If Only I Knew- Ch.6


The hand reached out to grab her. She lets out a screamed and tries to run, but was too late. He grabs her by the wrist and put her toward him. Standing inches away, she now has a view of him clearly, but she couldnít see him face. Whoever he was, was very discreet about his appearance. He was taller than she was, all dressed in black. Even if she couldnít see his face, she figures he was around her age. Not being able to see his face made her more nervous than ever.


ìWhat do you want?î She asked hardheartedly at the man before her.


ìGet back in the bedroom,î he ordered. He then releases her wrist so she can walk back.


She stood there a moment, not knowing whether to fight her way out or do as he said?


ìIím not going to repeat myself, now get back in the room.î His cold voice made her stuttered.


After awhile, she thought that trying to run now wasnít a very brilliant idea. She decided to walk back to the room instead. It wasnít an option anyways. He follows closely behind her, making sure that she didnít try to run. Even if there is no way she could go, but he wasnít about to take any chances.


ìWhat do you want?î


Ignoring her question, he angry reply, ìDonít go near that door again or youíll regret it.î He threatens. Satisfied that sheíll listen for now, he walked over to the wall on the other side and lift up the painting hanging on it. There was a computer like screen underneath. He presses a few button and a door that was undetectable before open up to another room. Turning around he give her one last glare, daring her to try anything again and she will be sorry. Then he left. The door shut once again, leaving her alone. She laid on the bed and stare up at the ceiling. Sleep was taking over. She was exhausted from what happened so far: Heero leaving her, getting kidnapped, and now trapped all alone. She hates the feeling of being alone. She hates herself the most right now for getting kidnapped in the first place.


ëEveryone is probably worried sick about me. How do I always get myself into this mess?í She was getting angry again.


Then her eye softens. ìHeero, where are you?î she said softly before sleep kick in and pretty soon she was asleep.


A pair of blues eyes watched her from above. He heard her last statement and starts to get angry. As her eyes closed, the figure turns and walked away.