If Only You Knew

By: Emily




ìYes?î She asked calmly, but really her heart was about to jumped out of her chest.

After a while of silence, he said, ìIÖwant to tell you that Iíll be leaving again.î

Relena could only remain silence and looked down at her desk. She didnít want him to see the tears building in her eyes.

ìI want to start over. Have a normal life. No more fighting,î he continues.

ìI see,î she manage to say.

Heero got up to leave, although he really wasnít finished with what he was saying, but he just didnít know how to ask her. She is the Vice Foreign Minister, the one who maintain peace for Earth and the Colonies; they need her more than he, but in his heart that was not true. He did need her more then anything, more then his life. He couldnít just ask her to leave with him. That was being too conceited and egocentric. He was half way to the door when, Relena came up from behind and hugged him.

ìDonít leaveî, she protested, still holding on. She didnít want to let go, fearing that he would leave her forever.

ìIím sorryÖI have to go.î This was harder then he thought. He had to come here to tell her that he loves her, but only to change his mind and leave her.

If Relena wasnít facing his back, she would have saw the sad look in his eyes that was only there for a brief second before that was replace once again with the unemotional mask.

He starts to walk again. Relena reluctantly let go of him. She didnít know what to say as the person whom she loves the most was going to leave her again. She couldnít watch him go again. Finally, she looked up to say good-bye, but he was gone.

ìHeero, I love you,î she whispers to no one.




Authorís note: I know that was kind of stupid, but it will get better. I just didnít know how to start it, so I have to think of something. ^_^