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Notes: Endless Waltz never happened and Trowa and Catherine are not siblings (Well, at least in my story they are not).



Deadly Intentions: Chapter 1


A man with short black hair was sitting at his desk looking over the plans of the next coming war. He was wearing an expensive black business suit. It was clear that anything or anyone that stands for a symbol of peace will be destroyed. "Sir, excuse me, but when should we begin the attack on Miss Relena Peacecraft?" a man asked his leader.


"It's still unclear but I'm looking maybe within a month, maybe sooner. The sooner that better".


"Sir, yes sir", the man in the uniform turned around and left.


"Soon Miss Peacecraft you will be dead and war will begin once again".




Meanwhile Relena was at the Sanc Kingdom and sat at her office reading and signing papers. She glanced at her watch,


"10:30 pm? Figures, why am I not surprised? It seems that even on my days off I'm still stuck with these mounts of papers on my shoulders".


She sat back in her seat and looked straight ahead of her, giving herself a little bit of rest, glancing around her office. Relena's office was well decorated with paintings, flowers, and a contract was framed that was signed among the colonies and Earth. Her desk was well organized and arranged with photos of her old time friends, family, and even with her closet co-workers she worked with. Her eyes stopped at a brown teddy bear with a red ribbon tied on its neck, it sat on top of a tall file drawer over by the far-left corner. Even if it has been 5 years since she had seen him, since he had given this little gift that meant so much to her, her heart ached. She wanted to see him, to see his lovely blue eyes that stared at his enemies so coldly. One thing Relena never did when she was with her friends was mention that certain pilot whenever they talked about the old times, never showed any emotions, nor asked questions concerning him. She wasn't the same 15 year old year who followed him where ever he went, she was now a 21 young year old woman. Matured enough to move on with her life and admit that he will never be with her. Also, she had more than enough work on her shoulders and didn't need something or especially someone to take her mind off things. However, she still kept in touch with everyone else. She talked and often visited Duo and Hilde, Quarte and Dorothy, and Trowa and Catherine. At times she would see Wuefi whenever Sally dragged him to dinner parties. She couldn't but wondered how "he" had changed, she knew she had. Relena had filled out in all the right places, her thoughts were interrupted when her dog came and licked her hand.


"Ah, hello boy. How's it going?" Relena asked.


Milliardo had gotten her a great malamute for her 18th birthday and named him Samson. (At times she would call him Sam or Sammy. When he did something wrong she would get angry and call him Samson)


"Okay Sammy I so think it's time for bed . . . after all I do have a "wonderful" meeting in the morning", said Relena sarcastically.


Samson just wriggled his tail in agreement. Relena put her papers away and left her office as she switched off the lights.