If Only I Knew-Ch.7


When she woke up, everything was still a little nebulous to her. The clocked by her bed said 8:38 am. ëMorning already?í She got out of bed feeling a little hungry. Her stomach was growling. She walked toward the kitchen when, she saw the painting and memories of last night rush to her head. ëIf only I can get it open, Iím home free.í The thought make her happy.


Walking toward the wall with the painting, she stood there a moment. Not knowing what to do.  Thoughts of doubt when in her mind. She was about to lift the painting up, when the door suddenly busted open. There stood the man who kidnapped her.


ëHeís here to torture me. Isnít he?í The thought made her shuddered. Although sheís really scared in the inside, she didnít let him see her fear, but he saw right through it. He smirked and walked inside. She stepped back a little afraid at what he might do to her.


ìWhat do you think youíre going?î he demanded in his cold voice.


She stood there in silence, not knowing what to say.


Finding her voice once again, she manages to answer him.


ìItís not like you donít know, beside you said not to go through the other kitchen door, but I didnít hear you say anything about this one. So donít say I didnít listen to you. You the one who told me remember?î She shot back.


He was a little surprised at her sudden change of attitude. He just stood there staring at her; he was caught in his own words and she knew it. That made her smile to herself.


She just crossed her arms and glared at him.


She wasnít the type to be contentious, but then again he didnít know her that well.


After a moment, he started to laugh. He didnít know what came over him. Maybe because the look on her face was so beautiful when sheís angry or he has gone complete nuts. He couldnít help himself.


Before she could react, he pull her towards him, but gentler this time. Their bodies so close that she can feel his heat through her clothes. Their face moving closer.


ëWhat is he doing?í


Relena was panicking and didnít know what to do. She couldnít do this, not with him anyways. She wanted to stop, but somehow she found herself moving closer to him too. It was like some kind of force pulling her.


Then something in his mind reminded him that he should be paying more attention to his work, then to her or this would jeopardize everything.


Pulling himself away from her, he walked over to the kitchen door and went inside. Shutting the door behind him.


Relena just stood there angry and disappointed at the same time. Angry that she let herself be so open. He could have done anything and she would have let him. Her eyes blazing with fire, but then soften. She missed how his body feels against hers. How warm he feels.


Shaking that thought away, she opened the kitchen door and went inside. She was getting hungry.


ëI canít remember the last time I ate something.í


Looking inside the room, she couldnít find him anywhere. Realizing that he probably when through the other door, she looked around in search of some food. Find no food whatsoever, she moaned.


ëHow could he not left some food? Is this some kind is punishment or something? Starved me to death?í


Walking back to the room, she sat down on the bed. Being hungry was something she was used to. She could last awhile without food. Then sudden a thought came to her. She has a plan on how to escape. Lying down, she begins to form a plan in her head.


ëBeing hungry does help me.í She thought chuckling to herself.


To be continueÖ