She sat staring at the diamond sky overlooking the majestic beach. The cool breeze blows her hair gently behind her, making it easier to see her face, which is calm and peaceful. The moonlight shining brightly on her. Making her look angelic to any figure that happens to walk by.


Its so beautiful here. I should have thought about coming here sooner. Well, all thanks to Hilde anyways.


Hilde Schbeiker, one of her best friend, rented a cabin by the beach, but at the last minute cancel. She didnt want it to go to waste, so she convinced Relena to go instead. Knowing Relena and all, she didnt want to leave her work. So Hilde volunteered to substitute for her, after hours of convincing, of course. It has been days since she arrives, but somehow the view always seems to amaze her each time.


Heero, I wish you could see this with me. Its so beautiful and everything is so calm. I feel like theres no worry whenever I gaze at it. There really is something more than just paper after paper, day after day, huh? She thought, while chuckling to herself. She was too busy thinking, that she didnt notice someone was walking up behind her.


Relena? Actually laughing? There really is a god, the figure said half joking.


The voice from behind snapped her back to attention. Duo, I didnt hear you coming.


He couldnt help, but laugh. I wonder why. Does this have something to do withohI dont knowa certain reason about someone that youre thinking about?


Now it was Relena turn to laugh. Of course not, half lying, I was just thinking how beautiful the sky was. You can actually see the stars shining bright here, then in the city.


Yeah, he said sitting down next to her. Duo Maxwell, the other person that jumped at the chance go, was here to protect Relena, if any unexpected danger happens, but everyone knows that really reason he was here. Free vacation of course. ^_^


Did Hilde call yet?


Duo nodded his head sadly. Relena looked surprised as to why the most energetic person she has ever met was looking down right before her. I never thought that one day I would witness Duo not having a happy expression on his face. He was always the most joyful person out of all the Gundam pilots. Heero would love to see this. In fact, he would give anything to see this. She thought while smiling to herself.


Whats wrong?


Hilde was just checking in, thats all.


Oh, so this is about Hilde. I should have known.


She didnt even want to talk to me. She asked for you the minute I picked up the phone. She didnt even say hi, he continues whining.


There was a moment of silence, until Relena spoke, Do you like her?


That made Duo looked up. Of course I do. Shes like my best friend. Im her roommate for crying out loud.


No, I dont mean like that. I mean do have feelings for her in that you know kind of way?


Like you like Heero?


Yeah, something like that.


WHAT? Of course not. I was merely saying that she didnt seem to care enough to even say hi to me, a nervous looking Duo screamed at the top of his lungs.


Relena raise and eye brow at him while covering her ear.


OkokI do. I really like her. I care for her. In fact, I love her. Too bad she doesnt know. Once again the sad expression was on his face.


Well, then tell her, Relena suggested.


WHAT? You nuts. I dont want to die so soon.


Relena couldnt help, but laugh as Duo sat half worrying, half scared. Duo was the kind of person that is shy about anything. Maybe there is a whole other side of him no one knows about.


Why would you have to die? She couldnt help, but ask him.


Shell probably think Im trying to pull something on her again, said thinking about the last time he put a fake rat in her bed and about the time he put color dye in her shampoo, Shell probably pull a gun out and shoot me right there. Although, that would be better, then if she said she doesnt feel the same way about me. The last sentence he said to no one in particular.


Relena couldnt help, but feel sorry for the young man sitting before her.


How do you know she doesnt feel the same way than?


I just know she doesnt.


At that point, she doesnt want to make the conversation go any farther. Duo upsetting Duo is going to damage him. Changing the subject she asked, Have you heard from Heero? Great subject to change to. She thought scolding to herself.


No, was all he could say. He didnt want to lie, but he also didnt want to betray his friend, knowing what would happened if he do.


Duo, does he hate me?




He doesnt hate you. He loves you. Oh, man. What if thats what she believe? Heero would kill me for sure. Feeling a little scared, he kept quiet and just stared at the beach.


Then why did he need to start over? I can understand that he doesnt want to remember the battles, the innocent lives that was lost during it, but I thought he has some really good memories too, you know. Does he really want to forget all his friends?  About me? She felt like crying.


No, thats not the reason, well, yeah, you were right about him wanting to forget about the war, but he will never want to forget his friends and most of all he will never ever want to forget you. Hell come back, you can count on it. Didnt he promise to always protect you or something? Heero is a man of his word and his gun.


He last part made her laugh a little. Yeah, he did. Feeling hope rising in her, she stood up to go inside.


Whatever it is you need to forget, forget it fast and come back to her before its too late, was Duo last thought before he went inside.


~~~~The Next Morning~~~~


Relena woke up bright and early the next day. She felt different today. Something she hasnt felt in a long time. Duos right. Heero has always leaved, but then come back to whenever Im in danger. So hell be back again. Although, if he did I would be in danger of some kind. She thought as she put her clothes on. Hopefully that wouldnt happened.


There was a message on the answering machine, when she walked into the living.


I wonder who its from. Probably Hilde checking in again.



Miss Relena,

The food you have order is ready. Unfortunately, our delivery truck has some technical problem and therefore could not make the delivery. We are truly sorry. If its not a problem for you, could you please come pick it up, we dont know when the truck will be fix. Just come to 243 LAN LAN Dr. Thank you.


Duos still asleep, so I guess Ill go put it up.


She wrote a note to Duo and was out the door.


~~~~Duos room~~~~


Duo got up 2 hours after Relena did.


Man, I slept like a log. Probably cause of that dream about Hilde, he said smiling to himself. He got out of bed and got dress.


Walking around the house half asleep, he looked for Relena when he didnt find her in her room. Man, where is she? Then a note on the table caught his eye. It was from Relena.



            I went to town to pick up some groceries. I got a message from the store this morning. Dont worry; Ill be back soon.



What Im I suppose to do while shes gone? Oh, well, at least I didnt have to pick up the groceries. Shell probably have to get ten big strong men to help her. (AN: Duo eats a lot) At least there be more food soon. I think were running out again. (Third time this week)


~~~~2 hours later~~~~


Where is she? She should have be back by now. Duo was getting worry. Ill wait a couple more minutes and then Im looking for her


~~~~15 Minutes Later~~~~


Where is she? Its been likeohI dont know a long time. Where could she be? She just have to pick up the groceries thats all, he yelled angrily as he pace around the room.


The doorbell rang a couple of minutes later. A nervous Duo stopped pace and open the door. A man in his late twenties was holding two bags of groceries, and there was at least 5 or 6 more at his foot.  


Here are you groceries. I hope I got everything. Thank you for using Lennys Quick Food Deliver. Have a nice day sir.


I think you have the wrong house. My friend was supposed to pick these up?


No, I got the right one. A delivery for a Miss Dorlain, right?


Yeah, but I got a message from you guy andwellwhy dont you h ear it for yourself. Duo leads the man inside the cabin. He didnt feel like arguing right now.


He played the message for him. Im sorry to say this, but our delivery truck doesnt have a problem. I dont know who call you and lied, but as you can see, Im here now so theres cant be anything wrong, the man said after the record was done playing.


Could it be that someone else call because they were suppose to delivery today? Duo asked the man standing before him.


He was getting worry. Not only for Relena and also for his life.


Nope, I do all the deliver around this area. Hasnt had a substitute since my very first day. I dont intend to start now. Beside I want to have that rise, which by the way I am, pretty soon. My boss say Im the best man he has yet.


Man, this guy brags.


So he began.


Someone must have lie to your friend to get her


Before he could finish the sentence, Duo was running toward the front door.


Hey, where are you going?


Ill be back.


What about the food?


Take it inside and remember to lock the door on your way out.


He didnt get a chance to reply because Duo was in the delivery truck and has starting the engine already.


Hey, thats my truck, he yelled angrily for Duo to stop, but was too late. He was already gone. Great just great. How am I going to tell my boss that I did finish? COME BACK HERE YOU BRAID BOY? he yelled.


Relena, I hope Im not too late.


To be continue


Man, that was too long. Howd you like it? Good, bad, ok? Oh, I want to say that, Im sorry for making Duo act a little weird.