If Only I Knew


By: Emily

E-mail: usa_bunny@hotmail.com


WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHES MISSING? yelled a very angry Heero.


Iumshes not here right now, but if you would leave a message shell get back to you as soon as possible, said Duo jokingly on the other line.


And a glare.


A nervous Duo laugh. I got to go. Talk later man. Hanging up really fast, he walked over to his computer and start typing down some names.


Man, I hate computers. How do you use this stupid thing anyways? After a few more failure, he gave up and decided to leave all the computer work to Heero. I bet hes on that darn thing right now. He thought with a smirk.


As if his word could be reach by Heero, he got up from his bed and sat down on his computer.


~~~~Dont know where this is~~~~


In a large rooms with its furnitures laid a young woman who light brown hair and two braids tie behind her head.


Slowly she stir and before long she was fully awake.


Where am I? Looking around the room, she found that she was laying on a kings size bad with makings sheets and pillows. It was a beautiful room with lots of flowers. The strange thing about it was theres no window. Also there was a door leading to a kitchen and another the bathroom. That was everything. She checks any possible way she could get out, but found none.


How am I suppose to get out of here? They havent seemed to harm her in any way. Not like the last time she was kidnapped. I think the torturing comes later.


I got to get out of here before someone comes back.


She walked out to the kitchen door and opens it. She hasnt noticed it before, but there was another door on the other side of the kitchen. She reached for the doorknob. As she turns it, the door busted open and there stranded a figure she could define. His hand reached out and she screamed.



To be continue