If Only I Knew

By: Emily




ìÖî Was Heero reply.

In a calm voice, which took her awhile to find, she asked, ìCan I help you?î

Still, ìÖî

The secretary, who was still in the room at the time, decided to leave, but not before she handed Relena a couple more big, heavy folders.

ëSheís going to be up late again. (shaking her head vaguely)If only her brother would be thoughtful enough to at least show up and help her she wouldnít be so agony.í Relena wasnít paying attention to all this, so she didnít see the concern looked on her secretaryís face.

As soon as the secretary left,  Heero went to one of the chairs in front of Relenaís desk and sat down.

Even though she only knew Heero for a couple of months, she felt she could understand him as if they have known each other for years. If he wanted to say something to you he would, if he didnít, you canít get anything out of he even if you threaten to shoot him.

They sat staring at each other for a couple of minutes until Heero was the first one to break the silences.

ìI need to tell you something,î his tone icy cold like always.

He didnít know what to say next. His feelings for her were something still strange to him. He didnít know whether to tell her the truth or just break her heart again.

ëGod, I donít know what to say next. Why did I come here? What would her react be like once I tell her? If I tell her wonít she hate me for leaving her the last time?í Questions of doubt pop into his head, like shooting bullets.

All Relena could do was stare into that Prussian blue eyes of his. She let her eyes wonder down to his lips. ëI wonder whatís itís like to kiss him?í

Heero caught himself starring at her also. Her shiny brown hair and her beautiful blue starry eyes. How he have long for days to look into it, to be lost in it once again. Then something inside of him snapped and he looked away.

Relena knew something was up, but she still remain silence, waiting for him to tell her.