If Only I Knew


By: Emily aka Linh



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Chapter 9


"I wonder how long I've been here?" Relena sat wondering out loud. "No independence is worse than papers, but at least I have lots of free time."


It's been a couple of days since Relena been here, but it seems like eternality to her. Everyday it was the same old things. Sleep, eat, and sleep Nothing fun and not only that, but she misses Heero like hell.


'I wonder how he's doing,' she thought, 'I wonder if he's happy. I want to see him again.' Tears was then brought to her eyes, not because Heero wasn't there, but because somehow she feels so alone and tired.

Alone and tired




In the shadow a figure was watching her. Though she couldn't hear him, she can see him if she looks hard enough. Next to him was another person who you can quite see the face of.


After a moment of silence, one of them exits and the other remain, still watching her.




"So where do you think that woman is?" A very irritated Chinese man asked the long braided boy next to him.


"Hold up Wufei. Sally has to work and the fact the she's helping us, you could show some gratitude, you know."




Just then a woman enters with two braids on each side of her head.


"So Doc, you find anything?"


"Sorry guys, but who ever took her obviously know where to hide her."


"See this the result you get for leaving this to a woman."


"What did you get say? I sorry if looking for the Vice Foreign Minister am wasting your time, but it's the best that we can do and we have the best equipments here. If you think you can do better, then why don't you look for her yourself?"


"Yeah Wufei, don't be so mean, she tried her best. Even I'm not scared, even if Heero's going to tear me up to pieces and feed me to the dogs, but I'm calm."


"Heh this should be Yuy's job."


"Speaking of Heero, where is he?" Sally asked.


"I don't know. The last time I heard Trowa was calling him about something and he left."


"Go one Maxwell let's go." A very impatient Wufei said.


"Yeah, bye Doc."


Once they were outside, Sally walked back into her office and closes the door. A headache was coming on because she wanted to sit down and sleep. Suddenly the phone rang and she was alert as a familiar face appeared on the screen.




When Relena woke up that afternoon, the masked man was sitting in the usual chair, but he seems to be asleep.


'This is my chance to find out who he is.' She thought to herself.


She got up slowly and careful not to make a sound or she'll wake him and she'll miss her chance for sure. Her heart beat faster as she got nearer. She was now stand in front of him and was inches away. She took the mask and lifts it gently up. What she saw made her gasp. The man woke up and he grabs her by the hand before she ran away.


"Let me go, TROWA." She screamed.


To be continue


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