AuthorÝs Note: This is sort of different then from the show, because Millardo never died and Endless Waltz never happened. The Gundam however were locked up and they were never seeing again. I hope you like it.


: If Only I Knew: Prologue


 Relena was busy looking at her documents, which was due the next day, and she was in a hurry to finish them, when there came a knock on the door.

ýCome in.ţ

ýSorry to bother you Miss Relena, but someone's here to see you,ţ came an answer from her secretary.

ýI told you, IÝm really busy right now and can not be disturbed,ţ she answers without looking up from her work.

At a young age Relena Peacecraft has taken on the job as Vice Foreign Minister. Her brother, Millardo Peacecraft, has disappeared with Noin during the last battle aboard Libra.

ýYes, Miss Relena, butÍbutÍumÍţ

Relena was getting impatient. While the person who was waiting outside to see her was also getting impatient, then he decided to just go in, whether she likes it or not. As he pushed the door in, Relena then decided to look up and her face twisted with such shock. She stood there speechless for the first time in a long time (AN: I mean she has to argue with all these people so peace can establish, so she canÝt be speechless).

She didnÝt know how she did it, but she manage to whisper, ýHeeroÍ?ţ

To be continueÍ

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