If Only I Knew

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It wasnít hard to find 243 LAN LAN Dr.


ëThere it is.í


Duo got out of the truck and knocked on the door. He waited a minute and there came no answer.


ëThis is the right address, so why is no one answer the stupid door already.í The building was very old and big. 


Duo couldnít wait any longer. With a karate kick, he sends the door flying. Walking in slow, with a gun in his hand, he carefully made his way down the empty halls. He passes a couple of rooms on the way, but saw no one. The place was completely empty. Not a human or animal in site. He went into a room. On one side of the wall was a painting of a heart and a knife stabbed through it. ëWhoever own that must done something to Relena.


ëI am so going to get killed. Twice. Shot by Mr. Glare and beat up by everyone else. F%$k!í


~~~~Relenaís Pov~~~~

(AN: Letís go back to what happened when she got the building. I should have done that ahead, huh. Oh well.)


After an hour of walking through the wood, she finally found Oak Creek town. LAN LAN Dr. was kind of hard to find. 15 minutes later she arrive at 243 LAN LAN Dr. Walking up to the door, she saw a cardboard with the name ëLennyís Quick Food Deliverí written all over it.  She observes that the building seems to stand out a lot. It was bigger the most building. There was something about it that wasnít right.


ëIím just being paranoid.í Scolding silently to herself, she knocked on the door.


A man about 30 opened the door with an annoying look on his face. ìWhat do you want?î he practically yelled at her sending a chill down her spine.


ìIÖumÖgot this message to pick up my groceries,î sounding a little scared she took a step back from the man.


He stood there staring at her for a minute until his face soften up a little and he answer her in a nice and gentle voice. ìOhÖMiss Relena Dorlain?î She nodded slightly. ìCome on in. My boss is expecting you.î He said smiling.


ìHeís expecting me?î Once again she felt something wasnít right, but she shook it aside.

ìPlease follow me.î


She hesitate a moment before she follow him. He led her in a room thatís painted bright yellow. It hurt her eyes to stare at it. He motion for her to take a seat and once she did, he disappear through another door.


Looking around the room, she felt kind of dizzy. At the far corner of the other wall, there was a painting. Standing up she walked over to it. What she saw nearly mean her screamed.  The painting shows a heart and in the heart was a knife. The background was all oozing with red, like blood.


She had enough of this place. The man was creepy enough, but this painting must belong to a killer or someone. ëWhat is this was a trap? I should have waited for Duo.í 


Lost in her thoughts, she didnít hear that someone was lurking up behind her. Feeling another presence in the room, she twirls around, but was a second too late. She tries to scream, but a piece of cloth clamped over her mouth. She struggles to get free, but then everything went black.


To be continueÖ