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Heero's Lament

By Caliko


:::Something is going on.::: Sister Angelica thought, watching the video screen as Chrystine Yuy walked down the hallway before classes. The ten-year old girl would nonchalantly look into each classroom before continuing down the hall to the next. So far, she hadn't seen the new cameras.

:::That girl is never far from her brother... so where is the other one?:::

Chryssy reached the end of the hallway, turned and went back the other way. On a hunch, Sister adjusted the screen to show the next corridor. Shocked, she pressed the 'record' button, and watched the scene play out.

Brendan was talking to little Harry Randolph, (little to no one but Big Harry). The older boy was shaking his head no, until Brendan took several sheets of paper out of his bag. Harry lunged, trying to grab the papers, but the younger boy dodged quickly. Mr. Randolph ended up slamming into the lockers instead.

Getting up, the boy shook his head and reached into his pocket. Taking out his wallet, he pulled out several bills and handed it to the mopped child with a snarl. Mr. Yuy handed the papers over just as his twin sister walked up.

"Marguerite? Please have Mrs. Dustin send Harold Randolph to my office."

Sister Angelica did not reach the ripe old age of 78 without knowing exactly what blackmail looked like!

:::Now... what did the twins have on Randolph? Andwere there more victims?:::

Her secretary looked up from the computer with her normal owl eyed expression, then nodded quickly. "Yes, Sister. I'll call her now."

"Thank you, child."

The elderly nun scowled as she watched the children skip down the hall, ten dollars richer for their larcenic hobby. :::Something must be done with those two.::: Sighing, she picked up her phone and dialed the Yuy residence... by memory.




I hit the disconnect button, feeling as if I were fifteen years old again and back hiding out at Saint Gabriel's private school. Sister Angelica ran the school even then, and she was still just as formidable a nemesis.

"Relena?" calling, I walked down the hall to her office.

"Hmmm? What's wrong, Heero?" She asked, innocently oblivious to the fact that she was going to hit the roof shortly.

"The Yuy felons hit again." I winced, wanting to get it over with. "Sister said that she was going to expel them this time."

"What did YOUR children do now?" she asked, her voice cold as her forehead twitched in anticipated pain.

:::Why are they always MY children at times like these?:::

Personally, I think they took after their mother, the self-proclaimed 'disobedient daughter' of Representative Darlian.

"She has all of the information... but so far, they are proven guilty of blackmail."

"Oh God..."

Relena put her hands over her face, closing her eyes, and moaned. I saw all the signs, and knew that she was working up to a full-fledged temper tantrum. I almost moaned myself, trying to brace myself for what would come next.

My wife, in a temper, was not a pretty thing. She would pretend calmness for hours. You would never guess that she was slowly building up emotional pressure as the gas was poured on. Then, suddenly, at the worst moment - BOOM! Run, don't walk, and for God's sake, get out of the way any way you can!

"I'll get the keys, sweetheart. You grab your bag. Sister wants us to pick them up."

Maybe if I treat her gently, I can coax her out of it. Yeah, and Duo will take a vow of eternal silence.




The twins were waiting for us in the foyer, sitting side by side on the bench underneath the statue of some saint that I couldn't remember. They swung their legs forward and back, forward and back, a picture of perfect innocence. They had even straitened out their blue and white uniforms, determined to look innocent of all crimes.

:::Uh huh. Too bad I know the little heathens a little better than that.:::

It was Chryssy's turn to talk. I freely admit, she is Daddy's little girl, so when they are trying to get out of trouble, she talks.

"Daddy! You have to explain to Sister that we were not blackmailing Harry! He OWED us money!" She explained, her big blue eyes wide.

"Chryssy, it's not going to work, this time. Sister Angelica has proof." I forced my face into a stern expression, trying to make her believe that I didn't really think that their scheme was funny.

Unfortunately, my daughter knows me well, as she had to force the smile down that was causing her lips to twitch.

"She wants us to bring you to her office." Brendan interjected, sighing. Upon seeing their mother, he knew that it was a lost cause.

"Brendan!" (Signaling, of course that she wasn't finished softening me up.)

"Move it!" Relena barked, hands on hips and eyes narrowed.

I looked at her, shocked, never having seen this particular aspect of her. I wasn't sure I wanted to see it again, either.





"Sister, let's talk about this. They are only kids! Surely, we can do something to prevent this from happening again."

"No." Sister insisted, "I can't be responsible for them anymore. If it was the first time they had hacked into the system, I could have believed them when they insisted that it wouldn't happen again. However, I remember the last time they got in. Four thousand students had their schedules changed overnight, Mr. Yuy. It was three hours before we got everyone back to their normal schedule, considering that half of them were given the morning off! I'm starting to wonder if they were also clients of the Yuy felons! No. You will have to find another school for them."

"What if I upgraded your system... made it nearly impossible for them to get in?" I asked, seeing weeks of work ahead of me, but deciding it was worth it to keep Relena calm.

"And would this cost us anything, Mr. Yuy?" Sister Angelica's eyes lit up with a warriors gleam. She had me by the shorthairs, and she knew it.

Relena glanced at me, still too pissed to talk without sounding like a drill sergeant, but interested in seeing if I succeeded.

"Oh no, Sister. It would be me personally volunteering to help you and the school. As you might remember, I have always had a talent for computers." I reminded her, wincing as I remembered the night she caught me deleting files from her computer.

"Brave of you to remind me. You never did give me that detention. Alright, then. You and the felons can pay up together. You, by Yuy-proofing the computers, and the children by helping you where needed. I assume that you can control them?" She said dryly, earning a glare from my wife. I wisely kept my mouth shut, having been here before. It had been over fifteen years since I had used this school as my base of operations. I had been fifteen years old, and stuck with a baka tag a long with a fondness for practical jokes. Relena might never have been called before the old bat, but thanks to Duo, I was an old hand.

"Of course, Sister. We'll be here early Saturday morning, while the students are on break."

"I'll see you then." She nodded, dismissing us.

I took my wife's hand and led her out the door. I could tell by her expression that she still wasn't happy.

:::Damn! What is wrong with her lately?::: I asked myself, simply not knowing how to please her.


We arrived at the mansion in relative quiet. Relena had fallen asleep on the ride home, peacefully looking more like the woman I fell in love with. The kids got out of the car and ran to their rooms, supposedly to do their homework. I snorted, knowing damn well that they would be watching cartoons in the playroom.

"Relena?" I called softly, wondering if she had been working too hard lately. That would explain the bags under her eyes and the uncertain temper she had been suffering from lately. She normally wasn't so.. jumpy about things.

She rubbed her cheek against my fingers, then settled into the curve of my arm. Smiling, I sat back, and pulled her closer. I wrapped my arms around her, just watching her sleep, amazed that she was the same woman that kept me on my toes.

After eleven years of marriage, Relena had adapted. If I was still the perfect soldier, than she was now the perfect general.