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Warnings: Trowa and Katherine are not siblings.

I am who I always was...Raven She's back!


The date is After Colony 199

Relena screamed in frustration as she terminated the link. 'Why do I have to get married? I'm not even the real Princess of this kingdom. I'm not royalty at all! Of course Dr.J was always thorough when it came to major under cover work. Damn him I'm going out of my mind! Maybe shopping will help.' thought Relena. She changed into black leather skin tight pants, black leather skin tight tube top, black Leather mod boots, and skin tight short black leather jacket.(a/n relena likes black leather can't you tell?)


"Damn I think Relena needs a break, especially the way she screamed." said the forever-loud mouth Duo.

"Ya, she needs a break she's been working way to much, at least next weeks her birthday we will make her unwind she needs and deserves it." stated Hilde. She is Relena's best friend after all.

'Ya, my Relena needs to unwind Hilde I agree. Not one of those guys at the party better not even look at her. Or they will die.' thought Heero.

"Hey, Heero bet you can't wait to see Relena in one of those short, sexy bar dresses, huh?" Duo was answered with a glare. Relena chose that moment to come down stairs. The sight that Relena made was beautiful, and dangerous at the same time. The pilots couldn't take their eyes off of her.

"Hey, anyone want to come to the mall with me?" asked

Relena who liked the attention she was getting from Heero. She was answered with a series of moans, groans, and yells of excitement. The girls of 'coarse except for Sally went to go get ready.

When all the girls were ready they headed to Relena's black BMW. It took the girls (Relena, Hilde, Katherine, and Dorothy.Sally stayed home since she hated malls.) 30 min. to get to the Mall. It was lunchtime and the girls were hungry. The girls decided to head to the Chinese restaurant in the mall. When the girls got there orders about 100 soldiers covered in blood came bursting in.

"If Raven doesn't show herself right now we will kill all of the people in here, just like we did before." yelled the leader. Relena was muttering under her breath. She slipped an envelope in Kathy's purse since she was the closest to her. Then she the girls out the back she gave them the keys to her car and told them to go home and that she'll be back later. Then she went back in and started shooting soldiers. All the people screamed in terrifyingly except for 5 young men about 20 years old. Relena did some fancy kicks and flips, then she took off her earrings and pushed a button on each of them and hurled the to the two groups of soldiers and ran behind the bar and ducked.

After the explosion she went and picked up her gun and put it back in her purse.

"Hey, guys." said Relena to the group of young men. In a monotone voice.

"Hey Raven, did you miss me?" greeted a blond whose name was Ron.

"Ya, Rave it's been it's been awhile." said another blond whose name was Jared.

"Bet you missed your real life." stated a brunnett who could be Trowa's twin except he shows emotions. His name was Steven.

"Raven wouldn't miss you, Ron." said another brunnett Adam.

"Bet your that you don't have to be idealistic bitch anymore with the dream of true pacifism." declared a spiky red head named Josh, not to mention he was a pain in the ass like Duo and Wufei combined. Except he respected women.

"You, bet I hate peace talks I don't belong their I'm an assassin like I've always been." said Raven."Meet me at the 'house' I have some supplies to get." and with that Raven left.

********back at the Peacecraft home*******

The walked in they were starving, and worried about Relena. Of course the boys noticed this and started asking questions but the one they answered first was.

"Where's Relena?" asked Heero, very worried.

"We don't know." answered Hilde honestly. Once they explained it was then that noticed the envelope in her purse. Once she got everyone's attention she read:

I am writing this to inform you that Relena Peacecraft/Dorlin will no longer be with you for she never existed. I also need to say that I am on your side and that I now know for sure that Odin Jr. can now take care of himself.


"Who the hell is Odin Jr.!"Screamed a vary confused and unhappy Duo.

"I don't know but we better find him he must be very important if Raven knows him."said a equally confused Quatre that was hugging Dorothy.

"Ya, especially since she is the most feared assassin to all humankind." stated Trowa who was also worried about Relena. He had become vary close to her.

"Excuse me, but there is transmission coming in for you gentlemen from L1." said the Butler Pagan.

"Thank you Pagan we'll take it here if you don't mind."said a very polite Quatre.

"Hello boys!"greeted Dr.J. As soon as Dr.J said that Duo immediately asked the questions that was on everyone's mind least his.

"Who is Raven?"

"Raven is the best of the best assassins. She is also a genius. She mastered the Zero System when she was four I should know I trained her. She also built two gundams."Answered Dr.J.

"So she's a girl and she has a worse attitude than Heero."said Duo. Only to be answered with a glare from Heero.

"Actually she shows emotions, but only to those she trusts, and when not on missions. She is your age. Now on with what I called for there is a new organization thankfully 1/4 of their forces dropped out once they heard they would be up against Raven.Your mission is here on L1 at a school to protect Sylvia Noventa."said Dr.J.And with that said the pilots went to pack.

Heero was really worried he loved Relena and now he might not get to tell her.

ch.1 It has began.

3 hours later...

Heero was still thinking of Relena but at the same time how Raven knew who he really was and if Relena was with her.

"Hey, guys I think Heero is taking this Relena not being with us anymore thing harder than we thought." Duo stated the obvious."Ya think we should cheer him up? I know exactly what would

Cheer him up and I think that could be arranged what do you think?"

"I think you should stay out of it Maxwell." said Wufei.

"I agree, besides I don't think he could stand what's going on in that head of yours" said Quatre.

"Let me get this strait, about the mission we have to have code names and we have to protect Sylvia Noventa?"asked annoying Duo.

"Yes, Duo and the last I heard Sylvia does have a love interest, so don't even think about it." said Trowa. "Passengers, buckle your safety belt and stay seated we will be landing shortly."said the flight attendant over the intercom.

@@@@@meanwhile at the We are the Future Collage Academy@@@@@

"Hey, have any of you girls seen my tight leather short red dress?" yelled the bitch Sylvia Noventa. (a/n sorry I hate Sylvia)

"You mean your favorite skanky dress that makes you look like a prostitute?"asked Kelly, Sylvia's best friend.

"It's in your closet the geeks just put it away."said Christie.

"I can't believe that all 6 new students are staying with us the 5 guys are suppose to be so hot and the 1 girl is suppose to be so cool maybe as cool as us."said a total snob Brittany.

"Ya, well I am trying to get ready I suppose to meet the guys at the space port, and the girl is suppose to come here so just wait for her here." said Sylvia.

45 minutes later at the space port...

"There you guys are, I was starting to get worried. How was the flight?"asked Sylvia.

"Nice to meet you Ms.Noventa, I'm Quatre Raberba Winner."introduced Quatre.

"I believe you know why we are here correct Ms.Noventa."said Heero in his monotone voice. He didn't like Sylvia much.

"No, need for formalities among us boys I know who you are and you know who I am."said Sylvia.

"Let's just get our things and head to your dorm." Suggested Quatre.

"Ya, I'm starving!" exclaimed Duo.

"Oh, come on now you live there too so call it our dorm. And there is another student moving in with us as well, and we only have 5 rooms so 1 one of you guys either have to share with the other, or one of you can bunk with the new girl." Said Sylvia as she suddenly clung to Heero's arm. He snatched it away only to be snatched back by Sylvia. They got the guys stuff and went to 'their' dorm room. 'Oh, god damnit I don't want this bitch hanging on me if it were Relena that would be different but this bitch! I have to find Relena.' Thought Heero vary determined now. But as luck would have it

"Sylvia, are these the boys?" asked Christie. While she led them in to the dorm living room to come face to face with a girl who had Honey blond hair and aquarium eyes. It was Relena. She was sitting next to Kelly and across from Brittany.

"Guys, this is Kelly, Brittany, and Christie. Girls this is Jason (she pointed to Heero), Max (she pointed to Duo), Ken (she pointed to Quatre), Justin (she pointed to Trowa), and AJ (she pointed to Wufei). Um, and your name is?" introduced Sylvia.

"My name is Eve it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Answered Eve in a musical voice.

"I'll share a room with her if you don't mind we're old friends." Said Jason leading her into a room, and closing the door.

"What are you doing here Relena?" demanded Heero, but inside he was bursting with happiness that she was here and they were going to share a room with each other.

"I could ask you the same. And it's non-of your business. But I bet you're here to keep an eye on Sylvia." Responded Relena. 'I can't believe that I'm sharing a room with Jr. oh goddamnit get a hold of yourself Raven it's just a guy. An incredibly hot hunk who has a great personality and is so not an SOB' thought Relena.

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