Heero and Relena Finally Get Together

By: CatWomen88


*Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or itís characters. They belong to Sunrise and Sotsu Agency.


I shivered as a chill ran down my back and I started to get goose bumps. It was cold in my mansion. So I decided to go outside and sit on my balcony. I put the book I was reading down, got out of bed, and headed toward the balcony doors bringing a blanket with me. I opened the doors and walked out, closing the doors behind me. I laid down on a lawn chair, covered myself with the blanket, and just looked up at the stars. I started to think about him. I promised myself that I would never think of him, but I couldnít help it. I loved him. Iím in love with Heero Yuy. A man that probably doesnít love me back and most likely thinks that Iím a lovesick fool and hates me. I wouldnít be surprised. I mean this is Heero Iím talking about. The last time I saw him was after the whole Barton Foundation problem. I was making a speech to a bunch of people, when I looked up to the upper level. I saw him standing there. Thatís was the last time I saw or heard of him. Itís been 10 months. I know thatís not long, but it seems long to me. The only thing I have to remember him by is the teddy bear he gave me for my birthday after the battle with White Fang. I brought the bear outside with me, and Iím holding it close. All I want is to see him. I donít care if he doesnít love me. I just want to see him, just to make sure he is still alive. Tears started to fall down my face. I began to cry a I kept thinking of Heero.


I could see her on the balcony crying, holding the bear I gave her close to her. I know she loves me; after all she didnít follow me around for nothing. I left in order to protect her. If I had stayed then she might not have been able to do her job. I might have preoccupied her. So I left. The problem was that I found myself missing her. I tried to push her from my mind, but I couldnít. So I came back. It broke my heart to see her cry like she was doing now. I can only guess the reason for all her tears. The reason being me. She probably thinks I donít love her, that I hate her. Thatís not true. I do love her. The only problem is that I donít know hoe to tell her. How can I a pilot that is suppose to have no emotions, the perfect solider, tell the girl I love how I feel. I would love to be up on that balcony with her, holding her in my arms, and tell her I love her. 4 simple words was all I needed to say. ëI love you Relena.í Thatís it, but itís a lot harder then I thought. I just now noticed that she is asleep. She must have cried herself to sleep. Now is my chance. I can climb up that latter that leads to her roof, which is right by her balcony. Once I get to where the balcony is, I can jump from the latter onto the balcony. Yes, that is what I will do. Now, Iím right by her balcony, so all I need to do is jump. Alright, I did it. Iím on her balcony. There she is, my one true love, sleeping so peacefully. I can see her face is still stained with tears. Let me wipe your tears away Relena. Youíll never have to cry again as long as Iím here.


I felt someone touch my face. They wiped away the tears. I donít want to open my eyes. Iím afraid of who I will see. I want it to be Heero. I think I will open my eyes and see who it is. ëHeeroí that is who I see. I canít believe it.


"Heero what are you doing here?" Relena asked.

Heero replied, "I had to see you."

"Why?" was Relenas next question.

Heero stuttered, "IÖ wantedÖ to sayÖ"

"Shhhh." Relena cut him off.

Heero said, "Let meÖ"

"No donít. Donít tell me what Iíve been hoping to hear, if youíre just going to pick up and leave tomorrow, and Iíll never hear from you again. Donít do that. That would just break my heart. I donít think I could live with that pain." Relena interrupted.

Heero asked, "Can I say something?"

"Go ahead." Relena answered.

Heero cleared his throat and said, " I donít want to hurt you. The reason I came back was because I missed you. Look Relena I came here tonight to tell you that I love you and Iím here to stay. There Iím done."

"Youíre staying. Youíre really staying?" Relena asked with happiness feeling her heart and eyes.

Heero replied, "Yes, Iím staying."

"Oh Heero." Relena responded throwing her arms around Heero.

When they finally broke the hug, they looked into each otherís eyes.

"I love you Relena." Heero said.

Relena replied back, "I love you too Heero."

Then they kissed. For the rest of the night the held each other in their arms, never wanting to let go. Thatís even how they feel asleep.