena returned his feelings. Heero knew that she cared about his well being, she was concerned about everybody, but he didn't know if she loved him as much as he loved her.




'There she is,' thought Heero as he caught sight of her emerging from her white limousine.

'She's so beautiful.'

Relena flashed a smile at the media as they tried to get a statement from her before the press conference.

Heero's eyes narrowed when he saw Trowa trying to disperse the crowd that was forming around Relena. He had heard about the affair that Trowa and Relena that ended two years ago although they both tried to keep it from the public Heero found out by a reluctant Duo.

She walked into the building with preventors all around her. Four years ago it wasn't like this, but since the time an ex-OZ solider shot her in the chest four years ago, the security stepped up. Heero wanted to see her, two more inches to the left and she would have died, but he was sure that the other ex-Gundam pilots would take care of her plus Trowa was still going out with her.

He watched as she said her speech from a dark corner. He started to walk away half way through it when a hand descended on his shoulder.

"Where do you think you're going Yuy?"

"To the moon Trowa, what does it look like." Heero turned around and faced his old friend in combat. "I'm going home and I'm not in the mood for any type of company."

"Yet you came here."

Heero averted his eyes to where Relena was standing. She caught sight of him and coughed on stage then continued her speech as if nothing happened.

'Of course thought Heero she couldn't just excuse herself and come over to me she had a job to do'

Heero faced Trowa again.

"That is not any of your business."

"I'm making it mine," and he grabbed Heero by his arm and was dragging him out side.

"If you continue I will retaliate," he said through gritted teeth.

"In front of all these people? I don't think so." Trowa was right, he would never embarrass Relena like that plus Heero had slacked off on his training where has Trowa did not.

Once out side Heero retched his arm away from Trowa's grasps and placed his solider mask back on, one that he hadn't worn for years.

"I can guess why you really are here but we both know that you would deny it."

Heero stiffened. 'Am I that readable?'

"You heard of what happened between Relena and me." It was more of a statement rather than a question.

"So," he replied in his monotone voice.

"I asked her to marry me."

Heero was surprised. He never heard that bout he still didn't move.

"Then she dumped me."

Heero raised his eyebrows. He was losing his touch on hiding his emotions. Peace made him soft.

"Do you want to know why?"


"She was still pining for you."

At this Heero coughed.

"I'm serious, she still loved you even though she hadn't seen you for years. Even though I was there and was trying to give her my heart she couldn't give me her's in return because you had it." Trowa looked up at the passing birds overhead.

"Have looked at her yet, I mean really look at her. She's tired Heero, it's written all over her face. Not only of the life she leads but of the life she doesn't have. I mean the life with you." Trowa turns his head back to his shocked comrade. "Tell her how you feel, I know you love her."


Trowa smiled. "The way how you looked at her gave it away. There was admiration, passion, tenderness, pride and love." He chuckled.

"If you want to keep it a secret, wear sunglasses."

Trowa turned and walked back towards the building. Heero also turned to go when Trowa called back to him.

"By the way, Relena will be going to the solider memorial garden here 8 o'clock with two other preventors. No body knows about it and I'm one of those that will escort her. She likes the roses in the middle. See you later."

Heero allowed a smile to creep up on his lips s Trowa back disappeared into the building.



Heero was perched in a tree above Relena watching her as she admired the roses in the middle of the memorial garden. It was 8:15 and Heero had been there from 7:45 just to be sure she wouldn't see him until the time was right.

She was wearing a blue shirt and a simple loose silk white blouse. She put her hair in a high ponytail and the look overall was one of innocence. She looked so serene he didn't want to disturb her but he knew that if he didn't come out of the tree before he looses his courage again.

He climbed down trying not to make any noise to startle her. It didn't work. He lost his balance and fell down with a crush.


Heero slowly got up and resisted the urge to rub his behind.

"Hi Relena, pleasure seeing you here."

Relena suppressed a giggle. She would never imagine that 'Perfect Solider' to embrass himself like that, after he fell she half expected him to walk away.

"Likewise." She smiled, "how have you been keeping?"



"Relena I have to be blunt or it won't come out right." He took a couple steps to close the distance between them and held both her hands in his. She looked into his tortured eyes, which were the windows to his soul.

"I've been running from the truth and thought I had gotten away but I was not far enough. No matter where I hide it follows me, because it's right here." He placed her hand over his heart.

"Heero, what are you talking about," Relena asked a little confused about what he was talking about plus the beating of his heart against her hand was stopping her from thinking straight.

"I love you."

She gasped and stared at him with wide eyes.

"Oh Heero," she said with tears in her eyes. "I-."

A shot was heard and Relena let out a faint squeak as she clasped into Heero's arms. He looked up to see a man in an OZ uniform and growled deep in his throat, anger was inched into every part of his face. Suddenly the attacker fell forward. Behind him was Trowa who also had a gun. Another shot, Trowa was down. Three more men were behind and were walking up slowly towards Heero and Relena.

Heero crouched down still holding Relena in his embrace.

"Relena you can't leave me now," he begged.

"It hurts Heero, it hurts," was her faint answer.

Heero closed his eyes and a single tear escaped, ran down his face, and fell on Relena's lips.

"Heero promise me that you won't kill yourself."

He opened his eyes rapidly and stared down at her.

"Promise me Heero."

He blinked twice. "I promise."

"Thank you." She blinked repeatedly trying to keep the world around her focused but it was no use, she was dying. "I'm so tired."

Heero squeezed her hand.


"Yes Relena?" he half chocked out.

"I love you Heero Yuy," and her breathing ceased.

Heero lowered his head and kissed the lips of her still form.

"I love you Relena Peacecraft." He welcomed the bullet that went through his chest, right to his heart.



Author's note: Inspired by Enrique's music video called Hero. I'm thinking of doing a song fic on it. Comments send to heero_crazy@hotmail.com I love all characters on Gundam Wings especially Heero. Sorry to make it so sad. (Question: why in most angst fanfiction Relena and Heero get together in a garden?)