Deadly Intentions: Chapter 10

In the girls' limo everyone was quiet because they sensed something was wrong with Relena. She couldn't help but feel depressed and hated when things like this happened. She signed and looked out the window, she rode like this the rest of the way until the limo came to a haut.

They stopped in front of a beautiful mansion that was white with blue trimmings, beautiful healthy green grass, and flowers led up to the door. The girls stepped out then Relena with Samson the gundam pilots were already out of their limo and were unloading their luggage. Quarte went up to the limo drivers thank them and then they left, all six of them

grabbed their luggage and began their way to the mansion.

After about an hour . . .

After Quarte gave them a grand tour of the beautiful mansion they each picked a bedroom and began to unpack.


"Richard you stupid idiot! How can you fail this simple mission? All I asked you to do was kill her not get noticed!" screamed Maximus.

"I'm sorry sir I-

"It doesn't matter now what's done is done. Now I need to figure out a way to find her".

"Sir what do you mean?"

"Think! After what you just told me it seems that the former gundam pilots are protecting her. Now if that's true then they would've taken her to a hide out".

"No sir, I don't think that's possible. Her brother, Milliardo Peacecraft, is still at the Sanc Kingdom. Now if Miss Relena Peacecraft is hiding out don't you think her brother would have gone too?"

"You fool! Her brother probably stood at the Sanc Kingdom to make us think that! The only thing that troubles me is that they knew we were going to try and assassinate her.

How they knew is unanswerable, all we know is that they're hot on our tail. We must be cautious. Now as for you, you pathetic worthless-

"Sir please, I beg that you have mercy. I'll do anything to make this up to you".

"Well there is one thing I want you to find out where Miss Peacecraft is hiding. Tap the vid phones get into their communication system, anything to find her. As soon as you do inform at once, is that understood?"

"Sir, yes sir".

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