Deadly Intentions: Chapter 11


Relena was bored.  Hilde and Dorothy were probably with Duo and Quarte as for Heero he was probably in his bedroom typing away on his laptop.  "Come on Sammy boy let's go the library".


The library was beautiful hundreds and hundreds of books were stored neatly on the shelves and a fireplace over at the far right wall, she didn't hesitate to enter.  Relena walked around and noticed that the books were stored by category she went straight for the horror section and selected a book to read "Final Escape".  She went over to the fireplace lit it and sat down on the floor near the warming flames to begin to read.  An hour or two had passed and Relena had drifted off to a peaceful sleep.




"So are you positive that you haven't seen anyone suspicious around the Sanc Kingdom?" Heero asked Trowa though the vid phone.


"No Heero we haven't.  We're still keeping the security tight so that the Swift Vengeance will think that Relena is still here, like I said before we are monitoring every single thing".


"Right and the servance cameras has anything came up?"


"I'm not in charge of that you'll have to ask Sally".


"Is she there?"


"I'm right here Heero", Sally said.


"Sally has anything came up on those tapes the night of the dinner party?"


"No Heero I keep scanning through them.  I must have scanned at least a hundred times, who ever is behind the assassination attempt is very good I mean he must've kept his face hidden in the shadows".


"I understand, I must go now".


"Sure bye Heero and give my regards to Relena would you?"






Relena awoke to a cold licking on her hand "Hey Sammy okay, okay I'm up.  Come on let's get out of here".


"Hey Lena", Duo said.


"Hi Duo".


"I was looking for you to tell you that dinner is running a little late tonight".


"Why?  What happened?"


"Well, Hilde and I are in charge of cooking dinner but . . . umm . . . we kinda get a little side track if you know what I mean", he said grinning.


Relena could help up laugh.  "Yeah Duo I know what you mean.  Since dinner is being delayed I'm going outside for a little walk".


"Wait!  You can't go out there alone."


"I'm not, I'm taking Samson with me".


"As much as dogs are loyal you have to go with someone".


"What about Dorothy or Quarte?"


"I don't know where the two love birds are at the moment.  You can go with the "Famous Suicide Boy"  I think he's up in his room . . . speaking of the devil here he comes now".


Heero walked into the living room seeing Duo and Relena talking.


"Hey Heero pal dinner is being delayed.  Why don't you accompany Relena on her walk



Heero glanced at Relena and nodded.  She grabbed Samson by the leash and began to walk outside.  She noticed that Heero was at her side, she could help but feel nervous.  Her heart was pounding he had such a reaction on her when he was nearby however, she never showed it.


"So how have you been?" Relena asked Heero hoping to start a conversation.




"Anything interesting?"




She hated when he gave short answers then again this was Heero Yuy she was talking to. 

They were walking around the enormous backyard when Samson came upon a tennis ball.  He picked it up with his mouth and showed it to Relena.  "Found something I see.  Here, give it here".  He released it in her hand and Relena threw it and Samson went running after it, cam back with it, and once again threw it.  She had taught him how to play fetch when he was still just a puppy, Milliardo had been very impressed. 


Meanwhile Heero was standing looking at Relena playing fetch with Samson.  She was truly a beautiful sight to stare at with her wonderful smile and her joy for life.  The fourth time Relena threw the ball Samson didn't retrieve it but instead went off running after some bird.


"What's wrong?"  Heero asked Relena in his dark tone as he saw the sadness in her eyes again.


"Nothing . . . it's just that . . . nothing".


"Tell me what's wrong?"


"I just keep wondering is it always going to be like this?  Is someone going to always oppose peace?  I'm I always going to be the prime target?  There's so many questions that are unanswered, I also wonder about the future".


"Relena", Heero said as he walked toward her until he was face to face.  "Listen to me, I  understand what you're going though.  As long as peace is stored yes there is always going to be people that wan to destroy it as well as eliminating peace who stand for it.  But as long as I'm here you have nothing to worry about".


Relena couldn't believe what she was hearing.  Heero actually was opening up to her and he said he words so sincerely.  "Thank you.  All I want is assurance that peace will never collapse".


"I assure you, Relena, that I will do anything in my will to make that happen.  You have my word".


For a moment they were lost in each other's eyes.  Their heads were coming closer and closer together until they were just centimeters away from each other's lips.  They then both closed their eyes and leaned in for the kiss.