If Only I Knew

By: Emily





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**** 2 men talking ****


"You have her?" A man in shadow asked to the person on the other side of the line.


"Is she ok? Not causing trouble is she?" The man he was talking to asked with a hint of nervousness in his voice.


"Good, just keep her there for awhile until our procedures are complete."

"What do you want me to do with her after?"

"Bring her back home or something."

"If she wishes to go."

"Do whatever you want then, as long as she secure. We can't afford anymore mistakes."


The dark figure took that as the end of the exchange, so he disconnects the line and turn his chair around to meet a young woman standing there. Surprise as to why she's here, he eyes her suspiciously. She was wearing a mini shirt and tank tops with a low V-neck cut. Her blond her falls on her back, swaying softly as she walked. She was very attractive to any man, but she only eyes the one before her.

"Do you think this will work?" She asked taking a seat herself.

"Of course."

"I don't know. I just have this feeling that something's going to happen.

" Don't worry I have everything under control."

"Now what?"

"We wait."

"We have been waiting. When are we going to get something done around here?"

"Don't worry about it." Reassuring her that nothing's going to happen, he stood up ready to call it a day when she walked up to him.

Wrapping her bare arms around him, she kissed his lips. Pulling apart he looked at her surprise. "What was that for?"

"Nothing." She answer and kissed him again. Between breaths they pull each other closer to his bedroom.

As he laid her down on his bed, he continues to kiss her.

"Dor...." He began, but was stopped by her putting her hand on his lip.

"Shhh....don't say anything. I...."

"Sir?" Pulling away as quickly as they can, the man follows the voice of the speaker and found one of him men standing at the door. He looked slightly embarrasses at him bursting in on his boss like that.

"What General?"

"Lady Une is on the phone. She said this is important and would like to speak to you now."

"Alright." Walking over to his V-phone he greet her, but was established with unpleasant news, much to his dislike.....





It was sometime during the night when Relena woke up with her stomach growling and her head pounding.

'I haven't eaten in ages. Man this is worst than anything I've ever experience before, well not really.' Moaning she sat up.

Getting out of bed slowly, she looks around the room and her eyes fell upon a tray of sandwiches. When she was done, the door to the kitchen opened and in stepped the person who imprison her. Walking in he looked at her ineptly, awkwardly before settling in the chair on the other side of the room.

For half an hour they just sat and stare at each other. Normally the quietness was something that the Princess was used to, but that was only because she had something to do. Now that she was just sitting with zero to perform, her mind keeps on wondering back to him. He was no longer wearing a covering that cover his whole face, but a mask that blocks half of it. Leaving his lips visible to her view. There was something about him she couldn't truly place.

Relena was itching to say something, but she knew that no matter what she has to wait, but for how long? Instead of thinking about that she decided to keep her mind on what's important, like her escape. Her plan that she form before she fell asleep, now makes her feel insecure if it would work. If it didn't she could be in a lot of trouble, but what if it did work? She wanted to forget this one and think of another one, but she doesn't know what else to do. She knew that in order to success she has to go over her limit, but what is her limit when she doesn't even know herself. Sometimes when she's making her speech about peace in front of people on earth or on space, she knows exactly what to say and at what time. Her movements, whereabouts were unaware of and that's why she always seems to win their expectation, but with this person she knew she has to take it slow or he'll know exactly. Sort of makes her think of someone. She can tell that he was very alert and aware of his surrounding. That would make her job ten times harder. If there was somewhere to make him at least say one word, she can use that opportunity to start her plan.

Standing up from her bed she walked toward him. She doesn't know what she's doing, but whatever it is, it better worked. Walking slow toward him, she now notices that his eyes are close, but she can tell that it's very alert. Standing inches away, she kneels down on her knees and looked up at him. This brought back some memories of the time when she and Heero were together; he was her bodyguard until he left. How she would sometimes find him sleeping in a chair with a book and he would look so at ease and other time he would look ready to kill anyone. On days when she is not in a hurry to a conference or something, she would put a blanket over him and kiss his forehead before leaving, but that was all too long ago. He now was no longer with her and she only has memories to treasure and warm her heart when she feels abandon.

Suddenly a movement of someone grapping her wrist, snapped her back to attention.

She let out a small cry of surprise.

"Let go." She demands.

Letting go of her, he stood up glaring at her now angry yet scared face. "What" he begins, but was cut off.

She found herself blushing a crimson red. "Nothing," she mange to answer quickly. "I wanted to asked you something, but you were asleep so" her voice trailed off as she looked away. He eyed her carefully before he pushes her to her bed and laid her down. Surprised she let herself be pushed. He looked down at her laying body, he couldn't help it, but eye her small beautiful figure; every curve seems to fit her just right. She was astonishing and her bashfulness when he surprise and confronted her made her even more beautifier than before. Walking back over to his seat he sat back down and once again closed his eyes, but she knew he wasn't asleep.

She sat back up, but didn't dare to get out of bed. Apparently that didn't go as she plan, but then on the other hand she didn't know what she was suppose to do in order to start her plan yet. She wanted him to say something. He was about to yell and her if she hasn't stopped him. She regrets that moment, but she didn't want him to think otherwise. Now if only she can get him to say some more. Anything would help her. She decided not to risk any suspicions that she already causes. Frowning slightly, she laying back down again, not noticing that the once closed eyes was now open and watching like a hawk.



@~~~`, ~~~~ @~~~`, ~~~~ @~~~`, ~~~~ @~~~`, ~~~~



"I am so dead," Duo said hysterically to Quatre who roll his eyes for the ninth time that day.

"Duo, listen to me. Nothing is going to happen."

"How am I going to get through this," he continued without hearing a single word poor Quatre had been saying all afternoon.

Sighing Quatre walked off, following closely behind is a frightening, whinny Duo, chattering away.

"Quatre are you not going to help an old friend? Heero is so going to kill me. Not to mention Relena's lethal brother. I mean he could be anywhere right now lurking, waiting to make his move, to take his revenge, all because I couldn't protect his baby sister. I mean I'm not Heero, the Perfect Soldier. Anyone can tell you that, but no you guys all have to have something to do, so I have to go and baby-sit." As he said this, he looked around ready for anyone or anything to jump out at him, but nothing did. He relaxed a little, but jumped at every movement in the house. "Do I look like a baby-sitter to you? Everyone thinks I'm useless so that's why they always put me with the occupation of substituting."

"LISTEN," Quatre practically yelled in Duo's ear. He has had about enough of this. Finally, he was able to calm down again he continue to said what he have been trying say for god knows how long. "Nothing is going to happen, well, maybe something will, but nothing you should be worry about. Just leave it alone. You try to protect her. Heero will understand. No one can hold responsible you. As least you try and you're not inadequate. We were all hectic that day and since we knew you would have nothing to do, so we asked. You didn't have to say yes. Don't feel sorry for yourself. Don't even worry." Quatre feel like he said this ten times before, but being Quatre and all he try his best to be patients like his standard self. He was hoping that maybe this time something will sink in, but all was disillusioned and Duo continues to talk.

After a couple more of his 'I'm dead' and 'I'm useless' speeches, Quatre had about enough. He was about to say something when Duo interrupted him; by speaking louder then he did before, right into Quatre poor, already pounding ears. "So is that a yes?" He asked the now angry Quatre. Quatre who been try to think of a way to shut him up, didn't get to hear what he said before, but was able to caught the last few words.

Rolling his eyes once again, Quatre gave up and walked quickly into his room, to rest his ears and his now throbbing head, slamming the door as he did.

"Thanks buddy." Duo yelled. 'Hehehehehe, fell for that one again. This is fun.'





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