Heero & Relena's Wedding


Heero tightend his bowtie.

"Well I guess it was inevitable." Heero turned towards Duo. "So how do I look?"

Duo smirked "Like a guy about to get engaged, I guess."

Heero's smile broke as he saw a familiar face.

"Well....its been a long time." The man said in a cold deep tone of voice.

"Yes, Zechs it has hmm... your scar!" Heero cried out.

"I have the scar of war! a scar of pain....." Zechs replied as he pulled out a gift wrapped in blue paper and a red bow.

"This..this is for..arghh you." He yelled at Heero.

"I am not amused by your  mad attitude now straighten up and help Trowa with the cake we dont have much time!"

"Yeah come on dude if we dont hurry this cake won't be ready for the ceremony" Trowa said happily as he finished the top layer  of the chocolate cake.

"Relena your beutiful I am so proud proud of you!" Noin spoke as she also prepared the bride

"Why thank you Noin... I am so excited me Heero! why its just so  so long I mean after the wars and battles we can finally settle down I mean maybe even have a little Heero jr. someday!" Relena said trying to straighten her dress's belt.

"Ok it's time." Noin said.

The tables were set, the flowers were ready and the cake was prepared.

"Do you Heero Yuy take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

Heero replied happily, "I do."

"And you Relena Peacecraft take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Relena replied with tears in her eyes, "I do."

"Well then I Lucrezia Noin of the Sanc Kingdom and its armed forces do pronounce you man and wife!"

The crowd cheered wildly and Heero and Relena retreated to thier summer home.

"Heero I never thought this day would come" Relena said to Heero as she sipped her glass of wine.

"Well Relena it has and I am very honored to be your husband." Heero said, then kissed Relena.

"Why...Heero I..I.."

Her words faded as she and Heero made sweet love to each other.